Library of Heaven’s Path

Chapter 37: Big Sister Spare Me!

Chapter 37: Big Sister Spare Me!

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"Zhang Xuan..."

Shen Bi Ru tried to break through Shang Bin's blockade to save him, but she was knocked back consecutive times.

Shang Bin's cultivation is on the same level as her. He might be spoiled due to his powerful backing, but his strength isn't false. Even if she possesses the strength to defeat him, she is still unable to break through his blockade within a short period of time, especially if he chooses to execute only defensive maneuvers!

"I am the one who brought harm to you..."

Seeing how she is unable to save him, Shen Bi Ru is filled with guilt.

She thinks that the reason why Shang Bin is dealing with this fellow, who was the last for the Teacher Qualification Examination, is because of her!

Otherwise, as someone of such high standing and the grandson of an elder, towards an infamous trash who has no background whatsoever, when there's no connection between the two, why would there be a grudge between them?

Yet, after pulling him down into the mud, she is unable to save him. The guilt she is experiencing at the moment torments her painfully!

"Why is there no movements? Could it be that Zhang Xuan has already died?"

The more panicked she gets, the more incapable she is of breaking through Shang Bin's blockade. With Shang Bin blocking her sight, she is unable to view the situation over at Zhang Xuan's side. She can only hear complete silence in the surroundings, as though he didn't even struggle against the assault of the Sky Shattering Lion.

There can only be one possibility... Before Zhang Xuan could retaliate, he was already smacked to death by the Sky Shattering Lion!

After all, even she is unable to withstand a single blow from the tier 6 savage beast, who is equivalent to a Pixue realm expert.

"Haha, he is already dead. It is too late for you to make a move now..."

Hearing that there is no movements behind him, Shang Bin's eyes light up. He knows that the trash would definitely be unable to withstand a single blow from the Sky Shattering Lion. He laughs heartily out of excitement. Judging that there is no need to block Shen Bi Ru any longer, he leaps aside.

"Zhang Xuan..."

The moment Shang Bin leaps away, Shen Bi Ru doesn't waste time on him and hurriedly rushes forward. Just when she thought she would see a pool of fresh blood with a miserable corpse lying in the center of it, her slim figure suddenly freezes and she stares in a daze.

"This... This... What happened?"

Initially, Shang Bin thought that his goddess would burst into years from the shock of the sight. However, upon seeing such an expression hang on her face, Shang Bin quickly turns around to take a look. With a single glimpse, his eyeballs widen into huge circles and he almost faints from overwhelming astonishment.

He sees the incomparably ferocious Sky Shattering Lion, which had rushed towards Zhang Xuan earlier to rip him into numerous shreds before, lying in front of Zhang Xuan like a pug, licking his hands.

Zhang Xuan's other hand is stroking the head and ears of the Sky Shattering Lion and unspeakable pleasure appears on its face.

"The heck? What happened?"

Shang Bin is on the verge of tears.

This Sky Shattering Lion is his grandfather's beast pet and it is extremely proud. Even for Shang Bin himself, just a simple touch would incur its fury, not to mention stroking its head!

After taking possession of it from his grandfather, he had spent half a day of effort on it, feeding it numerous delicacies. Yet, this fellow doesn't even show the slightest bit of gratitude, disregarding his presence as he pleases... Such a proud fellow became a pug before Zhang Xuan?

You are here to kill him! To be lying before him and licking his palm, is this really alright?

Shang Bin feels a dizziness spell working up, and he is on the verge of going crazy.

"Sky Shattering Lion, what are you doing? Quickly kill him!"

He bellows.

The Sky Shattering Lion doesn't move. It continues to lazy around, allowing Zhang Xuan stroke his head freely.

"You... Quickly kill him! If you do it, I will buy you anything you want to eat from now on..." Shang Bin roars anxiously.

"So noisy, make him shut up!"

Zhang Xuan, who was stroking the Sky Shattering Lion, stands up and waves his hand.


The Sky Shattering Lion stands up as well and glares at Shang Bin savagely.

"What are you planning to do?"

Frightened, Shang Bin immediately retreats several steps.

However, before he could get far, the Sky Shattering Lion dashes forward and takes a sweep at him lightly with its paws.


