Lord of Pets

Chapter 154

Chapter 154: chapter 154 skeleton ape

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in fact, even if jiang feng didn’t send a message to remind them before they came, they would still be able to leave.

bai wushang was also mentally prepared to prove his ability.

the green-haired girl was right. he was indeed lacking in experience.

however, after testing the three-eyed demonic ape ah zhou’s true combat power …

bai wushang didn’t think that he would be weak enough to drag the team down.


“since you dare to ask this, it means that you have a certain amount of confidence.”

the green-haired girl glanced at him, somewhat surprised. she thought about it seriously and said,

“alright, i’ll give you a chance!”

“i’m the youngest and the weakest of the four.”

“if you can defeat my secondary pet, i’ll acknowledge that you have the ability to protect yourself! acknowledge that you have the qualifications to become a member of the guild!”

bai wushang had a rough idea.

there was no doubt that the strongest person present was xue zilin, who was ranked 49th on the heroes list.

sobina and jiang feng were in the same batch, but she was called ” sister na ” by the other party, so there was a high probability that she was ranked second in strength.

and so on, jiang feng was ranked third, and the green-haired girl was ranked fourth.

bai wushang knew about jiang feng’s pets. after the snow lion had successfully advanced, he had two late-stage mature snow lions.

the young girl had also stated that she would send her secondary pet.

master-level and secondary-that was the difference between master-level and master-level. it represented the difference in strength and also the priority of training.

“come out, a man!”

the white book of oath bobbed up and down. the door of light opened, and a huge figure jumped out.

“eh …”

bai wushang’s eyes froze.

his opponent’s secondary pet was an ape!

but it was an undead type …

” ga ba, ga ba!!! ”

it was a six-meter-tall skeleton ape that stood upright without a trace of flesh on its body.

its frame was very wide, and even though it didn’t have any flesh, it still looked very strong. it was even wider than the three-eyed demon ape, and it looked very imposing.

the bones that made up the skeleton ape’s body were all snow-white and had no impurities.

there were also no overly loose small bones. the thinnest one was as thick as an arm, arranged in rows and in an orderly manner.

what was worth noting were its bone claws. it had four limbs, with six claws on each limb and three segments each. each segment was more than three inches long.

this was the skeleton ape’s most terrifying killing weapon. it could easily pierce through the ground and tear apart iron plates!

[ name ] skeleton ape (contract)

[ race ]: underworld, undead, skeleton ape clan

[ life level ]: mid-stage of mature stage

[ bloodline quality ]: elite 2 stars

status: good

intelligence: medium

[ special characteristics ]: hard bone armor/brute force/bone claw

[ skills ]: piercing claw, multi-claw, slap, brutal charge, giant bone claw …

[ gourmet cells ]: 75

“interesting, ah zhou must be very satisfied with this opponent …”

the corners of bai wushang’s mouth curled up slightly. with a thought, he summoned the three-eyed demon ape.


ah zhou landed on the ground and looked at his opponent immediately.

he couldn’t help but get excited!

the wild monsters in the colosseum were all shrimp soldiers and crab generals. how could they be compared to the pets that their master had carefully cultivated?

at the same level, it had never lost before!

even if it was one level higher, it was even more so!

battle! battle! battle!

” ga ba, ga ba!!! ”

the skeleton ape was not to be outdone. its upper and lower jaw collided with each other, making a rhythmic sound.

the soul fire in his head throbbed, as if it could sense that his opponent was from the same race as him.

therefore, it also became excited!

a few dozen meters away, jiang feng, sobina, and xue zilin looked at each other. they had the same opinion.

tao wu, this three-eyed demon ape, was raised quite well!

sometimes, a pet’s quality could be determined by its aura and appearance.

“what do you think?” sobina asked xue zilin, blinking her big eyes.

xue zilin was silent, his eyes falling on the dark red crack between the three-eyed demon ape’s eyebrows, then he said,

” there’s no rush. we’ll be able to make a basic judgment when we see the ability of the third eye. ”

” that’s true. i’m a little curious about the mysterious eye of the mutated demonic ape … ”

only jiang feng touched his mustache and relaxed. he said, ”

“in my opinion, brother bai must have absolute confidence to fight this battle. just wait and see!”

“i hope so. i’m looking forward to it.”

sobina licked her red lips and smiled like a flower.


“skeleton ape, giant bone claw!”

the green-haired girl shot a glance at the three-eyed demon ape as she calmly ordered.

this was the second pet that she had tamed, but she had not spent enough time with it.

their compatibility had yet to reach the third stage, so they still needed to be commanded by sound.

however, an xiaorou, who was in battle mode, would never underestimate any enemy.

his first move was his ultimate move!

she wanted to obtain victory in a clean and simple manner!

in his eyes, the skeleton ape raised its arms, and its bones crackled like beans being fried.

the bone claw at the front, which was already extremely huge and could easily crush a person’s head, suddenly doubled in size.

bai wushang raised his eyebrows.

the skeleton ape’s burly body, coupled with its enlarged sharp claws and white bones, was a strong visual impact.

however, his desire to win was even stronger!

“ah zhou, full power! use your fastest speed to defeat it!” bai wushang communicated with his mind.


the three-eyed demon ape let out a low growl, and its third eye burst open like a beast out of its cage!

her blue pupils had a gradient color, and they were right in the center. they had a round and jade-like luster, and were ice-cold, clear, and exquisite.

around him, a small red bead was spinning, following him like a shadow.

dual pupils, the eyes of calmness!

the sky-blue cracks extended from the eye sockets like vines, attaching to the seven orifices, four limbs, and torso.

black and blue intertwined, and the three-eyed demon ape’s violent aura instantly disappeared.

even his two eyes were calmer than a mirror and more mysterious than the sea.

except for bai wushang, the expressions of the five people present changed.

“this eye …”

xue zilin muttered to himself, but before he could finish, he saw another blood-red flame rise from the three-eyed demon ape’s body.

it was as if he was wearing a suit of flame, his domineering aura was imbued with a trace of majesty, and he was full of energy.

skill, boiling blood!


ah zhou rushed out and attacked without hesitation.

in front of it, the skeleton ape had no eyes, and all of its senses were dependent on soul fire.

it “saw” that the three-eyed demon ape had gone through a state of berserk and dormancy in just two to three seconds, which was extremely strange.

the skeleton ape did not dare to be careless.

however, it was not a coward who was afraid of death or had an uncertain personality.

he waved his huge bone claws and welcomed the attack.

just fight, who’s afraid of who?

f * ck you!

an intense battle broke out.

xue zilin, sobina, jiang feng, and even the green-haired girl an xiaorou were all watching very seriously with burning eyes.

in his heart, he was also thinking that these two powerful offensive-type pets with similar areas of expertise could at least fight for 30 to 50 rounds before he could see the outcome.

the result was far beyond their expectations.

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