Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1117 - This Was Her And Gu Zheng's Scheme

Chapter 1117: This Was Her And Gu Zheng’s Scheme

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Everyone could not help but be stunned when they heard Qiao Xi’s words, but they had to admit that Qiao Xi’s words made sense.

Miss Lu Qingyun was a talented woman. She started managing the company at a young age. At that time, the company was in good order under her management. The Lu family was also at their peak at that time. After Eldest Miss Lu passed away, the Lu family’s business gradually lost its luster. After more than 10 years, President Gu built a new business kingdom. His reputation resounded both domestically and overseas. How similar the mother and son were! They were both so outstanding!

However, from the moment Lu Yan started managing the company, there had been problems one after another. They were not just some small problems either as the sales of the resort villa and new perfumes had caused the Lu family to lose nearly 20 billion yuan. This money was all saved by the Lu family for many years, but Lu Yan had only taken over Lu Corporation for less than a year before he lost all the liquid assets in Lu Corporation’s hands. He did not have the slightest bit of Eldest Miss Lu’s talent from back then, yet he still had the cheek to say that he was Eldest Miss Lu’s son.

Be it in terms of looks or strength, Lu Yan was different from Lu Qingyun, while Gu Zheng was like a replica of Lu Qingyun. It was just that Gu Zheng was more decisive than Lu Qingyun. He was a little more vicious and decisive. However, it was also because of this that he was able to create the current Gu Corporation in just a few years.

From the looks of it, Lu Yan’s identity was indeed suspicious. Whose child was he?

Qiao Xi shook her head helplessly. “Ah Zheng, forget it. Since Madam Lu doesn’t agree, it means that they don’t treat you as a member of the Lu family at all. Previously, they kept saying that they would compensate you and dote on you as a member of the Lu family, but now… Tsk tsk.

“My heart just aches! Miss Lu Qingyun lost her mother and had to live in the shadows of a mistress when she was young. She had to constantly obey others. Ah Zheng has also suffered a lot under Huang Lilan all these years, but Old Madam Lu and Madam Lu Xiang dote on Lu Yan very much. How strange. Could it be…”

“Miss Qiao, watch your words!”

Hearing Qiao Xi’s nonsense in public, Lu Yan interrupted her with a gloomy expression. Then, he announced, “I came to look for Mrs. Gu to invite President Gu and Mrs. Gu to attend the ancestral worship ceremony.”

The entire venue fell silent.

After a few seconds of silence, Qiao Xi smiled. “But Madam Lu kept saying that I’m not worthy. Did I misunderstand? I guess the Lu family is still willing to let us participate in the end.”

The veins on Lu Yan’s forehead twitched. Qiao Xi’s tone was clearly mocking them!

He suppressed his anger and said, “Mrs. Gu, we don’t have any ill intentions. Grandpa fainting has nothing to do with President Gu. We’re here today to invite you to pay respects to our ancestors. Let’s let bygones be bygones.”

“Sure. When will the ceremony be held?” Qiao Xi asked.

Lu Yan could not lie in front of everyone, and there was no need either. “On the third of next month.”

Qiao Xi nodded and said with a smile, “Ah Zheng, that’s great! The Lu family has invited us to participate in the ancestral worship ceremony!”

Gu Zheng lowered his eyes and looked at her gently. When he looked up again, the gentleness in his eyes suddenly dissipated. He glanced coldly at Lu Yan, seemingly warning but also mocking him.

At this moment, Lu Yan only felt that he had suffered extremely great humiliation. His original plan was supposed to go very smoothly, but Qiao Xi insisted on stepping out to cause trouble. Now, they were even forced to invite Gu Zheng to participate in the ancestral worship ceremony. Those who could participate in the ancestral worship ceremony were all descendants of the Lu family. What right did Gu Zheng have to participate?

Lu Yan gritted his teeth, and he could taste blood in his throat. However, in front of everyone, he had no choice but to smile.

Qiao Xi was extremely happy when she saw Lu Yan’s aggrieved appearance.

Before Lu Xiang could react, the situation had turned out like this. She was angered to the point of having a ferocious expression. She looked at Lu Yan unwillingly, then at Qiao Xi.

It was all because of this little b*tch!

Qiao Xi deliberately cried in front of everyone and revealed the matter of the ancestral worship ceremony in public, causing them to have no choice but to agree. This was all her and Gu Zheng’s scheme!

This b*tch! She still had the cheek to cry? She relied on her seductive face to shed a few tears to gain sympathy, and this group of people really believed the little b*tch’s words. No one believed them.

Lu Xiang’s eyes were filled with madness and unwillingness. All these years, she had worked hard to get the chance to attend the ancestral worship ceremony. When she was young, only Lu Qingyun could worship their ancestors. She was the eldest daughter of the first wife and the honor of the family. Everyone knew that the Lu family had a talented daughter, but no one knew that the Lu family had a second daughter.

She was jealous of Lu Qingyun. Why did she have to be an illegitimate daughter who was despised by everyone since she was born while Lu Qingyun got to be the high and mighty eldest daughter?

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