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Chapter 33: Feigning Generosity

Chapter 33: Feigning Generosity

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"Shang gongzi, you're here. Come on in!"

Gongzi -> Gentleman, usually used to address for young males.

Before the two men and one beast step into the tavern, a smiling middle-aged man welcomes them with a smile.

The manager of Hongtian Pavilion, Wu Chou!

"Give us a quiet location. Cao Xiong laoshi and I want to have a good drink together!" Shang Bin says.

"Over here!"

Wu Chou quickly brings them to their seats.

"Shang shaoye, every time I am here, this Wu Chou would behave smugly and disregard my presence. This time, why does he..." Cao Xiong couldn't resist asking.

Hongtian Pavilion may just be a tavern, but the powers backing it is not one to scoff at. Otherwise, it is impossible for them to be operating their business in the compounds of Hongtian Academy at such a scale!

In the past, when he was here to eat, manager Wu would always disregard him. Yet, this time, his back is bent forward and her attitude is of utmost respect. The disparity in his attitudes makes him doubt if he is in reality.

"You should have heard of that there was once an Elder Hong Hao in the academy!" Shang Bin says.

Cao Xiong nods his head.

Hongtian Academy is founded by Hongtian. After his death, his descendants sustained his heritage. As a result, the elders who have the surname of 'Hong' tend to be of more esteemed standing in the academy.

He has heard of this Elder Hong Hao previously. He is an extremely powerful individual and has once vied for the principal seat. However, afterward, for some unknown reasons, he suddenly resigned from his position as an elder and there was no news on him anymore.

"After resigning as an elder, he started a tavern. He used to be best buddies with my grandfather, so manager Wu would welcome me with respect whenever I'm here!" Shang Bin declares gleefully.

"So that's the reason!" Cao Xiong nods his head.

No wonder this Hongtian Pavilion managed to grow to such a scale, it was opened by the previous Elder Hong Hao.

To be received by the manager of such a huge tavern, it is definitely something glorious.


Just as he is in the midst of enjoying service he has never experienced before, Cao Xiong suddenly freezes and his face gradually grows darker.

"What happened?"Shang Bin gazes at him in puzzlement.

"That should be Zhang Xuan, right? How could he possibly have the qualifications to be dining here?" Cao Xiong points towards a table by the window.

"Zhang Xuan?" Shang Bin glances over as well. Upon seeing the young man, he catches sight of the figure seated together with him. His eyebrows shoot upwards and rage surges from within. "Why is she together with that trash? I had extended my invitation to her multiple times, but she kept rejecting me. To think that she would be dining with someone else! Damn it! Damn it!"

As the grandson of an elder, a high-level teacher of the academy and a Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm expert, he has invited Shen Bi Ru for a meal multiple times, but she never agreed. Initially, he thought that she would never eat together with anyone. Never would he imagine that she would be sitting together with the renowned trash of the academy!

He almost faints from anger on the spot.

Slamming his table, he stands up, prepared to rush over to question her. However, he suddenly recalls Shen Bi Ru's temperament and immediately shrivels back to his seat.

She holds intense loathe to those who disturb her. If he were to rush over to interrogate her like this, if she ends up getting provoked by his attitude and rages out at him, there would be no hope for his courtship.

"Shang shaoye, don't be angry. I have an idea that would reveal the true colors of Zhang Xuan before Shen laoshi! Furthermore, it can accentuate the majestic aura of Shang shaoye!" Cao Xiong is a social expert, allowing him to see through the current situation in an instant. An idea flashed through his mind and he smiles as he tries to coax Shang Bin into action.

"What idea?"

"This Zhang Xuan is definitely here to fawn on Shen laoshi by treating her to a meal! However, as a low-level teacher, how much money could he possibly earn? We only have to interfere slightly to make the final bill out of his reach to shame him before her! Afterward, Shang shaoye would appear and rescue her from the awkward situation... Shen laoshi's impression of Shang shaoye would definitely improve. Perhaps, the flower of love might even bloom as she runs into your embrace..." Cao Xiong reveals his plan.

"Good, let's do it your way then!" Shang Bin's eyes light up as he nods his head in satisfaction.

Not only is he able to cripple his opponent, he is also able to elevate his position in Shen Bi Ru's heart at the same time. This is truly a brilliant idea!

Looks like this Cao Xiong isn't simply capable at teaching, he also has a way with dealing with humans. Looks like he should be properly groomed in the future...


Zhang Xuan doesn't know of the scheme that is being plotted against him. Eating the delicacies on the table, he nods his head in commendation.

The cooking techniques here may not be as refined as the ones on Earth, but this world is rich in spirit energy, not to mention that the ingredients used in the dishes are fresh and delicious, thus providing a wholly different enjoyable eating experience.

Soon, most of the dishes on the table has been cleaned up and a large portion of them was wiped clean by Zhang Xuan. Shen Bi Ru only nibbled on a small bit of them symbolically.

Seeing how this fellow is only obsessed with eating, disregarding even her presence, Shen Bi Ru curls her lips in anger.

