Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 1297 - the consequences will definitely be very, very tragic!

Chapter 1297: the consequences will definitely be very, very tragic!

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mu weiwei’s face turned green when she heard this.

she didn’t expect that not only did she fail to get a hold of fu linchen’s weakness, but she was also defeated by this old fox again!

however, fu linchen’s threat was so effective that it hit her where it hurt the most.

if her mother and brother found out that she had saved a movie on her computer … the consequences would be terrible!

seeing that fu linchen had picked up his phone and was about to call tan yueru, mu weiwei immediately pounced on him without thinking and tried to snatch the phone from his hand.

“no, you can’t … you can’t tell on me! wasn’t it just … wasn’t it just a small movie? i don’t believe that a man like you hasn’t seen it before! fu linchen, you’re the eldest son of the president’s house. can you not be like a despicable man who tells on us behind our backs?”

“i’m not telling on you behind your back, i’m telling on you openly.” fu linchen said coldly.

mu weiwei gritted her teeth, yet she could do nothing to this man.

she could only harden her heart and say, ” you … forget it. i won’t fuss about you taking advantage of me. you’re not allowed to tell my parents either! ”

fu linchen’s deep black eyes sized her up from head to toe, and he smiled faintly. ” mu weiwei, before you say that she’s taking advantage of you, please take a look in the mirror. ” you’re the one who’s taking advantage of me. ”

“you … what do you mean?”

mu weiwei’s anger, which she had suppressed with great difficulty, burst out again.

“who do you want to look in the mirror? are you looking down on my figure? i think you’re blind! i have a slim waist and long legs. even if … even if i’m a little flat, i’m still popular now! but you, who wants to take advantage of you, you clearly …”

mu weiwei glanced at fu linchen disdainfully. she wanted to say something disdainful to provoke him.

but who knew that the words couldn’t come out of his mouth.

because of her rubbing against fu linchen’s body, a few buttons on his shirt were undone, revealing a large area of his honey-colored skin.

every inch of his muscles was so strong and powerful, perfect to the extreme, without a single flaw.

mu weiwei’s face reddened again as she stared at his well-defined pectoral muscles.

fu linchen narrowed his eyes and deliberately left his shirt unbuttoned. instead, he half-opened his shirt and approached the little wild cat, whispering in her ear, ” “what’s wrong? you can’t say it? did you realize your mistake?”

“you … i’m not in the wrong anyway!” mu weiwei really wanted to bite him.

fu linchen didn’t care how stubborn she was and continued slowly, ” ” it’s fine if you want me to keep it a secret for you. but when we reach country M, you have to listen to my arrangements and don’t cause me any more trouble. do you understand? ”

“i didn’t …”

mu weiwei was about to retort when she saw fu linchen playing with his phone. the screen was still showing her older brother’s phone number …

mu weiwei was instantly terrified. she quickly corrected herself, ” “i heard it! brother fu, don’t worry, i’m so obedient, how can i cause trouble? don’t you think so?”

as soon as the words left her mouth, she was almost disgusted to death by herself.

forget it. now that this man had something on her, she would just lower her head for the time being!

anyway, fu linchen was only responsible for sending her to school. he would leave in two days, and she would be free then!

looking at the expression on mu weiwei’s face that she could not hide, fu linchen did not comment but curled his lips.

if this little girl knew that he had already applied to teach at HF university for a year, she would probably jump up in anger.

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