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Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Chinese Design Competition

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She had signed up for the Chinese Design Competition a month ago.

The competition was organized by the biggest luxury brand in Country A known as SL Trend International Holdings. It was the most highly sought after fashion design competition in the country at the moment.

Even getting the smallest award in the competition would grant the person to become the hotshot newbie designer in the fashion industry of Country A.

Precisely because of this, countless designers signed up for this competition every year. The elimination rate of the preliminary round was 95%.

On the other hand, Luo Chenxi was a Year Four student in the Department of Art & Design who was about to graduate. It was truly a rare opportunity for someone like her to pass the preliminary round successfully.

“That’s awesome! If I can get an award in the Chinese Style Competition, I’ll receive a grant of a million dollars. I’ll be able to afford Mommy’s medical expenses even if the Luo family decides to play some tricks on me again. Perhaps, I can even stop putting up with an arrogant prick like Mu Yichen.”

Despite feeling rather joyous and surprised, she had some lingering fear as well.

“Luckily, I turned on my phone as soon as I woke up. Otherwise, it would be a bummer if I missed the meeting and got disqualified.”

Luo Chenxi took a glance at the time on the phone. The display showed that it was 7.30 a.m.

It would take about forty minutes for her to make her way to the headquarters of SL Holdings from where she was. She might even be able to grab a bite on the way. She stopped procrastinating and groomed herself as quickly as she could. Then, she put on some light makeup and picked up her handbag before she was about to leave the house.

However, she was stopped by someone as soon as she went downstairs.

“Miss, you’re awake at last! Come and have your breakfast!”

Luo Chenxi turned around and took a glance upon hearing Tang Tang’s excited voice. She could not help feeling stunned.

All the members of the Mu family were seated around the table in the dining room on the first floor having their breakfast.

Mu Yichen was already fully dressed in the early morning. He had a knife and fork in his hands and was enjoying his breakfast gracefully.

He had an attractive classic skinny figure when he was dressed and would appear muscular when he was undressed. Right now, he was dressed in a formal suit and leather shoes. He exuded an elegant, majestic yet graceful quality.

“Are you done looking?”

Luo Chenxi blinked and her eyes met Mu Yichen’s rather impatient gaze. She realized that she had been caught looking at him in awe again.

Damned her problem of enjoying the sight of beautiful men!

Why did her surrogate marriage partner Luo Anguo arranged have to be a gorgeous man like Mu Yichen!? Was that not a move to force her into making a mistake?

“You’ve seen enough. Come over here for breakfast now!” Mu Yichen ordered coldly. He had such a charming look, but the way he spoke was so despicable.

Luo Chenxi pursed her lips regretfully and shook her head to reject the offer. “I’m not going to have breakfast. I have some urgent matters to attend to, so I have to leave now…”

“What? You were out until midnight yesterday and you’re going to leave the house again so early? Luo Chenxin, do you even bear in mind my warning to you last night?” Mu Yichen made taunting remarks as soon as he spoke.

Luo Chenxi widened her eyes in astonishment.

Did this man have dynamites for breakfast? He had such a bad temper so early in the day!

She assumed that he would not be as bad as she had imagined after seeing how much he loved Tang Tang yesterday night. It seemed like she was right—he was still an arrogant prick!

Mu Yichen did not expect that Luo Chenxin’s impression of him would have dropped to the bottom of the valley once again.

Naturally, after taking a cold shower for the entire night, he could not be in a good mood. The more he looked at the wicked woman’s innocent expression, the more uncomfortable he felt.

It was obviously her fault for being irresponsible, but why did she make him look like he was bullying her?

“What are you still looking at? Why aren’t you coming over for breakfast yet?” urged Mu Yichen once again.

Luo Chenxi did not wish to pay attention to him at all. She turned around and was about to leave.

Was he treating her like a puppy? He thought that he could summon her at any time and ask her to leave at will!

However, it was at this very moment when the little dumpling’s soft voice was heard once again. “Miss, Tang Tang wants to have breakfast with you!”

Luo Chenxi stopped walking. She lowered her voice and said, “Tang Tang, I can’t make it for breakfast. Is it okay for me to accompany you to have breakfast tomorrow?”

“Hmm, Daddy says that a good girl must have breakfast every day. Why are you allowed to not have breakfast, Miss?” Tang Tang had a spoon in one hand and her other hand was tucked under her chin and she had a puzzled expression on her face.

“Uh…” She was speechless.

Mu Yichen scoffed coldly. “Luo Chenxin, don’t you know what is leading by example? If you don’t take breakfast, what kind of example are you showing Tang Tang? What if she were to copy you the next time?”

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