illicit relationship

Chapter 1534 Kiss

Chapter 1534 Kiss

Xiao Tian was shocked after hearing Xi Ran's words.

'Lady Xi, are you sure?'

He was fine with their order, but he felt sorry for Xi Ran.

First, they told her to kiss him, and now, they asked her to do something lewder.

It was as if they wanted to play with Xi Ran's feelings!

'I should not have agreed to their rule earlier.'

He suddenly regretted agreeing to their rule.

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang were pleasantly surprised. "What is it?"

"You two have to wait outside." Xi Ran told them to wait outside because, with this, they would not be able to see it.

"Then how can we know you are not lying to us?" Leng Nichang disagreed with Xi Ran's condition because she wanted to see them have a deep kiss.

Xi Xingyi had told her what Xi Ran did with Xiao Tian yesterday, so she knew about their relationship.

Xi Ran could not answer Leng Nichang's question because a deep kiss did not leave a mark like a hickey.

"Then how about we close our eyes?" Xi Xingyi gave an idea. "With this, we can't see anything, and we can also tell if you lied to us or not."

Xi Ran touched her chin.

'It's a good idea, but….'

She shifted her gaze from her mother to Xiao Tian.

"What do you think, Xiao Tian?" Xi Ran asked for his opinion.

"Lady Xi, it's not a good idea." He would not let Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang play with Xi Ran's feelings.

'Just what are they trying to achieve from this order?'

Even though he would get benefit from their order, but he did not want to take advantage of the situation this time.

The reason was simple.

It was because many bad things had happened to Xi Ran!

"Ladies, can you change your order? You are bullying us, you know?" he tried to make Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang change their order. "Or do you want to be punished by me later?"

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang exchanged a glance with each other before finally answering in unison. "You can punish us later, but you have to do what we say now."

Xi Ran grabbed his right hand and spoke, "It's fine, Xiao Tian. We lost the game, so we have to listen to their words."

Maybe because she was an upright person, or perhaps because they were her mother and best friend, but at that time, she began to accept their order.

Xiao Tian did not say anything and only glanced at Xi Ran.

'I will follow your words.'

He would do it if Xi Ran agreed to listen to their order.

"Both of you can stand next to us, but you two have to cover your faces with your jackets. Do you agree?" Xi Ran voiced out her idea.

"We agreed." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang replied in unison.

The duo then made Xiao Tian sit on the couch.

"Do it here." Xi Xingyi stated.

Xi Ran looked at her mother before finally sitting on Xiao Tian's lap, facing him. "Now, cover your face with your jacket."

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang walked to the chairs to take their jackets.

After that, they stood one meter away from Xiao Tian and Xi Ran before finally covering their faces with their jackets.

"We have covered our faces." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang said in unison.

Xi Ran then returned her attention to Xiao Tian.

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

Her heart suddenly beat fast!

'Why is my heart beating fast again?'

She had already had a deep kiss with Xiao Tian a few times, so she thought her heart would not beat fast anymore, but she was wrong.

She was utterly wrong because her heart started to beat faster when she looked at his handsome face up close.

'Is it because Nichang and my mother are beside us?'

Even though their faces were covered by their jackets, but it still gave the same sensation.

'I need to get this over with quickly.'

She cupped his face as she looked into his black eyes.

Unlike Xi Ran, Xiao Tian could behave normally. Actually, he still felt sorry for her because her mother and best friend were bullying her.

'I will punish them later.'

He decided to punish Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang later.

"Are you guys doing that right now?" Xi Xingyi threw a question.

"Remember. You have to do it for ten seconds." Leng Nichang added.

"I will do it now." after saying that, Xi Xan brought her face closer to his.

At first, Xiao Tian thought they would try to fool Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang, but he was wrong because Xi Ran pressed her lips against his shortly after that.

Xi Ran always kept her promise, so if she said she would kiss him passionately, she would really do that.

And she had already had a passionate kiss with him a few times, so doing it once again was not a big deal for her.

After all, they had done it before, and she was also in love with him.

Xi Ran placed her hands on his shoulders after putting her pink tongue into his mouth. Sure, her mother and best friend stood close to them, but they were covering their faces.

Of course, Xi Ran did not know that Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang were peeking through their jackets.

'She is really doing it.'

They were pleased because they had achieved their goal now.

Yes, their goal was to make Xi Ran and Xiao Tian have a passionate kiss in front of them!

At first, Xiao Tian felt sorry for Xi Ran, but he instantly used his skills when she put her tongue into his mouth.

'I'm indeed a bad and a pervert young man.'

He wrapped his arms around Xi Ran's slender waist.

Xi Ran did nothing and kept moving her tongue lewdly because she had guessed something like this would happen.

'It feels good.'

She began to lose herself in pleasure.

She knew having a passionate kiss with Xiao Tian was dangerous because he was skilled at deep kissing, but that was the main reason why she agreed to do it with him.

It was because it gave her pleasure!

Xi Ran was a normal lady, so she also enjoyed pleasure.

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang, who were peeking through their jackets, giggled happily.

'It seems like she really enjoys it.'

They told her to do it for ten seconds, but it had been over ten seconds now.

This showed one meaning.

Xi Ran enjoyed the kiss!

'I suddenly want to have a deep kiss with him too.'

Xi Xingyi suddenly desired to have a passionate kiss with him after she saw them enjoying the kiss.

'I will ask him to kiss me later.'

She would ask him to kiss her after they stopped the kiss.

At this moment, Xi Ran finally came to her senses.

'I lost control of myself.'

She then turned her head to look at her mother and Leng Nichang, checking whether they were peeking or not.

'Thank god they are not peeking.'

She had no idea that her mother and best friend knew what she had done to him.

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