Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!

Chapter 6 - Miss, You've Mistaken Me

Chapter 6: Miss, You’ve Mistaken Me

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It was actually her…

Rong Linyi’s gaze fell on Su Yanyun.

He opened the car door, got down and knelt down beside Su Yanyun. He reached out to test her breathing.

“Young Master Yi, you still have an urgent meeting. You should leave first. I will stay and handle the matter, the hospital is right there…”

As if he didn’t hear what his assistant just said, Rong Linyi just checked on Su Yanyun gently to see if she was injured.

After making sure that she was alright, he suddenly carried her.

“Young Master Yi?” The assistant was shocked.

Young Master Yi was such a clean freak that he couldn’t even touch his own Mother. But here he was, carrying a woman that had collapsed on the road.

He didn’t need to go to this extent even if he had knocked down this woman with his car…

Rong Linyi directly carried Su Yanyun into the backseat of his car.

“Go to the meeting.” He ordered his driver. “Instruct the medical treatment team to bring their equipment and check on her.”

Under his driver and assistant’s stunned look, he glanced at Su Yanyun. “She probably only fainted.”

Once the car started, he ordered his assistant again. “Let me see the car’s black box video.”

The assistant obeyed and gave him the black box respectfully.

Rong Linyi looked at it expressionlessly…

As expected, he was right.

The car didn’t touch Su Yanyun. She only fainted out of shock.

Now, he just had to wait for her to wake up.

“Young Master Yi.” After watching the video, his assistant asked carefully, “Do we still need to call the medical team?”

“Yes. I’m afraid she might have hit her head when she fainted,” Rong Linyi answered logically, his tone a little absent-minded.

The assistant stopped talking again…

“Anything else?” Rong Linyi looked up coldly.

The assistant looked beside Rong Linyi. “Young Master Yi… she… has woken up…”

With a shock, Rong Linyi turned quickly to look at the woman beside him.

Su Yanyun yawned and slowly opened her eyes.

“Erm…” She rubbed her temples. “Where… is this?”

“If there’s nothing wrong with you, you can get off.” Rong Linyi looked at her coldly.

Su Yanyun turned and just happened to stare right into Rong Linyi’s ice-cold gaze with her deer-like innocent big eyes.

Her lips moved and she suddenly reached a hand out towards Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi frowned and also lifted his hand. He rejected her coldly, looking a little irritated. “Don’t touch me.”

He had carried her, but that didn’t mean he was willing to be touched by her.

But Rong Linyi turned a deaf ear and held onto Rong Linyi’s hand.

Under the assistant’s alarmed look, she even shifted and leaned on Rong Linyi’s arm.

“Hubby—” She lifted her little face and said with a pitiful voice, “You, you can’t chase me away. I, I’m already pregnant with your child…”

“Pei—” The assistant almost vomited blood.

This, this was fraud, right?

Wasn’t this fraud a little… too daring?

Rong Linyi’s expression was very black…

As black as the impending night.

Without a word, he retracted his arm and, as if he had to use all his manners since young, finally managed to control himself from throwing the little woman out of the car window.

“Miss, you have mistaken me.” His expression was cold and sharp. It would probably send shivers down a person’s spine if they looked at him.

“Hubby!” Su Yanyun was afraid and anxious. She looked so frantic she was pitiful. “Don’t be angry. I know I couldn’t get pregnant last time, and you disliked me, but… please don’t abandon me… Mother has passed on. Other than you, I don’t have anyone else in this world…”

As she talked, tears formed in her watery, limpid eyes.

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