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Lightning Is the Only Way

Lightning Is the Only Way







Lightning Is the Only Way

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With a father as solid as the highest heavens themselves, Gravis wasn't needed to enter the cool and callous world of growing.

Yet when Heaven used him in a scheme to get back at his daddy, Gravis recognized that he required toughness to gain true flexibility.

As long as he remained his weak self, he would certainly constantly continue to be under Heaven's injustice. Just real power brings real liberty.

To gain strength, Gravis ventured into the lower worlds to begin his cultivation under true life and death tempering.

Only a strong will, which had actually been forged in striving for every resource offered, would enable him to reach the top.

Heaven's strongest tool was Lightning of Divine Punishment, and only if he made this tool his, would he have a possibility.

So, to topple Heaven,

Lightning Is the Only Means!

Yet, the course to power hurts.

Not everybody reaches the optimal.

Yet Gravis will!

Despite just how much pain he feels in the process!

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