Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2252 Chang Er Came And Hugged Ye Chen In Public

Chapter 2252 Chang Er Came And Hugged Ye Chen In Public

Ye Chen is too strong, these two are not opponents for Ye Chen, they can only survive when facing Ye Chen's strength which is too strong.

"Finally done." Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze could finally relax, both of them were already extremely exhausted when they Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

"It looks like you guys should improve the strength you have" Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze.

"We understand." Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze understood, they started to refine their strength.

Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze benefited immensely, they benefited immensely when they absorbed Ye Chen's Yang Qi.

After several long hours, the two finally finished, they finally finished to stabilize the strength they had.

"How are you two?" Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze.

"we are fine" Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze said that they were very fine, they gained enormous benefits when they Dual Cultivation with Ye Chen.

Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze were still embarrassed, both of them were embarrassed when they came face to face with Ye Chen.

Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze remembered what they did with Ye Chen, both of them remembered what they did with Ye Chen and it was such a shame, they didn't expect that they would do such a thing with Ye Chen.

"Very good, then let's go back right now." Ye Chen invited Zhi Fuxe and Zhi Fuze to go back.

"I have to go, I can't go back with you to the academy" Zhi Fuxe told Ye Chen, she said that she couldn't go with Ye Chen and Zhi Fuze.

"Do you have anything important?" Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuxe.

"I have a few important things I need to do" Zhi Fuxe informed Ye Chen that she had important things that needed to be done.

She wanted to continue being with Ye Chen, too bad she couldn't do that.

"I can understand" Ye Chen could understand, he could understand what Zhi Fuxe wanted.

"then we will come back, you take good care of yourself" Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuxe, he told Zhi Fuxe to take good care of herself.

"Thank you very much, I will take good care of myself" Zhi Fuxe understood, she would take good care of herself and make sure that she was fine.

Ye Chen and Zhi Fuze left, as well as Zhi Fuxe left this place and returned to his place to finish things.

"what are you going to do next" Zhi Fuze asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know what Ye Chen would do next.

"I will go back to investigate the person who kidnapped you, this is troublesome and it might take some time to reveal everything" Ye Chen said to Zhi Fuze.

"So that's it, then I'll help too, I won't just stay silent like this" Zhi Fuze told Ye Chen, she said that she would help Ye Chen finish everything.

"I will rely on you" Ye Chen said that he would rely on Zhi Fuze.

Ye Chen believed in the abilities and strength that Zhi Fuze possessed, so he believed in the results that Zhi Fuze would achieve at this time.

The two of them came back, they saw that the construction was going on, the recovery process was very fast, the academy would soon return to how it was before.

Ye Chen parted ways with Zhi Fuze, they would exchange the information they had, both believed that they could work well together.

"husband, you and that woman?" Ye Xiu appeared near Ye Chen, hse asked Ye Chen's relationship with Zhi Fuze.

"You must already know" Ye Chen said to Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu must have known about this matter.

"I understand" Ye Xiu understood, she already understood Ye Chen's relationship.

"Did they make another flashy move?" Ye Chen asked Zhi Fuze.

"There are no strange movements, everything is under our control." Zhi Fuze informed him that everything was safe and there were no problems.

"good, keep it up well" Ye Chen was happy to hear this, it seemed that he didn't have to worry about this matter, this matter would be quickly resolved.

"let's go back" Ye Chen came back, he along with the others mingled with the students in the academy.



Several days have passed, in the past few days everything seems normal, nothing strange has happened for the past 1 week.

"There isn't any strange movement, could it be that they have given up already" Ye Chen said to Ye Xiu, Nanhua Caiyi and Cheng Mengyan.

"Maybe, they might as well have given up and come back" Ye Xiu agreed, this place was becoming verypeace once, there was no strange movement around this place.

"They might be more careful, after that incident, you have gotten them into trouble, so they won't be moving for a while.

"If they don't move, then we should start moving" Ye Chen said to Cheng Mengyan, Ye Xiu and Nanhua Caiyi.

"If we make a move, then it will make them hide even more, it will cause us all trouble in the future, we better eradicate them to the root" Cheng Mengyan said to Ye Chen.

"You might be right" Ye Chen agreed with what was said by Cheng Mengyan.

He had to completely clear Vengeance Fate Sect so that in the future there would be no such thing as Vengeance Fate Sect.

"Ye Chen, you are here" Chang Er came to Ye Chen, he came closer and hugged Ye Chen.

" what ! ! ! !" Everyone present was shocked when they saw what happened, they didn't expect that Chang Er would directly hug Ye Chen who was in front of her.

Chang Er was one of the beauties within this academy and had quite a number of pursuers, so it wasn't strange that everyone was shocked when they saw Chang Er hugging Ye Chen intimately like that.

Ye Chen was speechless when Chang Er hugged him, he could feel strong hostile gazes from all around when Chang Er hugged him.

"fufufufu" Cheng Mengyan, Ye Xiu and Nanhua Caiyi all smiled when they saw what happened, they looked very happy when they saw what happened.

"Who is that person that dares to act intimate with our goddess?" There were many male students who were angry at Ye Chen, they were all angry with what Ye Chen did.

to be honest Ye Chen didn't mean to do this, he didn't mean to do this with Chang Er.

"can you let me go, it seems like everyone is mad at us" Ye Chen said to Chang Er, he told Chang Er to let him go.

"no" Chang Er said to Ye Chen, she stuck out her tongue and used a mischievous look at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen's face darkened when he saw what Chang Er did, Ye Chen was speechless with what Chang Er did.

This woman must have done it on purpose, she must have wanted to make Ye Chen a public enemy.

Chang Er was indeed a mischievous girl, she always caused trouble for Ye Chen.

"damn I don't accept this" many men didn't accept what Ye Chen did, they all didn't accept what Ye Chen did to Chang Er.

Ye Chen was helpless with this problem, how should he solve this problem quickly.

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