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Chapter 1296 - a casual touch and there's a reaction

Chapter 1296: a casual touch and there’s a reaction

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the day before, he didn’t go to sleep until early in the morning.

the sky had just turned bright when he remembered tan yueru’s instructions and rushed to the airport. he was not awake at all.

so, as soon as she got on the plane, she lay down and wanted to take a nap.

who knew that this little girl, mu weiwei, would have such a wild personality? she had completely treated him as a dead person and was causing trouble for him with all her might.

fu linchen originally thought that the little girl would give up when she was tired and would ignore her.

however, mu weiwei did not wake him up. instead, she climbed onto his body.

that pair of soft and boneless hands touched his chest, and the girl’s fresh breath blew into his ear. fu linchen realized that he had a shameful reaction …

f * ck!

for a moment, he wanted to curse.

even though he found the little girl mu weiwei very interesting, she was only eighteen years old after all. in his eyes, she was just an unripe little fruit.

fu linchen didn’t expect that he would have a reaction when this little wild cat touched him.

in order to prevent the situation from getting out of control, he could only give up his disguise and immediately ” wake up. ”

mu weiwei was caught between a rock and a hard place when she suddenly felt the arm around her waist loosen.

she reacted and quickly jumped down from fu linchen’s lap. she took a big step back and almost hit the wall of the cabin.

once she regained her freedom, mu weiwei’s courage returned.

she glared at fu linchen, her eyes almost spewing fire. ” fu … fu linchen, you … you hooligan, you … you actually did that to me! to think that you still put on such a sanctimonious act in front of my parents! i’ll call home as soon as i get off the plane and tell them what you’ve done to me. i’ll expose your true colors!”

she felt that she had caught fu linchen’s weakness, so she suddenly felt confident and straightened her back.

when she told her parents and her brother that fu linchen was such a hooligan, she would be able to get rid of this old fox!

moreover, fu linchen might even be beaten up by his brother.

although her big brother usually liked to control her, he was still very protective of her at critical moments!

when fu linchen heard her threat, he did not show a panicked expression as mu weiwei had expected. instead, he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“no way? are you really going to tell your family about what happened on the plane?”

“of course, i’ve always been honest.” mu weiwei had a smug look on her face.

fu linchen nodded slightly. ” very good. i also want to have a chat with young master mu and your parents. i want to ask them if they don’t care enough about you, their daughter. they don’t even realize that you’ve become bad … ”

mu weiwei was stunned. ” what … what do you mean by bad? ” you’re the one who’s in the wrong!”

fu linchen smiled and said slowly, ” “oh? what did i do wrong? just now, who was the one who started playing the movie on the plane? it wasn’t enough that they finished watching the movie, they even took the initiative to touch me. i’ve been lying down and sleeping the whole time. who’s been harassing me?”

“this … this … i …”

mu weiwei was rendered speechless by his words. it was only then that she realized what a grave mistake she had made!

fu linchen continued, ” instead of studying at such a young age, you secretly saved this kind of unhealthy video on your computer. after watching it, you attacked an innocent man. i really want to ask young master mu, how did you teach your sister? ”

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