I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2480 - Untitled

Chapter 2480: Untitled

He claimed to know Qiao Mianmian and Mo Yesi and the inside story of their flash marriage very well. Moreover, he said everything in detail, unlike other pieces of news that were ambiguous, so most of the netizens believed him.

After all, netizens were fence-sitters.

They didn’t know Qiao Mianmian well enough to trust her.

They believed whoever made sense and revealed the truth.

Moreover, Qiao Mianmian did marry Mo Yesi a few days after breaking up with Su Ze.

Hence, the two of them didn’t have any feelings for each other back then.

Since they didn’t have any feelings for each other, and Qiao Mianmian’s status was ordinary back then, Mo Yesi must have had a special reason for marrying her.

Someone had already revealed that Mo Yesi was ill, and only Qiao Mianmian could cure him.

Qiao Mianmian probably used this as a bargaining chip to get Mo Yesi to agree to marry her.

The netizens started analyzing like Sherlock Holmes.

“I think this news is very credible. Back then, Qiao Mianmian was nothing. Why did such an outstanding man agree to marry her? If you say love at first sight, I won’t believe it. Shen Rou once said that Mo Yesi has misogyny, but it won’t act up with Qiao Mianmian. But back then, everyone thought that Shen Rou was jealous of Qiao Mianmian’s nonsense, so not many people believed her. Now that I think about it, Shen Rou’s words should be true.”

“Shen Rou and Mo Yesi have known each other for over 20 years, and the two families are aristocratic. She must know the inside story.”

“If the Mo and Shen families are interested in a marriage alliance, then the person marrying Mo Yesi should have been Shen Rou. I think the person Mo Yesi really likes is Shen Rou. He must have had no choice but to marry Qiao Mianmian. He and Shen Rou have known each other for so many years. Before Qiao Mianmian, Mo Yesi only had Shen Rou as a female friend. The two of them are about the same age, and their families are compatible. Both of them are outstanding. I don’t believe that Mo Yesi has never had feelings for her.”

“So, Qiao Mianmian broke them up?”

“If Qiao Mianmian was just an ordinary college student, how did she know Mo Yesi? Just based on this point, we can see that she’s really scheming.”

“Then, did she cheat? If she did it first, Qiao Anxin and Su Ze are innocent.”

“I helped you sort out the timeline. Qiao Mianmian broke up with Su Ze first and married Mo Yesi in secret within a week. Then, she took on a role in Bai Yusheng’s show and was recognized by the Bai family. Now, as the person who exposed the news said, their marriage should have become stable. She has also stabilized her position as the Young Madam of the Mo family.

“In the future, be it in the entertainment industry or other industries, she can get whatever she wants easily.

“There’s one more thing you’ve forgotten. Shen Rou and Mo Yesi were good friends, and the Shen and Mo families were long-time friends. But when the Shen family was in trouble, the Mo family didn’t help. Isn’t that strange? Now it seems like Qiao Mianmian is behind it. This woman is really scary. Just because of her, the Mo and Shen families became enemies. Shen Rou and Mo Yesi are now enemies too. After settling the issue of family background incompatibility and Mo Yesi’s childhood sweetheart, she’s no longer a threat. She can indeed sit firmly on the seat of Young Madam Mo.”

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