Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 2417

2417 2417 took revenge

“Three bosses were killed? A Puny Heavenly Lake Continent has at most five undying godly monarchs, how can chief Liu and the rest be killed?”

“Could it be a scheme of the heavenly lake continent, purposely luring them over to kill them? Do they dare?”

In front of the Undying Godly monarch beast bones, the chairman of the Heavenly Beast Corporation stood there with a gloomy expression, growling in a low voice!

A thick killing intent surged from his body!

Three Undying God kings had fallen, this was a huge blow to their entire Heaven Beast Corporation!

Their entire corporation only had a dozen undying God kings!

Every god King had spent a huge amount of resources to nurture!

“Boss, this is a video from the Tian Ze continent’s AI!”

The subordinate who came to report also handed over a player with an ugly expression!

The Chairman of the Heavenly Beast Corporation received it and immediately opened it!

When he saw the scene in the video, his face revealed an extremely angry expression!


His palm slammed heavily on the table!

“Damn it!”

He could not help but let out an angry roar. His gaze was fixed on the seven figures in the video. His expression was extremely ugly!


He tapped on the AI in his hand, and the figures instantly disappeared!

“Chairman, why did you summon us here in such a hurry!”

Soon, five figures walked into a luxurious room located in the giant steel beast and said to the old man!

“Old Liu and the other two who went to the Tianze continent have fallen!”

The Chairman of the Heavenly Beast Group said with a gloomy face!


The five of them paused and looked shocked!

“How is this possible… Old Liu and the others…”

A middle-aged man opened his eyes wide!

Before he could say anything, the chairman of the Heaven Beast Corporation immediately played the video on the brain of the Heaven Lake Continent!

The video was recorded from their appearance until they were killed in more than five minutes!

“The sky god Emperor and sword God Emperor from the Tian Ze continent do not know the strength of their opponents at all, resulting in Old Liu and the others dying!”

The Chairman of the Heaven Beast Corporation roared softly!

If those two were still alive, he would definitely not let them off!

“What a terrifying assassination!”

“Is this the array formation? It can actually trap an undying God Emperor. This kind of array formation is something only the Magus Beast Pavilion has!”

The 5 looked at the footage, their faces filled with seriousness!

“Chairman, even though they are only undying level 1, there are a total of 7 of them, along with 2 peculiar assassins, they aren’t easy to deal with!”

An old man sat down slowly, his expression changing as he spoke!

“They aren’t easy to deal with, even if we use all of our strength, it’s not easy to destroy them all!”

A person beside him nodded in agreement!

The seven undying godly monarchs, even if they were only at the 1st rank, were still a considerable force!

Their Heavenly Beast Corporation’s strength was much stronger than this force, but they were not confident in completely annihilating them!

Undying Godly monarchs were very difficult to kill, especially since the enemy had two strange assassins!

If they could not wipe out the enemy in one fell swoop, they would be in big trouble in the future!

Especially those assassins. If they were to deal with the Heavenly Beast Corporation in the future, the Heavenly Beast Corporation would be in big trouble!

It was obviously impossible to send people to attack them directly!

However, how could the Heavenly Beast Corporation be willing to let the three godly monarchs of the Heavenly Beast Corporation die there?

The entire Heavenly Beast Corporation only had eighteen godly monarchs, and they had lost one-sixth of them!

“Chairman, is there any information on the Tian Ze Continent?”

An elder asked!

“This can connect to the Tian Ze continent’s AI!”

The Chairman of the Heaven Beast Group threw a AI over, frowning slightly!

For a moment, the entire room fell silent, everyone looked at the information the Elder was searching for!

“The chances of revenge aren’t high, if we fight them to the death, the other two mysterious assassins are a huge problem, the seven undying godly monarchs are a little troublesome!”

“However, this matter can not be settled so easily. We can only take some revenge. It’s best not to let the other side attack us!”

The old man controlling the AI said as he looked at the information about the Tian Ze continent!


The Chairman of the Heaven Beast Group gestured to him!

“The Dragon Palace that killed chief Liu and the other two will announce its establishment three days later. At that time, all the powers and warriors of the Tian Ze continent will probably head over!”

“At that time, we will know where the other side’s nest is, however that doesn’t mean that their undying country is there!”

“According to the information in their AI, there are 15 to 16 undying Emperor Sea Monsters in their ocean, and there might even be undying level 2 beings amongst them. However, some of them don’t like the living environment above and haven’t attacked humans!”

“However, the Dragon Palace is built in the underground ocean, this is an opportunity, we can attract the undying sea monsters to attack the Dragon Palace!”

As the old man spoke, he looked at the surrounding people and revealed his plan!

“More than 10 undying sea monsters attacking them? We Can’t destroy them!”

A bald old man frowned!

“Don’t even think about completely destroying them, the ideal is for them to lose a few undying kings, the best is for the two mysterious assassins to die, as long as they die, Our Heavenly Beast Group can attack them directly, we are not afraid of them taking revenge!”

The elder immediately said!

“The chances of exterminating the other party are very small. Old Hong’s method is feasible, but we have to be prepared. If the other party really suffers heavy losses, we can directly attack!”

“By making the continent’s underground sea undying godly monarch sea monster attack, we can use the ownerless law fragments to attract it. Furthermore, the most important thing is to rely on the Sky Valley king beast to persuade the desolate beasts to attack!”

“Those who dare to Kill Our Heaven Beast Corporation will have to pay a heavy price. If we can’t destroy them this time, there will be a next time!”

The Chairman of the Heaven Beast Corporation immediately decided as he roared with a grim expression!

“There’s no need to rush to deal with such enemies. They are weaker than us to begin with. If we can’t find an opportunity in ten years, then let’s wait a hundred years. One day, we will be able to completely destroy them!”

The other five nodded coldly!

If not for the fear of affecting the business of the Heaven Beast Corporation, they would not be so apprehensive!

But even so, the other party had to pay a heavy price!

For this, they did not hesitate to use their strongest battle pet of the Heaven Beast Corporation, the Sky Valley King Beast!

The Sky Valley King Beast was a level two undying god King battle pet. It was also the strongest battle pet of their Heaven Beast Corporation!

Desolate beasts could communicate with each other easily. They were confident that they could make all the immortal god King Sea Monsters in the Underground Sea Attack!

After all, the Dragon Palace’s territory was in the underground sea. If it was on land, this method would not work!

“Leave this matter to chief Bei!”

The Chairman of the Heaven Beast Corporation looked at the oldest elder and said!

The Heavenly Beast Corporation’s northern demon life, the second strongest person in the Heavenly Beast Corporation, was also the owner of the Sky Valley King Beast!

He would handle this matter and there wouldn’t be any problems!

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