Master Hong's Lucky Bride

Chapter 40 - Your Eyes Are So Beautiful, Like the Stars in the Sky

Chapter 40: Your Eyes Are So Beautiful, Like the Stars in the Sky

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It was very likely that they would accuse her of being promiscuous. After all, she was such a beautiful woman. She sighed. She really did not know why she had to protect Zhuang Hong’s reputation, and why she let herself suffer so much.

“I wonder who hired those b*stards. When I catch him, I’ll definitely break his limbs,” Cen Shuang mumbled. She was naked, and she was lying on the bed without the slightest hesitation. She was not worried that the man beside her would wake up and see her. Anyway, there was no way that he would wake up at such a perfect time. She was still naked, and still trying to force herself to treat her wound.

Cen Shuang sighed and gave up struggling. She could only hug Zhuang Hong and whisper in his ear, “You’re not helping me. You’re a bad person. Now anyone can bully me. I don’t even know who did this to me. Zhuang Hong, you’re so old now. Don’t you feel embarrassed that I have to take care of you? I’m sleepy. I still feel really uncomfortable and I’m sick, but why do I want to cry so much?”

Her voice became softer and softer as her quiet sobs broke free from her chest. She did not want him to know how hard she was crying, even if he was fully unconscious. Cen Shuang had been so proud in the past, but she was helpless now. She was afraid of being bullied and she was afraid that people were scheming against her. She was even more afraid that one day, she would not be able to protect herself.

“Zhuang Hong, I’m afraid. Can you wake up? If you wake up, you can hold my hand. I’ll finally have someone who will protect me. Mom said that you would protect us. If you wake up, people will stop hurting me. If you wake up, I won’t have to be afraid of bullies. Zhuang Hong, can you wake up?”

The night was beautiful, and the moon was very bright. The gentle moonlight shone through the window and fell on the girl’s bright red exposed back. Her head was very heavy, and she felt like her bones were broken too. She did not move at all. She kept muttering Zhuang Hong’s name, and she felt the cool breeze hit her back. It was very comfortable, and instantly dispelled the excruciating pain. Cen Shuang struggled to open her eyes. She squinted and saw a dark silhouette.

This silhouette was so tall, and it seemed so familiar to her. The figure approached her, and his well-defined face came into view. He looked worried. She felt a slightly warm sensation on her back. It was his fingertip rubbing medicine over her wound.

“Zhuang Hong, you’re awake!” She lay on the bed, looking like an injured kitten. Her voice was weak.

The man on the bed was stunned. His fingers paused for a moment, and in the end, he responded faintly, “Yes.”

Cen Shuang smiled. Her smile was beautiful and heartbreaking, and she said in a daze, “How? Why are you awake? I must be dreaming. At least I get to see you in my dreams. Zhuang Hong, your eyes are so beautiful, like the stars in the sky, just as beautiful as I thought.”

The man on the bed finally sat up. He looked at the girl in front of him who was still half conscious. She was clearly having a fever, but she was still mumbling nonsense. So it turned out that this was the woman who nagged in his ear every day. This was what the cruel woman looked like. However, his gaze drifted to her back. The vivid blood-red stains there made a flash of ruthlessness ripple across his eyes. He knew her from all the things he had heard while he was unconscious. This girl was crafty, often misunderstood, and now she was curled up beside him like an injured cat.

“Aren’t you usually quite strong? Why are you injured?” Zhuang Hong’s voice echoed in the quiet room. His voice sounded like a gentle cello, steady but trembling just slightly. This was… the first time he had spoken to her.

Cen Shuang was burning up. She was definitely asleep, but she could hear the voice of the man beside her. “Zhuang Hong, avenge me.”

He had been lying in bed for half a year. Where did she get the courage to think that he should avenge her? Zhuang Hong chuckled and looked at the woman who was breathing lightly on the bed. “Yes, I’ll avenge you.”

He thought that she was asleep, but she still replied, “Okay.”

Zhuang Hong looked at her back which was now coated in medicine. Then, he pulled the blanket over to cover her gently. On the big bed, the man leaned against the headboard. After lying on the bed for half a year, he had long lost all his strength. His gaze swept across the room, and when he looked at the face of the woman beside him, his gaze became tender. Was this still his room? The originally cold colors were now replaced by more fiery ones, thanks to her. There were beautiful lilies blooming in the room. With one look, one could tell that the room was carefully cleaned every day. The originally black curtains were now replaced with white curtains. It was clearly still his original room, and his things did not seem to have been touched. However, because of the girl beside him, he was different. She still held tight to one of his arms, and the silk sleeves of his expensive pajamas were stained with her saliva.

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