Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: You’re Young But You’re Quite A Big Talker

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Luo Chenxi said in a neither haughty nor humble manner, “It doesn’t matter which university I graduated from. My work is more important.”

Upon listening to her reply, the few judges appeared to be rather astonished. They gazed into one another’s eyes for a moment.

The man with the small mustache said, “You’re young, but you’re quite a big talker. I’d like to see what kind of impressive work you have that makes you so confident of yourself!”

He procured the portfolio Luo Chenxi brought. With a nonchalant smile on his face, he opened a page casually and could not help feeling slightly stunned. He appeared to be rather astonished to see the work.

“This is…”

He immediately flipped over to the second page.

His eyes widened in surprise. He stared at the portfolio in his hand for a long while. However, it was as if he had gone mad. He eagerly flipped over to the third page, the fourth page, and so on…

Soon, he finished flipping through the portfolio that consisted of over twenty pages.

The rest of the judging panel was surprised by his reaction. They inquired closely one after another, “Andy, what’s going on? How is Miss Xing Chen’s design? Why don’t you explain it to all of us quickly?”

However, the man with the small mustache was oblivious to their questions as his attention was fully absorbed by her work.

After the first round of reading, he flipped the portfolio to the first page and began to read it from the start once again. This time, he was reading with closer attention than before. As he went through it, he was shaking his head in awe.

“The design of this is truly…truly genius! How did she come up with this design?”

“This is the artwork of a master!”

“That’s unexpected. That’s really unexpected!”

The rest of the judges began to have an itching heart after hearing the man with the small mustache muttering. They refrained from interrupting for a short while before they gathered around him at last.

“What sort of design is that actually? Show us!”

“Everyone here is a judge of this competition. Why are you holding on to the portfolio and refusing to share it with us?”

The man with the small moustache grabbed the portfolio with great effort and refused to let go. However, he lost to the numerous judges around him at last and the portfolio was seized away.

The rest of the judges formed a circle to look at Luo Chenxi’s portfolio together.

Frankly, they assumed that their fellow judge’s reaction was exaggerated. After all, they were the designers of the top fashion brand of the country. How could they not have seen some impressive designs in their lives? Why did they have to behave like inexperienced hotheads that got excited over some trifle genius’s creativity?

However, they were on the edge of their seats soon after they opened the portfolio and studied a few design sketches meticulously.

“Andy wasn’t actually exaggerating. It has already been years since I’ve seen such a genius designer!”

“Is this really the design of that young girl? She looks like she has just graduated recently though!”

“This can’t be. We must take this portfolio and show it to Chief Sheng personally!”

A designer with blonde hair picked up Luo Chenxi’s portfolio before turning around and walking out of the meeting room.

Luo Chenxi was feeling rather proud of herself after seeing her portfolio so highly sought after. However, she was stunned at once when she saw that her portfolio was about to be taken away. “Wait, where are you taking my portfolio?”

The man with the small mustache leaned on the table and said weakly, “Miss Xing Chen, don’t worry. He’s only taking your portfolio to show to Chief Sheng.”

“Chief Sheng? Who’s Chief Sheng?”

“How many Chief Shengs are there in our SL Holdings? It’s our chief designer, Sheng Yu of SL Holdings, of course!”

It was Sheng Yu!

Luo Chenxi was stunned upon hearing the name.

Shen Yu was the most honored and reputable designer now. Any design of his would result in a hunt by the men and women in the country. An haute couture dress that he personally designed could be sold for millions.

Was the blonde going to show her portfolio to Sheng Yu?

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