Master Of None

Chapter 754 - 754. Sticking With You

"Why did you come here to sweet talk? Is it because you know I might be angry about the fact that the party I managed went off and defeated two slime related tragedies and then returned only to throw themselves in to a battle with a high ranking demon that had soldiers that exploded?" Clara knew that Walker was trying to cheer her up before she got in to the main point of her conversation with him. She was not going to play around and let the party leader off the hook. 

"We did get stranger. Is wear. I didn't just rush in without a thought." Walker attempted to get out of this but he knew that Clara was seeing right through him. It may have been true that he didn't just rush in without a thought at all but he did rush in and then think about it properly. He only had the fact that he had used the ice border wall to prove he had had a plan. 

"And what if Barry was not there? I do not believe you would have had the ability to fight back alone. Tell me, what level are you and what level do you think that demon general was?" Clara was pretending to let Walker speak but then she spoke before him, "That demon general was almost the same level as Barry but it was stronger. It was level seventy nine. The only reason it was beaten so easily by Guild master Ibis was because the summon he called on was one that exceeds level one hundred. It is a ruler of its' realm.." 

Walker was still confused about how summoners worked and felt that he needed to understand his own world better first before he looked at calling others from another world or even tried to understand how and what it meant that there were other realms. "Now, come to the office for a break. I need one. Do you realize how many parties try to do crazy things since you got a title?" Clara was shaking her head the entire time as they closed the doors to the office. 

When she sat down it was like the weight of the world had left her shoulders. "I have been at it since those demons showed up. I had no idea how hard it was compared to the first floor. Not to mention keeping up with your party that beats monster well above your level and gains huge amounts of experience. By the way, what was that while you were in the elf city?" Clara did not forget the massive amount of experience the party had received while there. 

"That...well, if you saw the quest it was about us helping to train the younger elves and we gained experience and heroic points for every single one. There were a lot of them so we finished and gained more experience and heroic points than expected. It was cold a world shake or experience flood I think. But we gained so much that we were pretty much unconscious while it happened and we gained the educationist title." Walker wanted to go in to more details but he wanted to directly answer Clara's questions first.

"I have read about it. You almost did that once before but this was more experience all at once. I understand." he had her head in her hand in wonder. He wasn't sure how they managed to do these things over and over every time they went out to do something.

"The title is pretty useful too. We can teach other skills to people. Well, they need to learn it in a week after we use a skill before the information disappears again." Clara just slowly shook her head. It was another extremely valuable skill that she was going to have to somehow keep track of. 

Walker looked at her for a moment and he realized that she was waiting to hear the entire story. He recounted the details and even went in to how the treaty talks and Genesis city conversations went. Most of which she already seemed to know. 

"I will be attending the Genesis alliance summit. The old man won't be able to make it because he needs to stay where he summoned the Griffin. He also only has one mana point for some time so it is safer for him to be here. I hope it won't throw anything off but I can manage the guild from anywhere with my system. I actually hope to travel to the other branches for check ups soon." 

"I wasn't sure what to think when he summoned the griffin. The master tier skill is amazon. But having to live with one mana for a year is a lot. He's going to feel tired and drained for a year." Walker wasn't really sure how he would feel being stuck with one mana for a year. He was somewhat relating it to the fact that he was currently losing mana to the surroundings but that was completely different. He still had mana to use for his own protection. 

"From what he told me, he will be sipping mana potions while spending a great deal of time in the cathedral. It's one reason he decided to retire. But as you know his level has been declining with his age. It's an inevitable occurrence as everyone gets older." Clara had long accepted this but also did not expect it to be so soon. 

"I was surprised that you became the guild master. We were all worried that we would lose out party manager." Walker was still nervous on this point and wanted to be sure. 

"Well, I plan of keeping an eye on you anyway. I can't let my only party go. Especially since it's your goal to give me a heart attack. I can't imagine what poor soul could manage you the same way I do." Clara and Walker laughed and enjoyed the break from work and adventures. Clara had needed the time to be a person instead of the almighty guild master.



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