Lord Shadow

Chapter 1384: The Underworld and Atlantis

Chapter 1384: The Underworld and Atlantis

The moment the waves was about to sink down that ship and claims the life of that spy, from the dark clouds, a powerful force descended          


a thunderbolt flashed from the sky, hitting that spy and before the ship went down the spy had already been transported back to Olympus.      

‘Zeus!’ he roars and even though he roars in a different planet, his roar passes through the atmosphere, travelled through space and echoes in the Hall of Olympus.     

Zeus on his throne furrowed his eyebrows.     

Meanwhile in Atlantis, Poseidon calmed down his heart.      

To him it was that simple to wreck down the ship. It did not matter that the ship was blessed by the blessing of Zeus.     

The moment the ship went into the sea, the only blessing that matter is his. The lot has been decided during the aftermath of the Titan War.      

Their older brother got the dominion of life and death, Zeus get the sky and he got the sea. It is a simplify way to demarcate the line of their influence.      

He looks as he saw the ship crack and split into two to be claimed by the monsters of the sea. Poseidon closes his eyes, his mind is thinking about many things     

‘Zeus probably suspected something’ there is a voice echoing in his throne room. Poseidon sighed and nodded     

‘He is just sending spies to confirm it’     

Poseidon said without looking back.     

‘Come out, brother’ suddenly a vacuum formed in the throne room, the space cracked and from the cracked space, there is a scene of aa Void     

Coming out from the Void is a figure that brings about darkness to Atlantis.     

There is the sense that a coldness seems to envelope the entire world, that everything seems to be gray and lifeless.     

This feeling could be felt in every living being in this planet for a brief moment.      

This figure is Hades the Lord of the Underworld, the God of Death.      

He looked regal, majestic and dignified even just by standing there. Of all the gods, they fear Hades the most.     

This is the one closest to Tartarus, and he alone had the power to release those ancient monsters from the captivity     

In his own realm, Hades is quite unaware of what was going on in Olympus or in Atlantis or in any of the major worlds of the Olympian star system     

But this is mostly attributed to him not caring much other than his own underworld.      

It was only the oaths and curses of men that reach his ears as they reached those of his Furies.      

In his head is his helmet which rendered if he wanted, invisible among many other things that the helmet could do.     

Among all the other Gods he is the fiercest and inexorable. Hence, not many mortals like him. But some mortal understands. Life and death is synonymous.     

And if you’re wise, it is better to embrace death than fear it. For death comes to all, the only differences it is whether you are earlier to die or later to die.      

Like it or not, it inches closer and closer with each passing second.         


Anyone who fears death too much will not truly live. And those who love life too much will regret.     

He kept his realm dark and gloomy different from Olympus with golden clouds and white palaces or Atlantis with it lights and prosperity.      

Those who have went to the Underworld knows it is a place that kills joy and desire.      

It is said that no shade be able to escape or return to the region of light in his realm.     

Hades appearance resembled Zeus and Poseidon except that his hair falls down his forehead, and that the majesty of his appearance is dark and gloomy.      

And the aura he emanated is full of death, full of killing intent and resentment. The aura of death come from him but the killing intent, the resentment is not his     

It is those who have come to his Underworld. Of course not all parts of the Underworld are gloomy. There is also Elysium where he would go sometimes to rid of the resentment of the beings from him.      

Poseidon look at his older brother and then he sat back on his throne.      

‘I still have a hard time believing what you said to me’     

Hades stands on the throne room looking left and right. He rarely went out form his realm and he certainly did not visit Poseidon in Atlantis that much.     

The last time he had been here was around five thousand years ago     

‘It seems you have changed the interior a bit’ Hades suddenly said. Poseidon was startled by the sudden change of topic but he knows his older brother is a bit weird.     

‘It has been five thousand years. You do not expect me to have the same interior design as five thousand years ago right? I am not like you, brother’     

‘Oh’ he nodded.     

‘I guess after this I should tell those Furies to decorate a bit my throne room. It is in need of a new interior design’      

Hearing this Poseidon sighed.      

From what he is simply his older brother did not seem to change the interior of his throne room     

Of course this is not the reason he sighed. Because he could tell that Hades did not change that much, at least on that one aspect of him     

Like Hades, the last time Poseidon went to the Underworld is around five thousand years ago, give and take.     

At that time, they kind of went to each other places and domain of influence and sometimes hides in other places     

At that time, a great war had erupted between the great civilization in the Omniverse for the possession of the World Orb.     

