Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 9 - I'm Really The Big Boss

When Xi Chenxiao's cold gaze swept past Xi Tian and Xi Shi, both of them tensed up and shook their heads slightly.

"SU is a legend. Only he has defeated Lin. Other than him, no one else can do it."

Xi Chenxiao's expression became even colder. When Xi Tian saw Xi Chenxiao's expression that said, "If you need me for everything, what's the use of having you guys?", he could only lower his head helplessly.

Moreover, it was rumored that SU had already been killed. Where could he find a dead person?

"No matter what, I want to see him if he's alive or his corpse if he's dead."

"And that's just a rumor!"

Xi Chenxiao coldly told them to think of a way. No matter what, they had to find this SU.

Xi Tian wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and said, "Chairman, this SU is too mysterious. Finding him is like finding a needle in a haystack, or even more difficult. I'm afraid..."

"Moreover, even if we find SU, that SU probably won't accept the job. After all, I've been told that he won't accept any jobs..."

Su Jin stood at the side and could not help but play the edited words on her phone. She interrupted Xi Tian's explanation and looked at Xi Chenxiao seriously.

"I'm the boss."

"I'm not lying to you guys. I can defeat that Lin."

"I can show you now whether I can do it or not."

Su Jin stood there with a sincere expression, hoping that Xi Chenxiao would give her a chance. This was also the only chance to prove herself.

Xi Chenxiao looked at Su Jin's sincere and sweet face coldly. There was no better way at this point.

He could not wait forever, so he delivered the laptop to Su Jin.

"You start now."

Su Jin held Xi Chenxiao's laptop and did not turn it on. Instead, she continued to use the phone to edit something and then turned it on to play.

"I can help you. You have to agree to marry me now. Not only can I stop Lin, but I can also strengthen your company's firewall."

Xi Chenxiao initially wanted to see how capable this little mute was, but he did not expect her to be so greedy. His expression turned even colder.


He threw the cold words and immediately snatched the laptop back from Su Jin.

"You little mute. You're so young, yet you're so bad, and you speak so childishly. You can't help me at all."

Xi Chenxiao wondered what had happened to him. He had believed her just now.

"I, you, don't be so fierce. I'm telling the truth."

"I may look a little young, but I'm already 22 years old. I'm an adult!"

Su Jin quickly grabbed Xi Chenxiao's sleeve and explained on her phone.

"Marry me now. I promise I can help you and do a thorough job. I can even give your company free upgrades to the firewall in the future. You need not be afraid of hackers anymore."

Xi Chenxiao did not want to bother with Su Jin at all. He shook Su Jin's hand away and ordered Xi Tian coldly.

"Xi Tian, there's nothing the Xi family can't do. It just means they don't try hard enough."

Xi Tian was ashamed and helpless when he heard this. He lowered his head and said respectfully, "Young Master, I know I'm wrong."

"I'll give you twenty minutes. If you still can't find SU, go to the Xi family's punishment hall to receive your punishment!"

Xi Tian immediately stood up and walked out when he heard this.

Everyone knew that the Xi family was the head of the capital's five great families, the number one family, but they did not know that the Xi family was an ancient family that had been around for a thousand years.

The wealth, connections, and status accumulated over a thousand years was a terrifying existence that ordinary people could not imagine.

This thousand-year history was not something that the other four great families could easily compare to. It was not an exaggeration to say that the leaders of various countries had to show some respect to the Xi family.

With such connections and status, it was indeed not difficult to find someone. 

Even if Xi Chenxiao gave Xi Tian twenty years, he might not be able to find her. After all, no one knew her identity.

Even the liaison, Xiao Lin, did not know her real identity.

It was even more impossible for them to find him through the Internet. Back then, Lin had tried to find her through the Internet, but in the end, she came up empty-handed.

No matter how powerful the Xi family was, it was useless. Su Jin was even more helpless. She was right in front of them, and she had recommended herself many times, but they still refused to believe her.

Could it be that they could find another SU?

Xi Chenxiao was such a big idiot. She was right in front of them. 

She had already said she was SU, but he still could not get it. They deserved to be bullied by Lin.

Su Jin stood where she was, planning to help them when they could no longer hold on. No matter what, this could at least leave a good impression on Xi Chenxiao and let him know that she was not just a pretty face.

Now, no matter what she said, it was useless. She could only use actual actions to prove it to that bastard Xi Chenxiao.

And I, Su Jin, really, really am that legendary boss!

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