Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 42 - Your Conscience Does Not Speak

"Sit over here. I can protect you."

Xi Chenxiao's face was cold as he ordered Su Jin who had suddenly moved away from him.

Su Jin sat there unmoving like a mountain, looking at Xi Chenxiao with a face full of resentment. He coldly deceived her, an innocent beauty, and he did not have a guilty conscience at all.

Xi Chenxiao looked at the frozen Su Jin and he frowned. He reached out and was about to pull Su Jin into his embrace.


An ear-piercing sound was heard, followed by a rain of bullets hitting the Maybach.

Bang, Bang, Bang...

The sound of bullets was incessant. Xi Chenxiao could not pay attention to Su Jin anymore because he sensed that danger seemed to have locked onto him.

"Don't get too close to me. Don't move around in the car."

This car was a modified bulletproof car. Ordinary bullets would not be able to penetrate it. As long as Su Jin was obedient, she should not be injured.

When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao, she looked at him with a complicated expression.

Suddenly, they heard a megaphone.

"Xi Chenxiao, come out now and face me! Otherwise, I will blow up your entourage and your assistant!"

Su Jin heard the sound of the megaphone and looked at Xi Chenxiao who was not far away. She quickly shook her head and gestured for Xi Chenxiao not to get out of the car.

In order not to alert the enemy, they only brought along an entourage without any security personnel.

If Xi Chenxiao said anything wrong to the enemy, he could be killed. He was in extreme danger.

However, Xi Chenxiao did not seem to understand what Su Jin meant. He just looked at Su Jin indifferently.

"If you want to live, just sit in the car and don't move."

Xi Chenxiao said this, opened the car door and got out gracefully.

Su Jin quickly reached out, wanting to pull Xi Chenxiao back, but just as she was about to grab the corner of his clothes, Xi Chenxiao closed the car door.

He even used the spare key on him to lock the car.

Su Jin looked at the car door. Did he lock it just like that?

How was she supposed to show off her acting skills? How was she supposed to act like the beauty saving the hero?

Su Jin pulled at her hair in frustration and looked out of the window nervously.

At this moment, Su Jin hated herself a little. She had seen Xi Chenxiao getting injured, so why could she not see how he got injured?

If she had seen it, she would have warned Xi Chenxiao.

Fortunately, Su Jin knew where Xi Chenxiao was injured, and she had taken all kinds of protective measures, hoping that Xi Chenxiao would be able to avoid this disaster.

After Xi Chenxiao got out of the car, he looked coldly at a brawny man with a megaphone in his hand and a gun in the other.

"I'm out of the car."

Xi Chenxiao said coldly.

"Let them go."

Su Jin saw that Xi Chenxiao was still so domineering, cold and arrogant, and she was extremely nervous.

Now was not the time to act cool. Could he not just be more humble and be polite to the killer?

Instead, he was arrogant towards the killer, as if he were his subordinate. He was courting death!

Su Jin knew that Xi Chenxiao did not have any acting skills at all.

She should have followed him out of the car so that she talked him into being less arrogant.

The brawny man holding the megaphone wore tactical gear. He roared when he heard Xi Chenxiao.

"Xi Chenxiao, I give it to you for daring to get off the car."

"But at this time, you still dare to treat me like this. Are you courting death?"

He pointed at Xi Chenxiao and ordered him arrogantly.

"Kneel right now and kowtow three times. Beg me nicely."

"Maybe, when I'm in a good mood, I'll let these dogs by your side go!"

Xi Chenxiao glanced coldly at the brawny man, then slowly rolled up his sleeves and said coldly.

"Choose a way to die, now."

The brawny man seemed to have heard a joke as he raised his head and laughed. He raised the gun in his hand and pointed it at Xi Chenxiao.

"Xi Chenxiao, are you sick? You're about to fucking die, yet you're still threatening me?"

"I've given you a chance. Since you don't know how to cherish it, then I'll fulfill your wish and make you kneel..."

Before the brawny man could finish his sentence, Xi Chenxiao's tall figure disappeared like a ghost.

And then there was a light "click" sound.

The brawny man's eyes were filled with unwillingness and disbelief as he fell to the ground.

Xi Chenxiao got hold of his gun. The expression of the other assassins on the scene changed.

They were all stunned. How was this possible? The intelligence they obtained was wrong.

When they accepted the mission, they were told that Xi Chenxiao was a rich man's son who was weak and sickly.

How did the weak and sickly have such high martial prowess?

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