Little One Tears the Villain’s Script

Chapter 130

I Want to Eat Meat (3)

Originally, she thought that the most painful thing in this world was to have no candy. But now, she knew that not having any sweets or snacks was not the most painful thing; it was not having any meat to eat, only vegetables.

It turned out that she was so miserable!

The more she cried, the more she couldn’t hold back until Yu Qingshi finally approached her.

Originally, Yu Qingshi was still angry and didn’t plan to pay her any attention. The two were still engulfed in a cold war. But she was crying so pitifully, he couldn’t bear seeing it.

“Why are you crying?”

Xiaoman wiped her tears, sobbing, “Grandma said that our family is going bankrupt; we have no more money. From now on, we can only eat vegetables, we can’t eat meat anymore. It’s painful to think of eating vegetables every day. I’m not a worm, why do I have to eat greens every day? If I eat greens every day, I might eventually turn into a butterfly and fly away. If I flew away, I wouldn’t be able to come to school again, I won’t be able to see Grandma and Uncle again. I’m going to eat greens everyday and become a worm.”

Yu Qingshi’s complexion changed, and he felt goose bumps all over his body.

In his dictionary, there was no such thing as not being able to eat meat. His Dad only had him eat some vegetables for nutritional balance.

If he was picky and wouldn’t eat them, then his Dad’s face would become gloomy.

He used to think that his father was too fierce and he was miserable, but after hearing her words, he felt that he was actually living a happy life.

At least there was meat to eat, and he did not have to eat vegetables every day.

Thinking this way, he really was different from her.

She was just too pitiful.

“I’ll treat you to some beef noodles, okay?”

“That won’t do. Then, I wouldn’t be enduring hardships anymore.” Jiang Xiaoman still remembered their cold war and said resolutely, “Moreover, I already said that I will not eat your food again.”

Grandma said that a child could be greedy for anything, but not food. Otherwise, it would be easy to get abducted because of a piece of candy. Jiang Xiaoman still remembered her words.

However, she also wanted to eat meat.

Yu Qingshi silently thought for a moment, then said, “Then… consider it me begging you. I’ll treat you to beef noodles, in return you can come to my house to help me with my homework, okay?”

“Can’t you do it by yourself?

“…there’s too much to do.”

Jiang Xiaoman stopped crying. She thought for a while and thought that this was fine.

That Yu Qingshi really did not know how to cherish things. He had homework to do but he didn’t like to do it. Back then, she wanted to do homework but did not have a book to write it on. She really liked to do homework.


The two reached an agreement, and under the temptation of beef noodles, the cold war stopped.

After school, Yu Qingshi took Jiang Xiaoman to eat beef noodles.

This beef noodle restaurant was a well-known brand that had existed for a long time. He had eaten here before; their beef noodles were very fragrant and delicious.

Because it was too fragrant, she was a bit unable to control her tears and saliva.

She thought that this might be the last time she could eat meat in her life, so she cherished it very much. She wanted to eat more. In the future, she wouldn’t have enough money to eat it again.

The owner was busy manning the outlet. Jiang Xiaoman was brave, and knew that if children cried, they would be given candy. She started shedding tears as soon as she spoke.

She said, “Uncle Boss, can I have just a bowl of beef without the noodles?”

Actually, she wasn’t the only one who thought that. A lot of people in the store thought the same, but only she dared to say it.

The owner felt a bit awkward.

Since she was cute, he added a piece of beef for her.

Xiaoman was so touched that she cried miserably, “Thank you, Boss. Wuu wuu wuu…”

She cried so miserably that the boss almost wanted to give her another piece of meat.

Yu Qingshi couldn’t bear seeing her anymore and put all the beef in his bowl to hers. “I’ll give them all to you, eat them quickly.”

“Are you not eating?” Xiaoman was very moved, but also felt a little bad for him.

“… I’m full just looking at you eating.” He said.

How long had she not eaten meat? She was really pitiful.

She almost turned stupid from hunger.

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