Martial Transcendence

Chapter 25 - Bai Clan Scheme 

"We thought of sending you last year but you were weak and young, so now you have reached 16 years even though it's young you have already surpassed the kids at your age in knowledge and strength! So we all elders and clan members thought you're the best for the selection exam. There is nothing to if you got failed you can come back here but if you become a disciple of Extreme Martial Sect then not only it will bring glory to our clan but also support from other clans" clan leader said with a smile

Bai Ning Han understands what he means he clearly knows that last year the clan leader doesn't even know him and he was the only second stage of the Qi Condensation realm so the clan elders do not felt any threat from him but in one year he reached the sixth stage of Qi Condensation realm! So the elder in the clan felt the threat from his speed and knowledge. He knows everything about the clan that even the elders don't know!

And his wisdom surpassed his age! His fight technique is outstanding. Even though he tried to stay lowkey, he couldn't help to attract the attention of clan leader.

So when clan elders heard that the Extreme Martial sect was having a selection exam they wanted him to leave the clan! And with his 600 years of experience and knowledge, he can clearly understand that.

In the clan if one reached the Blood Condensation realm he can be considered as an elder! And how can the old foxes in the clan can endure a kid who would become an elder who doesn't listen to them?

The clan's superiors know everything under them and want everything under their control so they don't allow anyone to become an elder of the clan until they become a dog for the clan.

While clan elders tried very hard to subdue him under them, Bai Ning Han, however, was smart and politely refused. So the elders became furious and gave him many tough missions but he cleared some and failed some missions.

He had an answer for everything he did, so the clan elders couldn't do anything to him. And even though he became a young master of the clan he doesn't care about the stuff. He used to live in the academy hostel but once he became a young master of the clan he got a house on his own and the clan gave him some servants.

If Bai Ning Han can become close to the elders and the superiors in the clan he can live a happy life in the clan, but he has many high ambitions! In front of his determination to achieve what he wants, a peaceful life in a small middle-tier clan doesn't have any value!

"If clan leader and elders think that, then I will definitely do my best to enter the Sect and bring glory to our clan" Said Bai Ning Han.

He already has plans to leave anyway, he can leave earlier than expected! And getting a chance to participate in the Extreme Martial Sect selection exam is also lucky. He can get stronger even faster in the sect than this poor clan. And it is one of the powerful sects in the whole continent!

How could Bai Ning Han lose this chance? He agreed immediately.

"Okay then, here take this" clan leader passed a jade slip to Bai Ning Han.

"There are some details about the selection and the map to the sect, exam starts next month so leave the day after tomorrow, and yeah take one spiritual stone from the medical elder before leaving, be careful on your journey!" Clan leader said with a deep voice. He felt pity to lose genies from his clan, but he can't oppose the superiors and the elders in the clan.

"Okay, then I will go and get prepared for the selection exam" Bai Ning Han cupped his fists and started to move out of the room.

After some time seeing Bai Ning Han left the room clan leader signed

"Why do you guys want to do this to him?" the clan leader said with a low voice.

Suddenly, a curtain moved behind him, revealing five people, their faces covered with black cloth and they had the same dress code with black and green robe with a white belt. They were sitting on the ground.

"You don't know, he is extremely evil and cunning, its best to throw him out of clan"

"Yes, he doesn't have any respect towards the clan or his ancestors, he might become a great villain in the future, so it's best to throw him out now before he brings trouble to our clan!"

Middle two members spoke with a loud voice. And the other guys nodded.

"But isn't it just like losing a genius from our family?" The Clan leader said he couldn't understand why they were doing this. He is our own clan member and genius!. He might be arrogant and don't listen to his elders but throwing out of the clan is a very harsh punishment, and there is a dangerous beast ride is going in the forests and mountains. If he leaves the clan and encounters any powerful beasts then he will die for sure. He is still young, so giving him some chances is good right? He will eventually change.

