Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 241 - Dragon Transformation

Chapter 241: Chapter 202: Dragon Transformation

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“Lord Sel, do you honestly have the corpse of an extraordinary dragon in your hands?”

Richard fixed his gaze on the dungeon hero in front of him.

He wanted to discern the truth about the other party’s words.

An extraordinary was not a Chinese cabbage. It was a top-tier existence in the upper levels of the pyramid.

He was very clear about what this meant.

The extraordinary hunter has 70% damage, but it could still slaughter wyverns at will.

The value of an extraordinary dragon corpse was not something few words could explain.

Sel Bloodhoof nodded with a complex look in his eyes.

After he released a long breath, his voice became a little modulated.

“My father hunted that extraordinary dragon.”

“A few months ago, he passed away due to a relapse of his old injuries. The main reason was that dragon.”

Sel Bloodhoof said a few about this topic. After he adjusted his mood, he looked at Richard with a burning gaze.

“Although we took away most of the materials in the dragon’s corpse, the body is still there. The energy inside is still majestic!

“I can sell it to you at the price of two million units of food.”

He added.

“This is the lowest price.”

The corner of Richard’s mouth twitched. He just happened to have two million units left.

‘Could this guy tell fortunes?’

But if it was an extraordinary dragon, this price was not expensive to him.

In the outside world, even if he took out five million units of food, no one would sell a corpse of this level.

Extraordinary had already stepped to another level.

The battle power was far from what an ordinary person could imagine.

“I need to see the corpse before I can make a decision.”

Sel Bloodhoof nodded, not taking it seriously.

“It should be so.”

After he said that, he did not waste any time. He turned around and led Richard out of the beautiful underground garden.

After that, they detoured and arrived in front of a mysterious building, half buried underground.

As they got closer, Richard felt an ice-cold attack. It was as if someone had opened an air-conditioned door on a hot summer day.

He did not sense any danger. He relaxed a little and followed Sel into the mysterious building.

After they went down the stairs and passed through the door, his eyes immediately lit up when he saw this scene.

He saw an enormous pool in the central area.

At this time, the pool was completely frozen. Cold smoke rose from the ice.

The chill came from there.

On both sides of the pool, hundreds of plants with blue flowers luxuriously grew.

The roots of the plants extended into the pool. It looked strange.

Richard could distinctly feel the plant roots were constantly emitting cold energy.

These plants genuinely made ice in the pool.

Sel looked at the slightly surprised Richard and took the initiative to introduce it.

“This is the frost grass. A powerful magic plant. Its roots can emit special energy to lower the surrounding temperature.”

As Sel spoke, he took a few steps forward and stood in front of the pool. His gaze was complicated.

“The flowing light grass can preserve the body for a short time. One can use this method for a long time.”

Richard also stepped forward and stood at the edge of the pool. When he looked down, he was immediately shocked.

Seven to eight meters below the ice, a black dragon with its eyes closed appeared in his line of sight.

The dragon’s corpse transmitted dominion through the thick ice. Even though the dragon was already dead, it was still terror-stricken.

However, he immediately realized something was wrong.

This giant dragon did not have dragon scales.

As if Sel saw Richard’s confusion, he explained.

“This extraordinary giant dragon has already lost its scales due to its old age. That’s why my father killed it…”

Richard was quite surprised.

“Doesn’t the older a dragon is, the stronger the power it controls?”

“The bloodline of this dragon is not pure. Moreover, it has already lived for more than a thousand years, and its lifespan has been exhausted.”

Richard was no longer doubtful.

Eagerness brimmed his eyes.

“Can it break through the hard ice? I’ll buy this dragon!”

Being wealthy and imposing meant that he had confidence.

Moreover, he initially earned the food in his hands from Bloodhoof City. He used the money he earned from Bloodhoof City now to buy the treasures in Bloodhoof City’s hands.

It could be said that they complemented each other.

Sel looked at the dragon’s corpse below with some excitement. Without hesitation, he waved his hand to summon the guards beside him and ordered them to defrost the ice.

The other party had taken from this dragon’s body all the most valuable crystals, blood, claws, and horns.

Although the remaining flesh contained a tremendous amount of energy, it also contained sturdy toxins, which were of little value to him.

The price of removing those toxins was too high-cost, and it was not worth it.

If it were not for the fact the other party was a giant, extraordinary dragon, perhaps, he would have been thrown out of Bloodhoof City long ago.

Soon, a dungeon barbarian spell caster that carried a magic staff entered the room. The other party bowed and began to chant a spell.

In an instant, the plants that emitted a chill began to absorb the energy.

The hard ice melted at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than twenty minutes, the enormous ice melted into a pool.

The giant dragon’s corpse also became more eye-catching.

Its enormous size made people’s hearts tremble. It was like a terrifying giant beast that could surface at any time to launch an attack.

Richard glanced at Sel and said directly.

“Lord Sel, I will use this dragon body to strengthen my subordinates later. Can you please get someone to guard the door for me?”

Sel did not hesitate. He had sold it to him anyway.

How to deal with it was Richard’s own business.

He waved his hand and ordered the troop to retreat.

After Richard sensed there were no outsiders in the hall, he willed.

The enormous body of the extraordinary hunter suddenly appeared beside the pool.

After the security was in place, Richard waved his hand and asked Gunter, who was at the door, to bring over the first skeleton blood dragon recruited in the dungeon.

Not long after, the skeleton blood dragon glided into the pool.

He did not hesitate and directly let the ruby-like skeleton of the undead creature dive into the bottom of the pool.

At the same time, he took out the ancient dragon crystal from the system space.

This treasure, which he had risked his life to complete an A-rank mission, could turn a dragon into an A-rank hero.

However, this process requires a voluminous amount of fresh blood energy. If the energy is too low, it would cause its potential to drop.

Previously, he had never had the chance to use it. Now that an extraordinary dragon was right in front of him, it was enough for him to complete his transformation.

With a thought, a small amount of sand flew out and dragged the ancient dragon crystal into the bottom of the water. It landed on the skeleton dragon’s head.

[Ding~ Do you wish to use the ancient dragon crystal to reinforce the skeleton dragon?]

[Note: The reinforcement process is irreversible. Lack of energy will result in unpredictable consequences.]

Naturally, there was nothing to hesitate about.


The ancient dragon crystal suddenly emitted a bright light in the next second.

Then, like a water droplet, it directly merged into the skeleton dragon’s skull.

In an instant, its body emitted a dazzling scarlet light.

It directly enveloped the corpse of the extraordinary dragon next to it.

Sulfuric acid seemed to have decayed the dragon’s corpse and began to melt continuously.

The skeleton dragon starkly devoured melted energy. It did not waste a single drop.

The aura of the skeleton dragon gradually rose.

At this moment.


Suddenly, a dull explosion came from a distance.

Richard, who paid close attention to the skeleton blood dragon’s transformation, jerked its head around.

‘Is that noise coming from outside the city?

‘What’s going on?’

Richard was in disbelief.

He was just about to send Xina to investigate the situation.

The sky flickered with light.

And then…

‘Boom! Boom!’

There was an even louder crack.

Richard looked over his shoulder at the slowly changing bones, and his face changed.

“F*ck! At this critical moment, someone is attacking the city?!”

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