Some place is easier to hide in than the other.     

Of course now, Poseidon knows some truth about it, the hidden truth of many things that had happened.      

It made him view the war very differently     

There was silence between the two brothers before Hades clicks his finger and a throne appears.         


An onyx black throne appears and sucks the light from everything. The moment Hades sit on his throne, the light returns     

Then Hades said     

‘Zeus hid and sealed his own memories. Then he sealed the memories of all the Gods. It is harder to do it to you but as for his children, and the other gods it is…’ Hades paused for a second before finishing the sentence with a somewhat condescending tone     


Hades then remember about something else and inform Poseidon     

‘Athena is also suspicious of things right now. It would not be hard for me to convince her. As for Hera…you know, since five thousand years ago, she changed a lot. I blame that Trickster from Asgard’     

Poseidon nodded. There is another silence in the throne room. Hades did not say anything so does Poseidon.      

Hades look around the throne room and he smiles.      

That kind of smile is not exactly the kind of smiles that Poseidon wanted to see.      

He is very familiar with that smile. It is like Hades has found something that is disadvantageous to him.     

Poseidon is frowning right now. Hades then stop looking around and his eyes stares toward Poseidon. There is a powerful dark aura rising from Hades, a smirk on his face.     

He tapped his finger on the handle of his onyx black throne     

Tap. Tap. Tap. Taptaptap     

The tapping sound grows louder and faster and then suddenly his finger stopped. His smile become wider like he had figured out something     

‘I think you are playing a very dangerous game right now, little brother’ hades said.      

‘Poseidon eyes narrowed but he simply said     

‘I do not understand’ Hades lean back on his throne and then said.     

‘Where is your trident?’ Hades suddenly said. Poseidon heart nearly leapt out form his heart because of the shock     

Poseidon pointed to a trident on the corner of the room and Hades simply smiles     

‘Little brother, do you want to deceive me’ Poseidon face turns hard.      

‘I’m not comprehending’ But Hades clearly is sick of the excuses.      

‘That is simply a replica. A good one but still a replica’ Hades pointed his finger toward that trident and a powerful black light erupted from his finger.     

This attack is very swift and fast that even Poseidon was taken aback by it and could not stop the energy from reaching toward the trident.     

In a flash, that black light collided with the trident and the moment it clashed the trident turns into dust.     

‘Is the weapon crafted by the Cyclopes is so easy to destroy?’ Hades said with a smirk on his face.         


Poseidon only sighed.      

‘It seems you do not come here simply to chat about brotherly affection’     

Hades close his eyes for a moment and then opening it back up he said     

‘I told you the truth because I want you to prepare. I don’t know what Zeus is planning but I could guess a few things. He might have wanted to forget some things or he simply wanted to cut of the karma between him and the Destroyer. Or it might be something else. Maybe, he simply did not want to wade in the muddied water and wanted to forget it all’     

Then he paused and said     

‘Or maybe, our little brother has a plan of his own. I have been thinking about it for a long time. Since the time and reality was altered by a Time Force I have been thinking of the reason why Zeus sealed his own memories. He did not even remember what happened in the other timeline. The few that remember seems to shut their mouths. Portably because they see no hope’     

Then he added     

‘ Or they don’t want to create cause and effect with that being’     

Poseidon nodded and he did think the same when he first heard it from Hades. But since then, things have changed.      

Poseidon also have the memory of the other timeline after it is being unsealed from his memory by Hades.     

So, he knew how futile it is trying to fight the Destroyer. This is a being of cosmic annihilation. None could stand in front of it without being disintegrated into nothingness.      

He is the End. The End of Everything. And He is the rule and He is the Law.      

Poseidon is one of the chief gods in Olympus. It is him, Hades and Zeus but it turns out there is many things that he did not know     

If not for Hades unsealing his memories, he would not have the memory that he has now. Of the final days of Olympus.      

And of the truth of their world.      

The play goes on, like an actor on a stage, speaking the same lines, doing the same things, waiting for the same conclusion.     

This time the battle with the giants would happen again unless Zeus wanted to change it to one of the other scenarios. There is still the Titans.      

This is a drama to play, to destroy themselves and reborn again. It is like Ragnarok, or like the Havoc of Heaven of the Jade Empire.     

Destruction and rebirth. They could do that because they live inside the Source Wall. Beyond that, destruction could be permanent.      

An immortal being…. or is it a being trapped by time?     


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