Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: You Really Have The Nerve

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The next day, Luo Chenxi had a splitting headache when she woke up in the morning. She felt dizzy and the room seemed to be spinning. Before she could orientate herself, she was forced to turn over and her shoulder was pinned down heavily.

“Luo Chenxi, you really have the nerve!”

Stupefied, she looked at the gorgeous face before her. Despite the burning rage, the face remained just as bewitching as before.

She was stunned for a second, but soon, the memories from yesterday night came into her mind. She had married Young Master Mu yesterday night! She had already prepared the agreement and was supposed to discuss it with Mu Yichen. As a result, the discussion turned into a small accident.

Luo Chenxi forced a laugh. “Mighty…mighty man. Please show mercy! L-listen to my explanation…”

“Explanation? Sure, I’ll give you a chance to do so!” Mu Yichen pursed his lips coldly.

Luo Chenxi racked her brain in an attempt to recall last night’s scene. She remembered that Mu Yichen constantly ignored her and that she fell on the ground twice for some unknown reason.

F*ck, how did that happen?

“Cough, cough. Hey, Young Master Mu. Uh, even though there was a small accident yesterday, you’re the one who took it upon yourself afterward. You’re a man, so you’re not at a disadvantage. Why bother to fuss about this, right? Also, it was our first matrimonial night yesterday. It’s very normal for us anyway…” Luo Chenxi’s voice grew softer and softer under Mu Yichen’s cold, tyrannical, intent stare. At last, she shut her mouth.

Mu Yichen’s gaze swept past her coldly. “What happened? Can’t you explain anymore? Do you think that I’m that much of an idiot that I didn’t know you drugged me?”

Drugged him?

Luo Chenxi was stunned for a moment before she suddenly remembered her unusual physical reaction yesterday night. An idea suddenly came into her mind. She remembered the glass of red wine passed Luo Anguo had passed her.

“The red wine was drugged?!” Luo Chenxi sudddenly came to realization. She widened her eyes and gasped aloud.

However, Mu Yichen completely misunderstood her outburst. He chuckled coldly. “So, you admit to drugging the red wine too, huh?”

What? Since when did she admit to it? Could Luo Anguo have also drugged Mu Yichen’s wine?

“Why? We’ve been engaged for so many years, yet I’ve never slept with you. Have you lost your patience, that’s why you drugged me!? Why do you stoop to sleep with me so badly?” he demanded in a cold voice.

Luo Chenxi was stunned for a moment as she widened her eyes incredulously.

Mu Yichen and her sister…Could it be that they had never…? However, the folder of information Luo Anguo had given her obviously stated that Mu Yichen and Luo Chenxin had a three-year-old daughter though.

Mu Yichen squinted his eyes as he pondered. This woman was so skilled at making that bewildered expression. She was really good at acting!

Although he had really been drugged yesterday, he realized in surprise that he missed her taste for some unknown reason. At the thought of this, his temper rose. He grabbed her shoulder, about to fling her down onto the bed.

Instead, he said through gritted teeth, “Leave right now!”

Luo Chenxi stretched out her arm subconsciously in an attempt to hold onto him and explain herself. “Wait, listen…to…me…”

Meanwhile, someone busted the door open from the outside with a loud bang.

“Daddy, rise and shine! The sun is up high up in the sky. Why aren’t you awake yet? Grandma says that a good child isn’t allowed to laze in bed. Shame on you!”

A soft little silhouette dressed in a pink princess dress came running over from the door. The adorable little girl had pink chubby cheeks and still carried a little extra baby fat. With delicate and perfect facial features, she was just like a tiny kitten sizing them up curiously.

Right away, Luo Chenxi and Mu Yichen were stupefied. He never expected that one day, his daughter would burst open the door and enter his room just in time to catch him in bed with a woman.

The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

“Daddy? What are both of you doing there?” The little dumpling completely neglected her father’s erection. Her bright eyes were opened wide and her gaze was filled with innocence and naivety.

Finally, Mu Yichen recovered from the shock. He spoke hastily, “Tang Tang, leave the room first. I’m…uh…a little busy now.”

Tang Tang pouted her little lips. “No! Tang Tang wants to play with you, Daddy! Daddy, you’re a bad man. You promised Tang Tang yesterday!”

Mu Yichen had always found that he was incapable of rejecting his little princess’s request. However, the current special situation did not permit it, thus he could only continue to persuade her. “My sweet Tang Tang, just hold on for a moment. I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed Tang Tang’s eyes widen at once. “Daddy, you…”

“What happened, Tang Tang?” asked Mu Yichen softly.

The little dumpling stretched a chubby finger out and pointed at Mu Yichen’s vital member before she announced with a loud, clear voice, “Daddy, that’s very unhygienic of you. You’ve actually pooped in your pants! That’s disgusting!”

“What?!” Mu Yichen followed the direction of her finger and looked. His expression darkened instantaneously.

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