Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 980 - Someone Who Shouldn’t have Appeared

Chapter 980: Someone Who Shouldn’t have Appeared

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Seeing that her goal had been achieved, Hebin left with Jin Lan.

Meanwhile, Leanne continued to stay here, looking at Jiang Yu proudly.

In fact, not only did Hebin’s goal have been achieved, Leanne’s goal had also been achieved.

Through the incident last night, Leanne could see Mo Long’s feelings for Jiang Yu. Even if she wanted to snatch Mo Long away, it wouldn’t be that easy.

The first step was to keep Mo Long here so that Leanne would have a chance to strike. And there was only one way to keep him here, and that was to keep Jiang Yu here.

As long as Jiang Yu was still here, Leanne wasn’t worried that Mo Long would leave.

Therefore, when Hebin said that she lacked actresses for her scenes, Leanne was the first to recommend Jiang Yu. Fortunately, Zaka had added fuel to the fire, which was why this matter could be completed so smoothly.

“Don’t look at me like that. It’s not because of you that I agreed to act,” Jiang Yu said to Leanne in a bad tone.

How could Jiang Yu have a good tone with a woman who coveted her fiancé?

However, since Leanne had achieved her goal and was in a good mood, it was rare for her not to lose her temper. However, the words that came out of her mouth were not pleasant either. “Jiang Yu, even if director Hebin likes your acting, you still can’t compare to me. That’s why you can only be the second female lead while I’m the female lead.”

Jiang Yu did not want to see Leanne’s face again. After closing the script, she returned to her room.

A few days later, Hebin came to Jiang Yu’s house to inform her that the shoot was ready. So Jiang Yu got into Hebin’s car and went to the filming location together.

Mo Long wanted to go with her, but Teng Yi called and said that he had an important contract that he needed to see personally. So he could only handle his work while waiting for Jiang Yu to come back.

When Jiang Yu arrived at the set, she saw Leanne and a person who should not be here — Anna.

“You… Why are you here?” Jiang Yu looked at Anna, unable to understand why she was here.

Anna, on the other hand, was not surprised when she saw Jiang Yu. She only said a short sentence, “Oh my, isn’t this Jiang Yu?”

The sarcasm in her words was very obvious.

“…Long time no see.” Jiang Yu paused for a moment, but still greeted Anna.

Anna snorted and ignored Jiang Yu.

Hebin did not notice the abnormality between them. “So you all know each other. That’s great. It saves a lot of time.”

“Of course.” Leanne walked behind Hebin, smiling like a flower.

Meanwhile, Anna followed behind Leanne and kept responding to Leanne’s words.

Looking at the interaction between the two people, Jiang Yu could guess that Anna came here because of Leanne.

But how did they connect? Anna had never said that she knew Leanne, and Leanne had never said that she knew Anna, a former international supermodel.

“Since you all know each other, I don’t need to introduce you to each other. Let me briefly explain your roles. Leanne plays the female lead, Jiang Yu plays the second female lead, and Anna plays the third female lead. I’m worried that we don’t speak the same language, so I specially prepared a simultaneous translator for everyone.”

After Hebin finished introducing some necessary things, he started filming.

The other three went to change their clothes and put on their makeup.

There was only one dressing room, but it was very big. Not to mention three people, even thirteen people wouldn’t be a problem.

Anna said while putting on her makeup, “I heard that the male lead is very handsome, but he doesn’t have any scenes today, so he will only come tomorrow.”

When Leanne heard this, she sneered, “How is he handsome? He can only be considered ordinary. If he is really handsome, it would be that CEO.”

It went without saying who this “CEO” was referring to.

Leanne deliberately looked at Jiang Yu and said provocatively, “Jiang Yu, your boyfriend is indeed very handsome. I wonder if he’s interested in developing in the entertainment industry? He’s so handsome, he’ll definitely be very popular.”

Jiang Yu didn’t say anything.

Leanne was defeated, and her expression was a little ugly. “Jiang Yu, I’m talking to you, Can’t you hear me?”

Anna quickly echoed, “That’s right, that’s right. Jiang Yu, are you deaf? I asked you to act as a supporting actress in Hollywood, and you think you have a high status, don’t you?”

The atmosphere instantly became tense, and even the breathing sounds in the air could be heard clearly.

The three makeup artists’ nervous hands paused, afraid that the three of them would fight.

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