I'll Teach You, Marianne.

Chapter 369 - The Destiny Of The Clarke Family

While Luis explained, Mr. David Clarke didn't open his mouth at all. He listened seriously to everything the assistant had to say. 

"At first, I didn't believe it either, sir, but after getting reports from our two men who are currently in London, I finally believed it," said Luis slowly closing his report.

"Do you believe in destiny, Luis?" asked Mr. David Clarke suddenly.

"I don't know sir, I'm too old to believe such things," replied Luis flatly. Since losing all his family to the negligence of his late wife's parents, Luis did not believe in such things and chose to devote the rest of his life to the Clarke family.

Mr. David Clarke removed the glasses that were attached to his face. "I've also been very disappointed with destiny, Luis.. Since I lost Calvin and Megan, I started blaming fate and then added Alan's death to it. It felt like the sky was falling over my head, the bloodline that I was proud of was destroyed in no time. I started blaming God for what happened to Alan and that it was the same as when I lost my wife and only son Calvin. But finally God gave me a miracle. He sent Jack to me, my other grandson in a state of memory loss. That's why now I believe that everything that happened was arranged very well by fate, just like what happened to the girl now, Luis. She was separated from Jack for more than two years and now she has come to Luxembourg and is reunited with Jack in Alan's memory. Let them be, Luis. I have borrowed Jack's freedom once to seek justice for Alan and now I don't want to spoil his happiness again. From the start, the girl was destined by God for Jack. I dare not go against God's will, help Jack to keep the girl beside him. Take care of all the problems at her campus in London, I entrust everything to you."

Luis opened his mouth wide. He couldn't believe what his master had just said. Because all this time his master had always forbade his grandson to do that kind of thing, having a contractual relationship with girls. But this time, his master actually supported what his favorite grandson was doing.

"Do you understand, Luis?" asked David Clarke again.

"Y-yes sir, I understand," said Luis, stammering.

Mr. David Clarke smiled. When he was not wearing his glasses, he appeared like a totally different person; an old man who really misses the warmth of his family, an old man who is left alone by his loved ones. An old man who lived with regret and sadness until finally God gave him one more chance to be happy by bringing Jack into his life.

Even without wearing glasses, Mr. David Clarke could still see quite clearly at close range. He smiled when he saw the beautiful photo of Anne that Luis previously gave.

"What's this girl's name?"

"Marianne. She's an orphan girl who comes from a poor family in Germany. She went to England about four or five years ago. This lady currently owns a small flower shop that employs a young man and her best friend as employees," Luis replied quickly giving report about Anne to the master.

Mr. David Clarke pursed his lips. "A hard worker, she really is a wonderful girl. No wonder Jack liked her."

"Miss Anne is also very smart sir, almost perfect scores in every subject." Luis again gave information about Anne.

"Good, my grandchildren would be perfect if they were born from a woman like her," said Mr. David Clarke with a big smile.



Hearing the words of the master, Luis suddenly coughed. He choked on his own saliva because he was very surprised to hear the words his master had just said.

"What's wrong with you, Luis?" asked Mr. David Clarke surprised. "You're not eating or drinking, but why are you coughing all of a sudden?"

Luis, who had just drank some water, immediately put the bottle back on the table. "I'm fine sir, just a little..."


Luis nodded his head like a child in response to the question of Mr. Clarke, who was now laughing out loud.

"I want them to marry, Luis," said Mr. David Clarke again.

"Are you serious, sir?!!!" Luis shouted spontaneously with wide eyes.

"Very serious, but for now, don't discuss this with Jack. Let everything flow like water. One thing I want to do as soon as possible is to meet this girl named Marianne. I want to get to know her more personally," replied Mr. David Clarke with a smile. His eyes seemed to sparkle when he talked about Jack and Anne's marriage.


Luis gasped. He finally noticed a very noticeable change from his master. Having been with David Clarke for more than twenty years had made him very familiar with his master's each and every gestures and body languages, and this was the first time he saw his master, whose health began to fail, had such high spirits. 

"Yes sir, I will do everything well. You don't have to worry, the young master and Miss Marianne's wedding will definitely happen," said Luis, quickly holding back tears of emotion.

Mr. David Clarke took a deep breath while closing his eyes tightly. Slowly, his wrinkled lips said. "Yolanda, be patient .... Let me watch our descendants continue, be patient, my wife."

Luis' tears finally flowed down his face. He couldn't stop himself from shedding the tears that he had been holding back for a long time. Finally he burst into tears. Every time he heard his master mention the name of his wife who had died more than 40 years ago, Luis got carried away. He knew how lonely and miserable his master was due to all his selfishness when he was young. That was why Luis vowed to continue to stand by David Clarke's side until the end of his life. Although the commander where he worked before still asked him to return to duty, Luis firmly refused. He would rather be an assistant to David Clarke than return to work as a police officer, a job that cost him so much precious time with his loved ones that he lost them forever.

* * *

< Alan's Private Villa> 

Meanwhile, at the villa where Alan and Anne were staying, it was already very crowded. The reason was that, at the moment, there were already two pick up cars carrying fresh food ingredients to the villa on Nicholas' orders. Since Alan said he would live with Anne in the villa, he then replenished the food stock in the food warehouse with fresh ones.

"Remember not to store them wrong, beef, lamb, chicken and fish are placed in different freezers. I don't want to receive a report from the chef that you have misplaced the ingredients," Nicholas said loudly, giving instructions to all the workers who were loading all kinds of food stuff to the refrigerators.

"Yes sir," said about ten men in unison.

Nicholas went back to check the other ingredients. Before they were placed in the storage, he had to make sure that the expiration dates of the ingredients were good for the safety of the master, who was about to start a new life with Anne at the villa.

Alan, who was on the second floor, could hear the noise that was going on below. He had been sitting in the chair right next to the bed where Anne was lying for more than four hours, during which he never leave Anne's side. 

"Why don't you wake up, Anne? What actually happens to you? Wake up, Anne, I can't watch you like this," Alan said softly as he touched Anne's hand which was attached to an IV needle.


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