Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 50 - Sshole

Scandal after scandal, what made Yu Haiyang so protective over her still?

Puzzled, Su Jin released the accelerator and parked the bike. She got off and removed her helmet, fingers brushing through her messy, long hair as she revealed her identity.

Something cold fleeted across Su Xue's eyes. She darted back to Yu Haiyang, hiding behind him like a child clutching to its mother. Her voice trembled, "I'm scared, Yang."

Yu Haiyang halted at the sight of Su Jin, yet, his gratitude turned into ash, thinking how she didn't escape when she had the chance. His face turned even bluer. "You dumb mute! You should've taken Su Xue and run! Why'd you stop?"

With her brows knitted tight, Su Jin typed her reply in the text-to-speech, "*sshole! I came here to save you, but you were cheating on me all this while?"

Turmoil rose within the gang seconds ago because who they'd wanted was Su Xue all along. Just as they surrounded the three with their weapons again, their attacks paused midair, hearing the generated voice from the phone. "Aren't you on Su Xue's side?"

Su Jin waved her hand, editing her frustrated reply on the phone. "Hell, no. I'm not siding with a sl*t who's trying to steal my boyfriend!"

While Su Xue shot daggers at Su Jin, Yu Haiyang flipped out. "What the hell are you saying? I'm not your boy—"

Su Xue hurriedly grabbed him before he could pounce on Su Jin, cutting him off, "You can't leave me alone, Yang. I'm scared." Since Su Jin told the thugs she didn't know her, she would teach her a lesson once they were out of the woods. And then, she'd know her place and go back to where she came from—the countryside.

Su Jin shot Su Xue a chilly glance—how revolting.

"Get out of here then. Stop poking your nose into other people's business," the gang leader urged, scowling at the pretentious Su Xue.

"I'm taking my boyfriend with me. Can't you leave him alone?"

"No! They should pay for what they've done!"

The hatred in the man's eyes stunned Su Jin. "Would you mind telling me what my boyfriend did, mister?"

The man clenched his fists tight, nails digging into his skin, glowering at Yu Haiyang and Su Xue. "These two almost killed my little brother. And thanks to them, my brother's in a vegetative state in the hospital. We can never talk, walk or travel together again," he paused, eyes stained red, "I'm going to break these *ssholes' legs, cut off their tongues, dig out their eyes so they can have a taste of their own medicine."

Su Jin covered her mouth with her hand while Yu Haiyang's eyes darted back and forth among the men, alert. Su Xue shivered in fear, and she held onto Yu Haiyang's waist tighter, body pressing against his.

Su Jin had a hunch Yu Haiyang wasn't involved—in her past life, she'd never heard of the two causing such trouble. Or maybe, Su Xue did this with someone else.

Looking at the man with sincerity, she hit play on her phone. "That sounds nothing like my boyfriend, mister. He wouldn't even hurt an ant, not to mention something so brutal. Think about it—could this all be a misunderstanding?"

"A misunderstanding? Sounds like he deceived you, kiddo."

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