Lucky Pregnancy & Sweet Marriage: Hubby, Please Turn Off the Lights!

Chapter 18 - Actually a Married Woman

Chapter 18: Actually a Married Woman

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“Young Master, regarding what happened today… Aunt Chen will just take it that I haven’t seen anything.”

Although she’d already thought of reporting this to Madam.

Rong Linyi’s statement got her to dispel this thought entirely.

Aunt Chen knew that it took just one occasion of betrayal to Young Master Yi for her to be kicked out of Lin River Courtyard for good.

In that case, if there really was an important and urgent matter in future, she wouldn’t be able to report it to Madam anymore…

Rong Linyi carried Su Yanyun into the villa, which was now practically empty.

“Young Master, which room would you like this Miss to stay in?” Aunt Chen asked.

“Are there still rooms on the first floor?” Rong Linyi asked.

Aunt Chen was slightly taken aback.

“First floor… there are, but…”

“First floor it is. Tidy a room for her.” Rong Linyi made a decision casually.

Aunt Chen did not say anything more about it.

She knew that Young Master Yi never liked repeating his orders. As his subordinate, she just had to act according to his wishes.

The room on the first floor wasn’t big, 10-odd square meters in area and just enough for a bed and a small wardrobe. The bathroom area was also very narrow, consisting of a small sink, a toilet bowl, and a showerhead.

Aunt Chen looked at the crudely simple room. “Young Master Yi, look at this…”

A woman who could be carried in Young Master Yi’s arms, by right, shouldn’t be made to sleep in a place like this.

“Very good.” Rong Linyi seemed to be alright with the room.

He placed Su Yanyun on the bed in the gentlest way possible, took her shoes off and draped the blanket over her.

Seeing how tenderly Young Master Yi was taking care of her, Aunt Chen felt even more… confused.

A cleanliness freak like Young Master Yi actually touched a woman’s shoe.

It was impossible that this woman wasn’t important to him.

But… he actually made such a woman live in the room on the first floor.

There were only three bedrooms on the first floor of the Lin River Courtyard, but all of which were used as living areas for the housemaids.

The housemaids usually lived in another building near the Lin River Courtyard. They only got to occupy the first floor rooms when it was their turn to tidy and clean up the villa.

“Tell everyone to keep their voices down and don’t disturb her.” Rong Linyi instructed Aunt Chen.

With that, he left the room without a second glance at Su Yanyun.

Meanwhile, Aunt Chen was still looking at the little woman on the bed.

The woman had now curled up under the blanket and subconsciously pulled it up towards her, burying half of her face. She was sleeping so soundly.

Rong Linyi spent the night in his study room after dinner.

Su Yanyun was not up yet, and Aunt Chen said she was still in a deep sleep.

Rong Linyi closed the last document file and felt the tiredness creep upon him.

He hadn’t made a decision as to where Su Yanyun was going to go from here.

He went back to his room and removed his clothes while walking to the bathroom.

This woman’s memory was completely messed up. She didn’t seem to be feigning it at all when she cried and begged for him to slap her.

If it was another woman who did this, he’d have gotten rid of her.

But Su Yanyun… maybe it was because he wasn’t repulsed by the idea of touching her, he just didn’t seem to be able to detest her.

Rong Linyi opened his palms wide under the warm running water.

Was he not repulsed by the idea of touching her?

His lips curled into a strange, self-mocking smile.

Over the past 10-odd years, the only woman that he didn’t feel disgusted touching was actually a married woman.

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