Letters To Romeo.

Chapter 318 - Visit to the hunters

Chapter 318 - Visit to the hunters

Conner sat in one corner, sporting a bruise across his cheek like many other hunters who had fought the vampires in Veteris. The hunters were going back and forth.

"The audacity of the vampires to send us the document to shut up and not do anything!" growled one of the men in the living room. "They think just because they have some sort of monstrous creature with them we will obey them."

"We will never submit to the vampire's wishes! They have been hiding the deaths of the humans for who knows how long!" said another human in there.

"But we don't have Jack with us anymore. What are we going to do?" asked a woman who sat next to her husband, who had lost one of his eyes. "I don't think it is wise to go up against the vampires, at least not at the moment when we not only lack men but other resources."

"What did the document of agreement speak about?" asked Conner's father.

"That we are not supposed to hunt the vampires anywhere near their grounds, and the place belongs to them entirely. In return, our lives would be spared," huffed the first man, who had spoken earlier. "Do they think that just because we are humans, we don't know how to get over our shortcomings?! We should just burn the entire place strategically," claimed another hunter, and while some of them nodded in agreement, some looked at each other with an apprehensive look on their face.

"Did you not see what those vampires were capable of? They looked like Roman Gods, burning and killing the vampires..." spoke a brave soul who didn't want to end up in a crossfire with the Elder vampires.

"Such cowardice," spat an older hunter. "This is what the vampires want, and you know what they are planning for? World domination, to control us. Would you want the street to go reckless where vampires attack humans and there's no one to protect us?" he glared at the person who had spoken. "I will come up with a plan. A better plan, and when the time is right—"

Someone interrupted the man's speech when the main door was knocked.

"Let me go and see who it is," murmured Conner, who had only been on the listening end so that he could relay the message to his friends later.

When Conner opened the door, his eyes widened, and he quickly turned to look behind him before turning back and asking, "What are you doing here, Elder Donovan?"

Donovan stared at Conner with a bright smile, and he then looked behind Conner, "I thought I heard someone bad mouthing me and thought I would come to pay a visit."

Conner pursed his lips and replied, "I don't think this is the right time."

"Oh, please. Azazel Donovan doesn't wait for time, and instead makes time," chuckled Donovan, and he said, "Will you invite me in, or shall I do that myself?"

Conner stared at the deranged vampire before he sighed and took a step back to make way for the Elder vampire. He said in a low voice, "The hunters in there aren't pleased, so maybe you can cut down on the threats."

Donovan waved his hand, taking a step inside the house. Before he could walk further in to head to the living room, he turned to Conner and said, "There's someone who would like to meet you outside."

Conner's eyebrows furrowed, and he hoped Donovan wouldn't massacre people in here.

Conner's father asked from the living room, "Who is it, Conner?"

But by then, Donovan had appeared in the human's sight, and suddenly everyone turned on their guard. They went to reach out for their weapons, but Donovan pulled the nearest chair and sat down with them, "Seems like there has been a little party in here. What is it about?"

"You are not invited in here, you blood sucker!"

"It looks like he came to die by our hands willingly."

"Isn't this the same person who had the black smoke?" came a whisper from one side of the room. The room had turned dead silent, and Donovan looked at them. He then said,

"Relax. If you constantly keep getting riled up, you are going to catch heart disease and spend the rest of the time in the hospital. Now I am sure we all can be good friends, and live in peace without having to lose anymore lives—"

"Like hell we are!" shouted one of the hunters, "You vampires deserve to die. You bring nothing but—"

"Shhhhh..." Donovan hushed the man, who looked at the Elder vampire with wide eyes. "Don't you know you aren't supposed to speak when an Elder is speaking? I think it will be for your own good, to accept such simple terms. Unless you want to suicide, please be my guest," smiled the vampire.

"Your threats won't work on us!" one of the hunters pulled the trigger of the gun, and a bullet was shot in Donovan's direction.

But the next moment, Donovan was no longer sitting on the chair, and he stood right behind the hunter, placing a not so friendly hand on the man's shoulder.

The hunters were surprised by this ability, and they couldn't help but be wary about this vampire in the house.

"The terms are simple and I am sure you won't act foolishly," hummed Donovan, offering a bright smile to all of them as he was in a very good mood right now.

Outside the house, Conner wondered what Donovan had meant until he caught sight of a girl who stood with her back facing him. Unsure, he greeted, "Hello?"

The girl turned her head, meeting his eyes and Conner's eyes widened in shock. His lips parted, but he was left speechless to utter even a word.

"I-Is that you… Reese?" Reese smiled at him the same way she had before and he took a step forward, and she took one too. "I can't believe it…" said Conner.

"Though it feels like I saw you only yesterday, I feel like I have missed you for a very long time now, Conner," replied Reese, and Conner wasn't sure how she was here. But soon excitement came over his mind and he quickly hugged her.

"You are alive!" he exclaimed and laughed in the end. "How do you feel??" he pulled away from her.

Reese nodded slowly, "I feel good. Especially after seeing you."

Far away from Greasy Conner, Julie stepped out of Roman's car to one of the safe inns. She walked up the stairs and then the corridor before standing in front of the room that her uncle was currently occupying.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her hand and knocked on the door. She waited for a few seconds before the door finally opened.

"Julie? What are you doing here?" asked Uncle Thomas in surprise. "Is everything okay?" he asked, a little worried.

Julie nodded, "I think it will be…" and she turned her head.

Uncle Thomas, not knowing what her words meant, took a step outside the room, and he was greeted by his wife's presence from the other side of the corridor, who walked in front of Roman. His lips moved, "Is this possible?"

Julie nodded, "It is, Uncle Thomas."

"Thomas!" Aunt Sarah ran a little before hugging her husband.

"I cannot believe it! Oh my God," Uncle Thomas hugged her back, and cried a little.

"I am so sorry for not telling you things before," Aunt Sarah apologised to him, tears running down her cheeks. "I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how..."

Uncle Thomas shook his head, "It isn't your fault. I get it. I do. I am just happy that you are back," and he continued to hug her.

When Julie's eyes met Uncle Thomas's eyes, he mouthed 'Thank you' to her. She smiled looking at them, her heart easing itself from the burden she had been carrying for some time now.

Roman came to stand next to Julie, and he slipped his hand into hers before giving it a little squeeze. He said, "I admire you, Winters. More than I did before, and I am proud of the woman you have turned into."

"You are the strength I draw from, Rome," Julie leaned in to Roman for support and she said, "Everything is finally how it was supposed to be."

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