Martial God Asura

Chapter 5442 – You Can’t Defeat Me

Chapter 5442: You Can’t Defeat Me

“Hah…” Chu Feng sneered.

Not bothering to waste his breath, he formed seals with a single hand before thrusting his palm out.

Boom boom boom boom!

The air in front of him exploded continuously. It was an invisible but highly destructive offensive formation. 

The woman was unfazed by Chu Feng’s formation. She infused her spirit power into the shabby sword in her grasp, and it began transforming. It became much more delicate and sharper, and it turned from black into a beautiful but dangerous rose-red color. 

The woman swung her sword at Chu Feng.


A red Sword Qi flew forth in an arc, slicing through Chu Feng’s invisible formation and racing straight for him.

Chu Feng’s face finally turned grim, but instead of dodging the Sword Qi, he formed a series of hand seals before pointing his finger forward. With a quake of the earth, a humongous formation rhinoceros emerged with a brilliant glow. It charged at the woman. 

The red Sword Qi unraveled with an explosion, but the formation rhinoceros vanished too.

“What’s that sword?” Chu Feng asked with narrowed eyes.

The woman was still using her spirit power, but her spirit power had somehow turned red, like the sword’s color. What was even more astonishing was how her fighting prowess had suddenly soared above his.

The fact that he needed to construct two formations to deal with a slash of her sword was the greatest proof of that. Needless to say, this was the result of her sword’s prowess. 

“You aren’t the one in control of the situation now.”

With the sword in hand, the woman charged at Chu Feng with incredible speed despite not utilizing any movement formation. 

Chu Feng quickly retreated while constructing offensive formations to deal with her, but his formations were easily sliced apart by her sword. Furthermore, her speed was faster than his, such that she was gradually closing the distance between them. 

“That sword is formidable,” Chu Feng remarked.

Left with no choice, he abandoned any attempts at offense and instead channeled his spirit power into reinforcing his movement formation. His right hand began to tremble from utilizing far too much power. 

The woman continued chasing after Chu Feng.

“Tell me who your master is if you wish to live,” the woman said.

“Why don’t you tell me who your master is and what sword that is first?” Chu Feng replied. 

“I said that you have no say here. Since you refuse to speak, I’ll just have to beat you into submission!” the woman sneered.

She pushed her sword toward Chu Feng’s chest, but Chu Feng noticed that she wasn’t trying to take his life. Rather, it felt like she was trying to get even with him for having impaled her chest earlier. 

Chu Feng tilted sideways to dodge her attack before swiftly manifesting a formation sword in his right hand to retaliate. His counterattack caught the woman off guard by surprise, but she swiftly tilted her body to dodge the attack.

Yet, Chu Feng seemed to have predicted her movement and quickly changed the trajectory of his sword to pursue her. 

This time, the woman tried to parry the attack with the sword in her hand. 

However, Chu Feng’s sword trajectory changed once more to target her wrist.

Left with no choice, the woman was forced to terminate her attack and hurriedly retreated. However, Chu Feng predicted her escape route and chased right after her.

Search for the original.

“That fellow!” 

The woman was stunned. She thought that she could easily defeat Chu Feng with her superior strength, only to discover that Chu Feng’s combat skills were above hers. He was predicting every single one of her moves and using his superior close combat skills to bridge the gap in their strength!

It was to the point where she was left without a chance to catch a breather, thus falling into a disadvantageous situation. 

Despite employing the means of a world spiritist, Chu Feng was attacking with the means of a martial cultivator. His outstanding swordsmanship hinted that he was likely to be a formidable martial cultivator too. 

The woman realized that she had to put some distance between the two of them, or else she would only be suppressed in a close-quarter battle. 

The only problem was that Chu Feng wasn’t giving her a chance to distance herself from him. He continued launching wave after wave of attacks, not giving her any room to escape at all. 

“Don’t you underestimate me!” the woman roared as her sword glowed with a brilliant red light.

Her aura suddenly became more imposing as her speed and strength rose to greater heights. This enhancement allowed her to finally overcome Chu Feng’s elusive swordsmanship to force him into a direct confrontation. 

The two swords finally clashed, and Chu Feng’s formation sword cracked. All it would take was another clash for the formation sword to completely shatter. 

This was no ordinary formation sword, or else Chu Feng wouldn’t have taken such a long time to manifest it. Yet, it was hardly able to stand its ground against the woman’s sword at all. 

After parrying Chu Feng’s attack, the woman made use of this opening to thrust her sword toward him. Her attack was still powerful, but her instantaneous strength boost earlier seemed to have worn off. It would appear that she couldn’t sustain the enhancement for too long.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng still chose to retreat out of carefulness lest the woman employ the same trick again.

The woman didn’t chase after him, choosing to back off instead. 

“What was that?” Chu Feng asked. 

His hostility toward the woman had subsided a fair bit when he realized that she was no longer trying to take his life but instead subdue him. Right now, he was more interested in chatting with her, especially since he was overflowing with curiosity about that sword. 

He was confident in the prowess of his spirit power, but that woman was able to suppress him with that sword. 

“You slipped up,” the woman said.

“What do you mean?” Chu Feng asked.

“I wasn’t intending to kill you with my earlier attack. I was trying to force you back so as to put some distance between us. I admit that you’re formidable. I have clashed with many opponents, but none of them are as powerful as you are. If I’m not mistaken, you’re much more formidable as a martial cultivator. If not for the restrictions this realm imposes on martial cultivation, I doubt that I would have been a match for you,” the woman said.

“Why do you say I slipped up?” Chu Feng asked.

“You were able to compensate for the disparity in our strength through your swordsmanship, but that’s no longer the case now that I have put some distance between us. You can’t defeat me anymore,” the woman replied confidently. 

“Is that what you think?” Chu Feng chuckled. He formed a series of hand seals.


A flash of brilliant light shone from the ground, and everything in the vicinity disintegrated. A humongous formation that spanned an unbelievably huge area surfaced, shrouding not just Chu Feng but the woman as well. 

The woman immediately found herself bound in mid-air. 


The woman was taken aback by how powerful the formation was. She glanced at her surroundings as realization finally struck her. It turned out that Chu Feng had spent the last three days constructing this formation to curb her, not to obtain the fortuitous encounter.  

In other words, Chu Feng had already discovered her, and this formation was prepared to curb her! 

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