Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 7 - Are You Mistaken?

The Xi family's butler followed behind Su Xue. When he heard Su Beijiang's question, he answered politely, "Chairman Su, our Master is not looking for Miss Su Xue."

When Su Beijiang heard this, he was stunned. How could this be? Did they not say they were looking for Miss Su?

Su Beijiang still asked in disbelief, "But didn't you say you were looking for Miss Su just now?"

"Our Young Master is indeed looking for Miss Su, but it's not Miss Su Xue, it's Miss Su Jin."

Su Beijiang was very angry. How could this be possible? He questioned, "That daughter of mine isn't anything good. She shouldn't even be seen in public. Are you guys mistaken?"

"Although Su Xue isn't my biological daughter, she has been musically and academically talented since she was young. She is proficient in everything."

When the butler heard this, he looked at Su Beijiang in confusion and said, "Chairman Su, I don't understand. This is the first time I've seen someone like you slander his daughter."

"No matter how bad your daughter is, our Young Master still wants Su Jin, not your niece Su Xue!"

When Su Beijiang heard this, his face stiffened. Did this butler mishear his Young Master's words? He must have made a mistake, right?

Su Beijiang, who was unwilling to give up, once again confirmed that he was looking for Su Jin. He said coldly, "My daughter is not at home at all. I don't even know when she will be back."

At this time, Su Jin carefully poked her head out of the door. She looked at the crowd in confusion with her watery clear eyes.

Then, she took out her phone and used her dainty fingers to quickly edit the words.

"I am Su Beijiang's daughter, Su Jin. Why are you looking for me?"

The butler saw the cute Su Jin and had a good impression of her. He gently said, "Miss Su, our Young Master wants to see you. Can you come with me?"

Su Jin nodded and then walked out of the door.

A hint of jealousy and unhappiness flashed across Su Xue's face. This made Su Beijiang's heart ache and he immediately roared at Su Jin with an ugly expression.

"Little sl*t, get back in. Who told you to come out?"

Su Jin immediately retreated fearfully. With red eyes, she lowered her head and walked back obediently.

The butler strode forward and grabbed Su Jin. He said coldly, "Chairman Su, are you trying to go against our Young Master?"

Su Beijiang saw the butler's anger and immediately panicked. He did not dare to go against the Xi family, so he quickly explained.

"Butler, it's not that I don't listen to the Xi family, but this daughter of mine is not only a good-for-nothing, she's also mute. Even if you bring her back, you won't be able to get anything out of her. Furthermore, if your Young Master has any questions, he can ask Su Xue directly."

"Su Xue is smart. She will answer all of Young Master's questions. She's much better than this silly daughter of mine."

The butler looked at Su Beijiang and Su Xue and sneered, "Why? Do you think you can decide who my Young Master meets?"

"No, no. I'm just afraid that I'll waste Young Master Xi's precious time."

Su Beijiang did not dare to say anything after hearing the butler's words. He could only explain himself.

The butler ignored Su Beijiang and gestured for Su Jin to get into the car. He smiled and said, "Miss Su Jin, please get into the car. Let's go."

Su Beijiang and Su Xue were furious when they saw this, but they could do nothing. They could only watch helplessly as Su Jin and the butler got into the car.

Xi family.

Roland Manor.

This was the largest manor in the capital with the best scenery. It was like a king's palace - there were swimming pools, golf courses, pavilions, and everything else.

The land area and the degree of luxury could even be compared to the imperial palace of the past.

Su Jin looked at the scenery inside the manor and could only sigh in her heart.

The rumors were indeed true. The Xi family was as rich as countries and they had immense power. To be able to own such a large manor in the capital city, money alone was not enough!

No wonder Su Xue and Su Beijiang were trying so hard to build a relationship with the Xi family.

The butler got out of the car and opened the door for Su Jin.

"Miss Su, we're here. Please get out of the car."

"Thank you."

Su Jin quickly took out her phone and thanked the butler. When she entered, Su Jin realized that this was a hospital!

It was unexpected that the Xi family was rich enough to build a hospital in their manor.

Su Jin followed the butler to Xi Chenxiao's ward with a sigh in her heart.

"Young Master, Miss Su has been brought here."

After the butler reported, he stood aside respectfully.

Su Jin stood where she was and sized up the man who had once caused her pain.

The man's leg was in a cast, but it did not affect his powerful aura and noble aura at all.

What surprised her the most was his face. The outline of his face was sharp and strong and it looked as if God had carefully sculpted his face. He was so exquisitely handsome that it was suffocating.

When he heard that Su Jin had been brought here, Xi Chenxiao raised his head and looked over with his cold and deep eyes.

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