Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: She’s Going To Die Anyway

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Luo Chenxi soon proposed her three terms.

“Firstly, you must bear the responsibility of finding a suitable heart donor for my mother in three months so that she can complete the heart transplant surgery.”

Luo Anguo nodded quickly. “Sure, I’ll figure something out.”

Hu Manya’s eyes widened at once upon hearing that. “My dear, w-why did you agree to that? Do you know how much money this is going to cost?”

“Shut up! I make my own decisions and you don’t have a say in this!” Luo Anguo roared in rage and interrupted her.

Does Luo Chenxi not know that finding a donor will cost a lot of money? However, Lu Wenjun’s life was of the utmost importance to Luo Chenxi now. If he were to decline this term of hers, there was nothing else they could discuss after this for sure.

Luo Chenxi continued to speak, “Secondly, my mother will be transferred to the first-class ward starting today. She’ll get the best medication and medical devices. At the same time, no one related to the Luo family is allowed to show up before her!”

It was apparent that Luo Chenxi’s second term bothered Hu Manya even more. However, Luo Anguo still agreed to it easily.

“Thirdly, all of you aren’t allowed to get involved with my matters in the Mu family. I don’t want to see a repetition of yesterday night’s case whereby Mu Yichen and I were drugged.”

Luo Anguo’s expression changed drastically at last when he heard the third term. “How is that alright? What if you were to do anything inappropriate in the Mu family and expose your identity?”

“There’s no need to worry about that. Just as you mentioned, with the Mu family’s power and influence, I’ll be the first to have a hard time if my identity is exposed.”

However, Luo Anguo was still feeling uneasy. “No, I can’t agree with that term. At least, you must call us weekly and update us about your situation in the Luo family—”

“I said it before: agree to my terms. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing to lose! By then, we shall see who’s going to have a harder time!”

This time, Luo Chenxi was more determined than ever. She did not have the slightest intention to discuss peacefully with Luo Anguo. She had already come to a full realization by now that there was utterly no leeway to compromise with a person like him. Otherwise, there would be nothing left of her when this man was done dealing with her!

Luo Anguo had no choice but to agree to the three terms.

Before she turned around and left, Luo Chenxi witnessed it with her own eyes as Luo Anguo transferred $1 million to the hospital’s account.

As soon as she left, Hu Manya began wiping away her tears. “My dear, why did you agree to the wicked girl’s terms? You just spent a million! It has been months since I last bought a new handbag…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the exasperated Luo Anguo. “You don’t have the right to speak anymore! It’s all your fault! You’re the cause of today’s incident. Why did you go and see Lu Wenjun for no reason? Do you think Luo Chenxi will still obey us if anything were to happen to her?”

“But I’m just trying to save you some money…That woman really doesn’t need to stay in such a good ward. I’ve asked around before. Her illness can’t be cured, so why is she still wasting our money? She’s going to die anyway, so we might as well send her back and take care of her in her home…”

“You have long hair but a short wit!” Luo Anguo was burning with fury after listening to Hu Manya’s nonsensical prattle. He regretted marrying an uncultured woman like her. She was great at serving him but would only hinder him in a serious matter like this!

“Anyhow, remember this. If you still want to live a good life after Chenxin is back, stop bothering Lu Wenjun. You’re not allowed to see Luo Chenxi either! Do you understand?”

“But…” Hu Manya was still recalcitrant. She was still hoping to find an opportunity to seek revenge on the wicked girl after being slapped by her a few times today!

“No buts. If you keep stirring up trouble like this, Chenxin will never become the young mistress of the Mu family in her lifetime!”

Hu Manya finally felt fearful when Luo Anguo mentioned their own daughter, thus she agreed despite feeling obstinate in her heart.

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