Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 3135 - 3135 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i'm dead!

3135 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i’m dead!

” not only that, but he also helped me a few times these few days. he took me to school to register and got me all kinds of documents. today, when he saw me being embarrassed by you in class, he even took the initiative to write down the steps to solve the problem in his notebook for me to see! ”

after explaining the situation that day, mu weiwei looked at fu linchen’s ashen face and continued to add fuel to the fire.

“you should really reflect on yourself! they were both students of H university, but why was senior wei so kind and willing to help others? and you? you only know how to deliberately mess with a young and beautiful girl like me. i think those girls who pursue you are all masochists. if they knew that you had such a bad personality, would they still like you? no wonder you’re still single even though you’re almost three …”

mu weiwei had always been a lawless person. when she was in A nation, her elder brother had been keeping an eye on her since she was young. that was why she did not dare to act rashly.

when he was overseas, he immediately let himself go.


she felt that she had gained the upper hand for once and made fu linchen speechless. she was very proud of herself and talked non-stop like a small trumpet.

fu linchen’s face grew gloomier and gloomier. he suddenly pulled mu weiwei’s wrist with force and pulled her behind a big tree.

mu weiwei was pushed backward by a strong force. by the time she reacted, her back was already pressed against the tree trunk.

fu linchen put his hands on the tree trunk and blocked her way. he frowned and looked at her.

mu weiwei only realized what had happened after a few seconds. she immediately raised her head to express her deep dissatisfaction.

however, when she looked up and saw fu linchen, she was dazed for a moment.

because fu linchen bent over slightly, his handsome face was only twenty to thirty centimeters away from her, and every detail of his face was clearly magnified in front of her.

[ senior Lance is so handsome. he’s so cool … ]

[ your skin is so good, and your eyelashes are so long. ah, ah, ah, ah, i’m dead! ]

[ aren’t those eyes too beautiful? my heart almost stopped when he looked at me. if he were to look at me at such a close distance, i think i’d faint on the spot! ]

just now, in the classroom, the voices of the infatuated girls behind her seemed to ring in her ears.

mu weiwei swore that she was very serious when she was reading her textbook. she was studying hard and definitely did not eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. it was even more impossible for her to be interested in fu linchen’s bragging.

however, for some reason, these words clearly appeared in her mind now.

the face in front of him was indeed superior to no one.

his cold white skin was even more delicate and flawless than a girl’s, making her want to reach out and pinch it.

her slightly lowered eyes were deep and cold, and the main point was her eyelashes! it was long, dense, and perky! were his eyelashes really not planted?

mu weiwei didn’t want to look at this face at first. in the past, fu linchen’s label in her heart was #annoying #b * stard #sinister #shameless #old man #.

however, after being brainwashed by those love-struck girls today, she actually realized that this fu guy was really quite good-looking.

even though he was still a hundred thousand miles away from her brother hilo …

mu weiwei’s gaze slowly moved down her straight nose and landed on the two beautifully shaped thin lips.

suddenly, she noticed that the corner of fu linchen’s lips was slightly upturned.

mu weiwei was shocked. she completely regained her senses and knew that things were not looking good.

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