Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Nothing But An Act!

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He turned around to look at Luo Chenxi once again. Soon, his chest that was full of raging fire spilled onto her as he burst out, “Look at you, what are you now? You’re just a spoiled b*stard! Even if your Aunt Hu did act slightly impulsively, she’s still an elder member of your family! Why would you make a big fuss at home just because of such a trifle matter and even hit her?! Where’s your sense of decency?! You’ve truly disappointed me!”

Disappointed you?

The corners of Luo Chenxi’s lips curled up in irony. When it came to disappointment, it should be her who was most disappointed!

When she was taken back to the Luo family, she was still under the assumption that her parents had abandoned her, possibly out of unspoken difficulties. Even after learning about her life story, she still hoped that Luo Anguo was earnestly trying to make up for his past mistakes.

However, reality just took a ferocious slap back at her. It turned out that she had been taken back by her birth father only because…she looked like her deceased sister that was supposed to marry into a rich and powerful family! Everything about sincere repentance and earnest self-reformation or father-daughter endearment was nothing but an act!

It was an act that did not even last for half a month!

Luo Chenxi responded coldly, “Whether you are disappointed or not is none of my business anymore. I’m here today to tell you this. If you still want me to remain in the Mu household obediently, you must agree to my three terms.”

Hu Manya became infuriated as soon as she heard that. “What do you mean? You’ve already married into the Mu family and gained such a huge advantage, yet you still want to talk about terms?”

Luo Chenxi did not even bother to take a glance at her. She continued to stare at Luo Anguo and said, “If the Mu family were to find out about the Luo family sending a surrogate bride into their family, I’m afraid that you’ll be losing more than just a few partnership programs, won’t you?”

“Wicked girl, how dare you threaten me?” Luo Anguo never expected that she would suddenly become so headstrong. He instantly felt furious for many accumulated reasons. “So, do you think that you’ve grown stronger now that you’re married into the Mu family and there’s nothing that I can do to you anymore? Let me tell you this. The power behind the Mu family far exceeds your imagination and you can’t afford to offend them too! We are all in the same boat now. If this matter is exposed, the Luo family is done, but your ending will not fare any better than ours!”

She remained calm and composed. “So what if that’s the case? I don’t mind even if Mu Yichen wants to go against me. Anyhow, I don’t want to live anymore if my mother is dead. It’s even my gain if I can pull you and a few others of this family down along with me!”

“You…” Luo Anguo almost fainted from rage. He took a while before he could calm down and catch his breath. As he looked at Luo Chenxi’s icy cold gaze, he finally realized that she was driven to an impasse when Hu Manya’s act almost killed Lu Wenjun today.

There was a saying which went, ‘the soft is afraid of the hard, the hard is afraid of the harsh, and the harsh is afraid of the mad’!

If Luo Chenxi were to truly make up her mind to seek revenge on the Luo family, she could take down the entire family and ensured that they were eternally doomed just by relying on the chips in her hand!

Luo Anguo realized that he regretted his choice of making Luo Chenxi the surrogate bride now. While she appeared weak, she was strong and unyielding inside such that he was incapable of controlling her anymore!

He weighed the pros and cons in his mind swiftly. His tone of speech obviously softened the next time he spoke, “Cough, cough, oh, Chenxi…That’s not very nice of you to speak in such a manner. The Luo family is your parental home after all. You’ll only be able to live a good life in the Mu family if the Luo family is in a good state, right? Here, please go ahead and propose your terms. I’ll certainly agree to the terms to the best of my abilities!”

Luo Chenxi could not help feeling amused in her heart. She had never seen a person as shameless as Luo Anguo before. His speed of changing his countenance was truly impressive! He was simply possessed by an acting genie. Looking at Luo Anguo now, perhaps an unwitting person would still think that he was a decent father that loved his daughter!

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