"No, we have many geniuses in our clan so we don't need him, look little bai were also thinking about clan but he is not useful for our clan" the person who was sitting in the left corner said. He sounds very old but his body is stiff and steady.

"But...what if he died?" Clan leader asked, he couldn't get over it.

"Let him die, he is abnormal, you don't understand now but we are doing this for our clan" an old voice echoed in the room. This was from the 2nd person in the right corner, it's an old woman's voice but she was the same height as other members sitting beside her and she didn't look like a woman at all.

"Still…" clan leader wants to ask more questions but before he finishes his question the person who was sitting in the right corner stopped him.

"Stop little bai, we know what we are doing, even though your clan leader remember you don't have rights to question us" he said with a calm tone

The Clan leader shut down his mouth with his sentence.

"That's all for now, leave this matter and do your job as a clan leader" the middle person said.

"Then I will take my leave" clan leader said while bowing and left the room with disappointment but he was not high enough to go against them.

In the whole conversation, they never had a thought that he would pass the selection exam and become the disciple of the Extreme Martial sect because there was no way a person from a middle-tier clan could enter the top sect in the whole continent. So they just used the selection exam as an excuse to throw him out. When he leaves the clan he will encounter beasts, if he lives he will definitely not return to the clan, because they watched him and know that he is very detriment and iron-willed when it comes to cultivation and good opportunities so he would rather try to go the sect and die, then coming back to the village.

Bai Ning Han came back to his house.

"Young master, welcome back" an old man welcomed him with a smile on his face. He is the butler of his house.

"Old man, call all the servants here and tell them, I will sell his house the next day and leave the clan the day after tomorrow so go to the main clan building and get new jobs" he said and entered his room. Then the butler called everyone who works there and explained to them.

Inside the Bai Ning Han room he was sitting on his bed.

"I guess I'm lucky in this life, haha getting a chance to participate in the Extreme Martial sect is quite good. But the real problem is will I be able to bypass the beasts in the journey? Hmm leave it, I will manage that somehow"

Bai Ning Han stopped thinking about it and started to cultivate, he clearly understood everything about the clan and their schemes but he had benefited from it so he didn't care.

Next morning, Bai Ning Han came in front of the Bai clan Real Estate section.

He entered the huge building, and a girl welcomed him.

"May I know what young master wants to buy?" She asked with a sweet voice, looking like she was in her early 20's with a nice curvy body which was tempting and she had an oval and beautiful face. When she saw Bai Ning Han coming in she recognised him.

"I came here to sell my house" Bai Ning Han said with a cold voice.

"W- okay, please come with me" she was surprised but that's nothing to do with her, she took him to another room with two chairs and one table Bai Ning Han sat on a chair and she quickly brought some tea and poured it on him. And sat in front of him.

"After looking at the place it can be sold for 480,000 gold, that's a fixed price, no bargain please" she told him after looking at his house papers.

"Hmm, I don't want gold, check the value and give me them in spiritual stones" Bai Ning Han said he can get gold anywhere but Spiritual stones are very rare one can only get in mines.

"This…." She didn't know what to do, no one asked for spiritual stones before.

"I will call the elder" she stood up and called an elder, he came into the room. He was an old man wearing a normal white plain robe.

"Young master no need to say anything, one spiritual stone is equal to 100,000 gold we normally don't do that but it was in records, if the young master wants to exchange your property with spiritual stones then you will get 4 spiritual stores and 80,000 gold" the elder said without wasting time.

Bai Ning Han took out 20,000 gold from his storage bag.

"Here 20,000 gold give me 5 spiritual stones" he said

The Elder was shocked. He doesn't know what he is going to use with spiritual stones but giving that much gold without blinking his eyes is really shocking. The gold may be important in Bai Clan and other clans but it's useless in sects the elder doesn't know that and Bai Ning Han did.

"Okay" the elder took out his storage bag and gave him 5 spiritual stones after taking the signed papers of his land and 20,000 gold....

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