Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Chapter 876 - Tempting Flames.

Giving a small smile to Xiao Meng, Li Xue turned to face the woman who was so perfect at playing the victim card as if in the world the card was created so that someday she could play it. 

Her expressions were cold but she has purposely not put it in a too severe way to scare the lady away. At the moment, she doesn't want her to run away, rather wants to keep her rooted in her place so that later she could let her regret her play.

"Why are you looking at me like that, Li Xue? Do you think you could scare me?" Seeing Li Xue's gaze all fixed at herself, soon Yuan Yuan started to feel uncomfortably nervous. In her fit of nervousness, she almost lost her docile tone from before. But realization didn't strike her too late, she realized her mistake the moment her eyes caught the faintest curl on Li Xue's expression. 

Coughing a little, she quickly rectified, "Ahem! I mean Sister Xue, don't look at me like that. Your eyes get scarier at times". She said, pretending with her best. But seeing Li Xue still smiling like a victor, she felt losing her confidence.

"Really? I have always heard people praising them, so I never knew that at times it also looked scarier.." Li Xue said, keeping a smile while looking around to match everyone's eyes before turning to look at Su Fai, who was just standing beside her. 

And before she could say anything next, Su Fai said on his own as if, there, he was playing the voice of others. "Your eyes have always been beautiful. Several magazines have written about it in the past and also tagged it with the title of tempting flame." He said and his words came so firm and serious that no one could doubt it. 

And hearing him say that, others around as well chimed, "Yes, Sister Xue. Your eyes have always been taken to be best."

"Thank you, everyone. But let's not forget, perceptions vary." Li Xue said in nonchalance, keeping her modesty on a strict check while having a curl of tease smirk on her lips. "Don't worry Yuan Yuan, I agree with your perception as well." 

"Sister Xue, I …" The model bit on her lower lip as her fist aggressively curled up on her side. She tried to come up with a better explanation but Li Xue didn't give her any chance to do so. 

"Anyway, this is not the time to discuss the shades of my eyes." Interrupting her words, she turned back to Su Fai. Turning her smirk instantly into a polite smile, she began politely, giving a small bow of apology. 

"I am really sorry on the behalf of my assistant, CEO Su. She is young and I am sure she must have caused some misunderstanding. Allow me to clarify it" She asked, keeping the might of her friend's CEO position. Though she knew it was unnecessary, still, at a time like this she felt it tugging towards the side of compulsory. After all, in the end, she would not want people blaming him to be biased for the friendship they share. 

Su Fai looked at her and understood it well. So nodding, he agreed. "Proceed! And if necessary, make your assistant apologize." 

Li Xue nodded in agreement as she also turned to look back at Yuan Yuan. "Of course, she should apologize if she is wrong". 

"Sister Xue, are you saying that I am lying? You can ask everyone here. They all have witnessed your assistant insulting me. If you think that I am lying then you can ask them". She said, turning around to look at everyone for support. But to her evidence, Li Xue just shook her head, pretending as if it didn't matter. 

"Yuan Yuan, don't panic. I never said that you are lying. I am just saying that there might be a misunderstanding. You are already older than Xiao Meng, I am sure you will help her solve the wrong if she has done one". Li Xue said, leaving no escape for the woman. 

Yuan Yuan's gaze turned grudgeful as she looked at Li Xue. She could already feel the trap but also knew that except for walking in it, she was left with no other way. "Xiao Meng is young but …" 

"Exactly, she is young! Thank goodness, at least you agreed to that, otherwise, we women are really sensitive about our age. And now, since you already know it, help me out to guide her on the right path. Since she is my assistant, I need to let her know the rights and wrongs and also our agency's rules and regulations. She couldn't go offending people" Li Xue said with some concern while alternating her gaze slowly between Xiao Meng and the model. 

The assistant who was already feeling guilty for dragging Li Xue into the things could only strain her eyes down on the floor with a faulty gesture, 

"Okay, Sister Xue, since you are requesting my help, I can only agree to it. Tell me what I should do in your favor?" Yuan Yuan said, trying to keep her face in front of others. Her senses ,getting on alert to not say something that could bring her to the bad side. Since she has already involved CEO Su in the issue so strongly, she could not dare to come bad in front of him. 

Li Xue smiled, seeing her agree. And then without delay, she began, "You don't have to do anything severe. Just tell me from the beginning, what exactly happened? Though I can ask Meng Meng about it as well, I don't want her to get any privileges being my assistant." 

Yuan Yuan looked at Li Xue and then at the young girl, standing not too far away. "She insulted me. I already said that." 

"Ohh not that, dear. I am asking you to start from the beginning. I remember you mentioned that you have come to request help. What was that? Begin from there so that I can count all her mistakes." Li Xue said, getting back on the serious side that was demanding enough to make everyone follow the suit.

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