Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!

Chapter 2 - Scent in the Face

Chapter 2: Scent in the Face

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Su Yanyun flagged down a taxi and got into it.

They were all liars…

She held the pregnancy report in her hands tightly, almost crushing it into a ball.

They were all liars. She couldn’t stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

He still said he was asexual and couldn’t be a real couple with her. He even said he would treat her well forever… what husband, what best friend, it was all just a ploy of the adulterers.

She had still foolishly thought that she had to repay Song Zhifei for helping him, even if it meant being a grass widow by his side.

She had thought she was kind, but she didn’t expect she was stupid instead.

Today was a happy day. She found out she was pregnant, but it was also the terrible day she found out about her best friend and husband’s betrayal plan.

It was so ridiculous!

If she had to be blamed, she would be blamed for trusting him too easily. She had been too naive and stupid.

When Su Yanyun came to her senses, she was already standing inside the hospital.

“Mother…” She thought of Song Zhifei’s words. Once her mother was dead, he would steal her inheritance and then chase her out…

Three years ago, her mother met with a car accident and fell into a vegetative state. She remained unconscious.

“No, Mother can’t die.” Su Yanyun choked on her tears. “Mother is my only relative…”

She staggered into her mother’s hospital room and bumped into a nurse carrying some medical equipment out.

“Doctor, what happened to my Mother?” Su Yanyun was shocked. “Why did you push all these equipment out? Is she better now?”

“Didn’t your family already signed the contract to give up treatment?” The doctor looked at Su Yanyun coldly. “Why, are you regretting it now?”

He had seen many rich people who valued money over morality.

The patient was still alive, but they didn’t want to waste even a single cent on the patient anymore, so they just gave up treatment and watched as they passed.

“No, doctor, you can’t!” Su Yanyun panicked. “Who signed it? Our family couldn’t have made such a decision! Doctor…”

She chased after the doctor and unexpectedly bumped against someone’s shoulder.

“Ah!” Su Yanyun lost her balance and fell backward as if she had hit against a steel wall.

Her heartbeat seemed to halt, and the moment she fell, time seemed to slow down.

It was at this time that the man reached out and grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her back up.

Inertia caused Su Yanyun to fall into the man’s embrace.

The hormonal odor that was unique to men hit her in the face and Su Yanyun blushed despite herself.

“Thank, thank you…” She didn’t dare raise her head to look at the man. She only noticed a luxurious and exquisite button on his clean shirt.

The man let go. “No problem.”

It was a cold and detached voice, with a hint of suppression that could make people’s blood run cold.

Su Yanyun was stunned, but she noticed that the doctor was already walking further away.

“Doctor! Please wait!” She pushed the man aside and ran after the doctor.

“Rude.” A man who looked like an assistant scoffed beside the man.

He handed a piece of wet tissue to the man. “Young Master Yi, please wipe your hands.”

The man took the wet tissue and threw it into the rubbish bin nearby. He turned slightly and stared after Su Yanyun.

The assistant was shocked. Young Master Yi usually had severe mysophobia and logically, would have immediately wiped his hand where the woman just touched him…

“Doctor! I want to rehabilitate my mother’s treatment.” Su Yanyun stopped the doctor. “I beg you…”

“If you want to rehabilitate the treatment, you have to pay your debts first,” the doctor finally said.

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