Initially, she thought that he was feigning it to attract her attention. Only now does she realize that he had never thought of her as an important matter...

Regardless of whether it is the genius teachers or star teachers of the academy, they would intentionally fawn on her and offer her favors. Yet, this fellow, the worst ranking teacher of the entire academy, treats her as though she is nothing, making her grind her silver teeth in anger. If it wasn't for her etiquette, she would have already sent both of her legs flying towards his body.

The more she thinks about it, the more furious she gets. She knows that if she were to see him continue eating, she would die of anger. She turns around and calls out to the waiter, "Bill!"

"A total of 1280 gold coins!"

A waiter walks over.

"1280?" Shen Bi Ru freezes in shock. "Why is it so expensive?"

Even for a high-level teacher like her, she only earns 1000 gold coin every month. Yet, to eat away a month of salary in a single meal?

How could it be so expensive?

She had calculated it properly while she was ordering the dishes, and the bill isn't supposed to even reach 100. How could it jump up to more than 1000 in an instant?

"I'm sorry, but this bottle of wine here costs 1200 gold coins by itself!" The waiter explains.

Previously, when the both of them were eating, a waiter came forth to ask if they wanted some wine. Shen Bi Ru thought that it would be fine to have some alcohol, so she nodded her head in agreement. How could she have possibly imagined that the wine would be that expensive!

"We were uninformed of the price of the wine you sent over..."

Shen Bi Ru's face looks extremely pale at this instant.

No matter how foolish she could be, it is obvious that she had been had.

"If you are truly uninterested in it, you should have asked further about it beforehand. Since you didn't ask, we thought that you would be aware of its price, so we didn't say anything excessive!" The waiter looks at her coldly.

"Hmph!" Seeing the attitude of the waiter, Shen Bi Ru knows that there's no point in kicking up a fuss. Instead, it might be bad for her reputation if she were to kick up a fuss on this matter. Thus, she whips out her wallet and prepares to pay. Then, her face suddenly turns white and awkwardness exudes from her, "I don't have sufficient money on me now. Why don't you keep it on my tab first, I will repay you after retrieving sufficient money..."

Today, she only intended to accomplish some reading at the Compendium Pavilion, so she didn't bring much money. After which, she met Zhang Xuan and consulted him on some matters. Due to the excessive shock then, she totally forgot about the matter, recalling it only at this moment. She only has around a hundred gold coins on her, far from the required thousand plus.

Treating someone to a meal yet not having sufficient money to foot the tab...

She feels a fiery sting on her face as she fervently wishes for a burrow to appear so that she could hide inside it.

"Don't order food that you can't afford! Since you've ordered it, pay up. Don't even dream about eating for free here!" The waiter harrumphs.


Shen Bi Ru's small face flushes in anger.

"What happened?"

At this moment, a stern voice sounds out. Shang Bin, accompanied by Cao Xiong and the Sky Shattering Lion, walks over proudly with widened strides.

Dressed in white, his hands are behind him and his head is tilted high, his posture exuding an aura of superiority. In normal times, with his disposition and outer appearance, accompanied with the ferocious Sky Shattering Lion following behind him, he would have looked like an elegant and dashing gentleman. However, at this very moment, his face is swollen red and his eyes are bruised black. Looking from afar, he looks indescribably ridiculous.

However, he seems oblivious to it and instead, struts about proudly. With a deep look in his eyes and a distanced aura, he walks forward and his eyes happen to chance upon Shen Bi Ru's body. Feigning shock, he says, "Shen laoshi, what a coincidence! You're here as well?"

He turns around to look at the waiter and asks, "What happened here? It is unbecoming to be making a ruckus here!"

"Ah, so it is Shang shaoye!" The waiter leaps in fear. He no longer puts on the pushy attitude from before and instead, reveals a careful demeanor as he explains, "It's like this, they had eaten but they do not have the money to foot the bill..."

"No money to foot the bill?"

Shang Bin shakes his head as a disappointed expression appears on his face. He gazes at Zhang Xuan and says, "Zhang laoshi, it is not that I want to lecture you, but if you do not have the money, don't try to feign generosity and treat someone to a meal here. Look, you simply ended up embarrassing yourself! As the worst teacher in the academy, you might be used to it, but to bring shame to Shen laoshi as well, don't you think you have gone a bit too far!"


Seeing the arrogant look on the face of the fellow before him, Zhang Xuan pauses for a moment before turning around to look at Shen Bi Ru, "Sigh, he seems to be talking about you. If you don't have sufficient money, don't feign generosity. Look, you simply ended up embarrassing yourself..."


Upon hearing Shang Bin's words, Shen Bi Ru was already infuriated. Yet, to hear Zhang Xuan repeating the same words again, she almost exploded from all of the accumulated fury. She lifts her head and glares at the gleeful Shang Bin, who is trying to put on an impressive image to win her favor. Luoluo, she grinds her jade teeth together and roars, "Shang Bin, I dare you to say once more who the one feigning generosity is?"

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