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Chapter 1326 - Chapter 1326 No More Dealings with You!

Chapter 1326 - Chapter 1326 No More Dealings with You!

Chapter 1326 No More Dealings with You!

Fang Qiu’s father had been paying attention to his activities, so he was aware of his son’s current situation. He didn’t know why Fang Qiu had to do these things, but he believed his son must have his reasons. Therefore, he didn’t call to help others persuade Fang Qiu. Actually, he just took this opportunity and called Fang Qiu to see how he was doing recently.

“I know it’s a big deal. Well, I’m only a messenger. I won’t interfere with your decisions. You’ve grown up. Whatever you do, you should have a mind of your own and shoulder responsibility for your choices.”

Fang Qiu’s father said with concern.

Here…𝙛𝑟𝘦ℯ𝘄e𝙗nov𝙚𝑙. 𝐜𝑜𝗺


Fang Qiu was surprised.

He didn’t expect these Chinese Medicine companies to go to such absurd lengths. They even found their way to his hometown.

“Dad, don’t worry.”

Fang Qiu said, “I’ll take care of it.”


His father nodded.

Then, they chatted casually for a while before hanging up.

After the call, Fang Qiu sneered.

“It seems they are all alarmed.”

The current situation was apparent at a glance.

By making the best use of their connections, these Chinese Medicine merchants were doing everything possible to beg for mercy. If they weren’t completely in such a state of panic, how could they do this?

Fang Qiu knew what was in their minds.

They were all terrified that Fang Qiu would expose them next.

A sneer flitted across his face.

Fang Qiu logged into his Weibo account and sent a new post. “The next one?”

Three words and a question mark…

When this question was sent out.

It immediately caused a sensation on Weibo.

The three words triggered a great uproar among netizens!

“What the fuck, there really is a fourth one?”

“Hurry up and tell us. We’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“One after another… Is he going to clean up all the Chinese Medicine companies? I want the truth!”

“Seriously? A fourth one for real?”

“These businessmen are blackhearted. So many companies have united to slander a charitable foundation. These fools have way too much free time. Aren’t they inviting their own destruction?”

“Awesome. This is simply the best attention-getting plot this year!”

“This is too exciting, isn’t it?”

“Stars and celebrities will be consumed with jealousy at Fang Qiu’s achievements. They can’t get on the list even with money, but Fang Qiu has singly occupied the top ten trending topics.”

“The power of the masses is truly great!”

“Hurry up and announce the fourth one. I’m looking forward to the fifth one.”

Fang Qiu’s new Weibo post caused quite a stir online, like a tossed stone setting forth a thousand ripples in water.


Now, all the media throughout the country focused only on one person: Fang Qiu!


All the Chinese Medicine merchants were frightened when they saw this.

“Another one to be exposed?”

“Is Fang Qiu going to bring all evildoers to light?”

“It’s already the fourth company. Which one?”

“Damn it! I’m going to kill Fang Qiu!”

In an instant…

Panic and anger filled the hearts of those Chinese Medicine merchants. Any of them could be the next one. They felt as if Fang Qiu had hung a sharp blade above their heads. No one knew when it would fall and cut off their heads.

In this case, they panicked and were furious. They even had the impulse to silence Fang Qiu forever.


They did not dare to.

And they couldn’t do it.

Fang Qiu was at the cultivation base within a restricted military area. They couldn’t go there, no matter how much they wanted to!

“What are we going to do now? Say something! What on earth should we do?”

In the WeChat group of pharmaceutical companies, a boss spoke first.

“Anyone has any idea what we should do?”

“Fang Qiu, shameless scumbag! How could he do this to us?”

“This is a road to ruin. Damn!”


“Fang Qiu will ruin all of us.”

“What on earth should we do? Say something useful!”

All of them complained and cursed as they looked for a way out.

“Crap. If he doesn’t stop, all of us will be exposed.”

“Fang Qiu doesn’t dare to turn against all of us. But if he exposes us one by one like this, the public will boil with resentment. At that time, the government might not be able to hold these furious people down. Then, under tremendous pressure from the public, the government will crack down on us.”

“We can’t afford to wait!”

The more these Chinese Medicine merchants discussed this issue, the more flustered they became.

“Let’s find someone to negotiate with Fang Qiu. We admit defeat in this round. Fang Qiu can get whatever he wants. Worrying about our losses is meaningless. As long as we can get and destroy the evidence, we can give him anything he wants!”

“I agree. No one knows how many companies he will destroy. If it goes on like this, this issue will attract more and more attention from everyone. When the impact turns too enormous for us to reduce, we’ll find ourselves at a dead end!”

The discussion was over.

The leaders of these Chinese Medicine companies quickly began looking for a suitable person to communicate with Fang Qiu.


This time, it wouldn’t be a negotiation.

Therefore, there would be no negotiators.

They were going to communicate with Fang Qiu. To be exact, they would have to beg him!


They chose the boss of Zhong’an Pharmaceutical Company.

His name was Yao Licheng.

Yao Licheng happened to be the boss who would invest and build a factory in Linxi County, Fang Qiu’s hometown.

He didn’t use any connections.

Yao Licheng went straight to the gate of the Beijiang cultivation base and asked to see Fang Qiu.

This time…

Fang Qiu did not turn him away and let him in.

In the office…

Fang Qiu sat at his desk while He Xue sat on the sofa at the side.

