Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 37 - The Answer

When Su Jin saw Xi Chenxiao's cold expression, she immediately cowered and explained in a low voice on her phone.

"I just wanted to talk to you about last night's question."

Xi Chenxiao looked into Su Jin's watery eyes. The eyes of the girl of his dreams slowly overlapped with the pair of eyes in front of him. In an instant, the terrifying aura around him disappeared by more than half.

"You have an answer?"

Su Jin immediately nodded, indicating that there was indeed an answer.

Xi Chenxiao did not seem to have much patience and said coldly, "Speak."

Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao timidly. Today, Xi Chenxiao was wearing a well-fitting custom-made suit, which made the originally handsome him look even more dashing. However...

This cold aura that had not changed for thousands of years sent chills down her back. Her teeth were chattering non-stop, and at the same time, it was also cold.

Xi Chenxiao frowned. After waiting for a long time, Su Jin did not answer. "Hmm?"

When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao's urging, she quickly took out her phone to type, and she spoke very bluntly.

"I want to be your wife."

Then, Su Jin's little face suddenly turned red. Her watery eyes were shy and a little scared. She was at a loss as she secretly sized up Xi Chenxiao.

This answer seemed a little unreserved. Should she be more tactful?

Su Jin saw Xi Chenxiao's expressionless face and the corner of her mouth twitched. She had already given the answer, how could his face still be expressionless?

Could it be that she, Su Jin, was so bad? Was is so bad to marry her?

Su Jin was very depressed. She looked at Xi Chenxiao angrily and took out her phone to type.

"Why do you look down on me so much? Or do you think I'm not worthy? What attitude!"

Xi Chenxiao glanced at Su Jin indifferently. His face was filled with an expression that said, "Do you think you're worthy?".

Su Jin was even angrier. She typed directly and asked, "Do you really want to get married?"

Xi Chenxiao grunted indifferently. He reached his hand out in front of Su Jin and said, "Let's go."

Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao's hand and felt helpless. She had been so angry, yet he was still so calm.

Or could it be that Xi Chenxiao did not see that she was angry at all?

Su Jin's anger overcame her rationality. She shook her head forcefully and rejected Xi Chenxiao, indicating that she would not leave.

Xi Chenxiao's dark eyes suddenly turned cold. He looked at Su Jin's little face sharply and said coldly, "Are you sure?"

Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao's cold eyes and suddenly felt a little scared.

In the end, she succumbed to XI Chenxiao's warning gaze and obediently handed her little hand to Xi Chenxiao.

In order to ease the awkwardness of admitting defeat, Su Jin used her phone to type a question.

"Where are we going?"

"To get the certificate."

When Su Jin heard Xi Chenxiao's indifferent words, she was a little shocked. Was not this too fast?

"Um, I'm not mentally prepared yet. Should we wait until tomorrow?"

Xi Chenxiao, who had always been a man of few words, seemed to be afraid that Su Jin would go back on her word again, so he said a rare sentence of more than five words.

"You can also pretend that you're not married."

Su Jin nodded in agreement. She did not expect Xi Chenxiao to give her such an idea. She typed on her phone.

"This idea of yours is pretty good. I have another thing to discuss with you. Can we hide our marriage?"

Su Jin felt that as long as Su Beijiang and Su Xue knew about the marriage with Xi Chenxiao, Su Xue's plan would fail. If Su Beijiang knew that she was the young madam of the Xi family, he would not continue to imprison her mother, right?


Xi Chenxiao expressionlessly said the word and got into the car with Su Jin.

Ten minutes later, the two of them arrived at the Civil Affairs Bureau. The staff respectfully and enthusiastically brought the two of them into the office.

After signing, Su Jin suddenly stood up and looked apologetically at Xi Chenxiao as she typed on her phone.

"Master Xi, I'm sorry. I... I forgot to bring my household register."

At that moment, Su Jin felt a little regretful. Such a loveless marriage was not a happy one. She also thought of the men in her past life. Perhaps if she did not marry Xi Chenxiao, she could still save her mother.

When she woke up and saw Xi Chenxiao, she was a little too anxious at the time, which was why she acted rashly. 

Moreover, those men were of more use than Xi Chenxiao.

Xi Chenxiao's expression instantly turned cold, and a chill instantly filled the entire office. The temperature instantly reached freezing point, and it was as if the air was about to freeze.

Did she regret it?

The meat was about to reach his mouth, yet she wanted to escape?

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