Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 24 - I Am Your Aunt

The Xi family's leader, Xi Chenxiao, was said to have used forceful methods when he was 19 years old to drive his uncles crazy.

After he rose to power and took control of the Xi family, he used the family's power to increase the Xi family's power and wealth to another level in just a few years.

Even though Yu Haiyang was not a member of the Xi family, he was one of the Xi family's leader's favorite nephews. He was even more doted on than some of the Xi family members.

The school bully Yu Haiyang's family background meant that the others could only suck up to him and not resist him.

Su Jin only glanced at Yu Haiyang coldly. In her previous life, she already knew this guy's background. That was why she was bullied by him. Almost all of her desk were occupied by him.

Now, Su Jin could be considered half his aunt. Since the younger generation was disobedient, then the elders should educate him.

Su Jin did not seem to hear Yu Haiyang's question at all. She only took out her phone and edited the text to make a sound.

"Yu Haiyang, if you want to sleep, go home and sleep. This is a school, a place for classes."

Su Jin even kicked Yu Haiyang.

Everyone looked at all of this in surprise. Was Su Jin crazy, or was she really not afraid of death? She actually dared to treat Yu Haiyang like this.

Or did she feel that she had lived too long, so she came to provoke the school bully, Yu Haiyang?

The air suddenly became quiet. One could hear a pin drop.

Yu Haiyang's face was full of anger, and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He looked at Su Jin, who was different from before, and roared angrily.

"You ugly freak, are you tired of living?"

Su Jin pointed at herself with her finger. How dare he call her ugly freak? Was Yu Haiyang blind?

She was typing on her phone.

"Yu Haiyang, are you calling me ugly? Are you blind?"

Yu Haiyang's face instantly turned ashen as he gritted his teeth and cursed.

"You ugly freak, you still call me blind? Do you think I don't hit women?"

"You dress like a country dog from the countryside. How can you say you're not ugly?"

The clothes Su Jin was wearing were all custom-made by Su Xue. She deliberately made them as ugly as possible and even told her that these clothes were made by her own hands. This made Su Jin extremely moved. She treated these clothes as treasures and wore them every day.

As time went by, Su Jin did not have any normal clothes. She left in such a hurry yesterday, and Su Beijiang did not give her any money, so she could only wear these clothes that Su Xue gave her to school.

Su Jin originally just wanted to scold Yu Haiyang, but when she heard these words, she was extremely angry and quickly edited the text on her phone.

"I'm your aunt, how dare you despise your aunt?"

She raised her hand and slapped Yu Haiyang on the head.

"Take out your money and pay respect to your aunt!"

Su Jin put down the phone and extended her snow-white hand in front of Yu Haiyang.

When everyone saw Su Jin's actions, they looked at her as if she was an idiot.

"She actually let Yu Haiyang call her aunt?"

"By this time next year, the grass on the little mute's grave will be quite tall."

"I didn't believe Su Xue when she said Su Jin was mentally ill. Now it seems that Su Xue wasn't lying."

"How dare you provoke Yu Haiyang? Only a mentally ill person could do such a thing. Otherwise, which idiot would despise their own long life?"

Yu Haiyang rubbed his aching head and angrily grabbed Su Jin's collar.

"How dare you f*cking hit me?"

Hearing that she was mentally ill, he did not punch Su Jin's tiny face.

But it was impossible to calm the anger in his heart.

Su Jin looked at Yu Haiyang coldly and typed on her phone.

"If you don't want to become a disabled person, let go immediately."

When Su Jin was caught by Yu Haiyang, she saw the bloody scene of Yu Haiyang half an hour after school.

Combined with those rumors, although it might be said it was Yu Haiyang's own fault, he could still be considered her cheap husband's nephew.

On this level, she could not ignore it.

Yu Haiyang was immediately angered and laughed. Su Jin actually dared to warn him at this time?

"Mute, you still dare to threaten me now. Are you really not afraid of death?"

"I originally thought you were mentally ill and didn't want to argue with you. I didn't expect you to come here and throw your life away."

"Then I will fulfill your wish and let you remember not to be so bold in the future."

After saying that, Yu Haiyang threw a punch at Su Jin's palm-sized face.

Some of the other students closed their eyes in fear, while others were gloating.

"This trash's face was the only thing that deserves attention, it is gone now."

"Serves her right. Who asked her to provoke our school bully?"

At this moment, Yu Haiyang suddenly screamed. He hugged his fist and knelt on the ground. His arm felt numb and painful as he glared at Su Jin.

"You damn piece of trash, what did you do to me?"

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