When Yao Licheng entered the door, he nodded at He Xue with a big smile. Then, he walked toward Fang Qiu and praised, “Knowing you by your reputation is not as good as meeting you in person. Mr. Fang Qiu, you’re indeed a promising young man and a business elite.”

“A new, large target of envious rivals?”

Fang Qiu shook his head.

Hearing that, Yao Licheng swallowed back all the praises he was going to say next.

When He Xue heard Fang Qiu’s reply…

She had to stifle her laughter.

This was the first time she had seen Fang Qiu being so mean.

He seldom made caustic remarks. Most of the time, he seemed to be the victim of jokes. He rarely talked back to those people around him.

Thus, she didn’t expect him to silence their enemy as soon as he started to speak!

“May I have a seat?”

Walking to his desk, Yao Licheng pointed to the chair and asked.


Fang Qiu nodded.

Then Yao Licheng sat down and took a deep breath. After he adjusted his tie and straightened his back, he told Fang Qiu, “You should know the purpose of my visit this time. So, I won’t beat around the bush. All of us admit defeat. This time, I am here on behalf of all the others. Please give us a chance to survive.”

“There are ways out for you, but why do you stick to the road to destruction?”‘

Fang Qiu responded with a sneer.

“We were too foolish to see the reality.”

Like a primary school student admitting his mistake, Yao Licheng lowered his head, not daring to look into Fang Qiu’s eyes. He looked sideways and said, “We shouldn’t have played those dirty tricks and got you into trouble. Now we know we’re wrong.”

After he made this apology…

Yao Licheng turned his head, looked at Fang Qiu, and continued, “In the name of Zhong’an Pharmaceutical Company, I’ve applied to invest and build a factory in your hometown, Linxi County.”

“We will also donate money to the schools you have studied at as compensation. In addition, we are also willing to contribute money to your Foundation. Each company will offer 200 million Huaxia coins. Your Foundation had cooperated with 30 companies. All the money they give will be 6 billion in total. In addition, there are other Chinese Medicine companies. All the money from them will be as much as tens of billions of Huaxia coins!”

“Moreover, we can guarantee that we will never lay a finger on you and the Foundation. We will fully cooperate with you no matter what you do for public welfare. We only hope you can accept our sincere apologies and compensation. Please give us the evidence you have and let us destroy it. Then, this matter will come to an end!”

When he heard that, Fang Qiu sneered indifferently and said distinctly, “I can’t accept it!”


Yao Licheng’s face darkened, and he asked, “Then what price do you want us to pay? Just say it. We will give you whatever you want. As long as you stop pursuing this matter, we can do anything for you.”

“I don’t want any compensation.”

Fang Qiu shook his head.


Yao Licheng watched Fang Qiu in great surprise and asked, “Then, can you give me the evidence?”


Fang Qiu answered indifferently.

“Could you give me an explanation? Please let us off this time. What on earth do you want us to do?”

Yao Licheng asked helplessly and bitterly.

“An explanation?”

Fang Qiu stared at Yao Licheng and said, “I want justice!”

As he spoke…

Fang Qiu took Zhao Shanlin’s research report on the Chinese Medicine market from the drawer, threw it before Yao Licheng, and said, “This is a report about the current situation of the Chinese Medicine market. Is it telling the truth?”

Yao Licheng picked it up and looked at it.

After a moment of silence, he replied, “It’s true!”

“I want you to improve the entire Chinese Medicine market!”

Fang Qiu said.

“Well, it’s impossible.”

Yao Licheng immediately shook his head and said, “It’s not that we don’t want to do it. Even if we all unite, we can’t fulfill your request. We can make changes, but our cooperators need to make money. They can’t be regulated by our specifications. Notably, the drugs of our companies can actually be rated as good products on the market.”

“From another perspective, these people can invigorate the Chinese Medicine market. After all, they rely on traditional Chinese medicine to make money and continuously develop this industry, right?”

Fang Qiu heard his explanation.

“Don’t try to fool me with your damned theory!”

Fang Qiu was so angry that he burst out laughing and felt that what he said was absurd. “Shoddy herbs will ruin Chinese Medicine. As a result, traditional Chinese medicine will no longer exist. How can fake and defective drugs activate the market? Your statement is extremely ridiculous!”

“I have nothing to say. You can leave now.”

Fang Qiu rebuked him angrily and drove him away.


Yao Licheng looked at Fang Qiu helplessly and said, “Then, how about you reconsider it? We’re willing to cooperate with you, but it’s really impossible for us to correct all the mistakes.”

“I don’t need to think about it again.”

Fang Qiu snorted coldly and said, “I don’t intend to argue with you anymore.”

“Send the guest out!”

After that, Fang Qiu directly turned around and ignored Yao Licheng.

Behind him…

“Mr. Yao, please?”

He Xue came over and motioned for Yao Licheng to leave.

“You… Will you continue to expose us?”

Yao Licheng looked at Fang Qiu unwillingly and asked.

“You’ll find out soon.”

Fang Qiu answered indifferently.

“I’ll donate 300 million Huaxia coins! Beyond that, I’ll build a factory in Linxi County! I’ll make donations to your primary school, junior high school, high school, and university. Please show mercy. Don’t target my company, okay?”

Yao Licheng panicked.

“Send him out.”

Fang Qiu sneered.

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