Before Shang Bin could react, he is sent flying backward like a kite that had its string snapped. His head knocks onto a giant tree and crimson blood fills his entire face.

"What exactly happened... You are my grandfather's beast pet..."

Shang Bin cries.

This Sky Shattering Lion is the beast pet that his grandfather passed on to him to protect him. Logically, it should have listened to his words to deal with the outsider. Why did it listen to the words of an outsider to attack him?


Before he could finish crying, another figure crashes onto the ground in front of him. He is Cao Xiong.

When that fellow noticed the situation turning awry, he immediately turned around to flee. However, how could he possibly escape from the Sky Shattering Lion, a tier 6 savage beast? He is sent flying back with a slap.


After sending these two flying, the Sky Shattering Lion looks as though it has done something glorious. It walks over to Zhang Xuan with a flattering look, as though wanting to be acknowledged for its accomplishment.

"Un, not bad. You did well!"

Zhang Xuan pats its head!


The Sky Shattering Lion nods its head quickly. It walks gallantly to the two lying on the floor, keeping a watch on them with a proud look, reminiscent of a responsible watchdog.


Shang Bin and Cao Xiong who were planning to escape are on a verge of tears.

"Zhang Xuan... You... How did you do that?"

Spectating the entire flow of events by the side, the dumbstruck Shen Bi Ru finally recovers and gazes at him curiously.

"How did I do it?" Zhang Xuan scratches his head. "This Sky Shattering Lion is very easy to communicate with. Perhaps, it might be because I am more handsome!"


Shen Bi Ru blinks and her slim figure staggers.

The Sky Shattering Lion is a savage beast. To it, the term handsome should only be applicable to male Sky Shattering Lions, so what do you being handsome or not have to do with it?

Besides, if one must talk about handsomeness, Shang Bin is much more dashing than you...

"Alright! Farewell!" Zhang Xuan doesn't continue explaining and turns around to leave.

Since the Library of Heaven's Path can peer into the weaknesses of a human, naturally, it would be able to peer into those of the Sky Shattering Lion as well.

This fellow may seem extremely powerful, but in actuality, it has sustained quite a few hidden traumas. Otherwise, it couldn't have possibly willingly served as Elder Shang Chen's beast pet.

The library has detected this flaw of it. Making use of it, Zhang Xuan casually solved some of the easier ones for it. As a result, the Sky Shattering Lion chooses to obey his commands obediently without the slightest hesitation.

In comparison to Shang Bin's promise, no amount of delicious food and pills can compare with a resolved hidden trauma.

Of course, this involves his secret as well, so he can't possibly reveal the truth to Shen Bi Ru.

"You... Don't go, you haven't explained the reason why the Sky Shattering Lion obeyed to your commands..."

Seeing him leave, Shen Bi Ru quickly catches up.

The more she comes into contact with this young man, the more formidable she finds him to be. He is a mystery that is becoming more and more difficult to comprehend.

Being able to read so many books just by flipping through them, intentionally scoring a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examinations despite knowing the answers, realizing his identity as a gourmet through a meal and convincing a tier 6 savage beast to follow his commands easily...

What that seems impossible in the eyes of others is accomplished so simply by this young man, leaving others staring in disbelief!

How does he accomplish all these?

Shen Bi Ru is becoming more and more curious about this young man before her.

"Big sister!"

Oblivious to what she is thinking of, upon seeing her chasing him, Zhang Xuan halts his footsteps and says helplessly, "I want to live a long life. I'm afraid that I might not live to the next day being beside you! Just spare me..."

"Big sister? You are the big sister. Your entire family is big sisters!"

Shen Bi Ru's face turns bright red.

She is a beauty. She might be slightly older than Zhang Xuan, but she looks no different from a seventeen or eighteen year old. Yet, this fellow addressed her as a big sister, thus causing her to go into a frenzy.

"Fine, I am the big sister. So, just let me leave!"

Zhang Xuan shakes his head in frustration.


Upon hearing Zhang Xuan claim that he is the big sister, Shen Bi Ru chuckles and says, "Fine, you can leave. I will look for you tomorrow!"


Zhang Xuan.

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