I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 41 - Setting Goals  

Chapter 41: Setting Goals

In the core area of the Chu family’s ancestral residence, a few elders who were in seclusion were suddenly miraculously enlightened.

Their spiritual will and spiritual power, which had fused into the void, suddenly began to condense.

Their spiritual power also rapidly began to fuse with their spiritual will.

It was as if they had been blessed by a mysterious existence. In an instant, they all broke through to the unity realm.

The family elders widened their eyes in shock.

How did they break through all of a sudden?

Moreover, during the breakthrough, their auras had not been exposed.

Although they did not understand what was going on, the clan elders were pleasantly surprised. As long as their auras were not exposed, they could continue to stay hidden in the Chu family.

These elders were the trump cards of the Chu family. If ever the family was faced with a dire crisis, they would forcefully break through to the unity realm and strive to resolve the crisis.

However, they had now broken through with nary a sound. Moreover, their auras had not been exposed in the process. This meant that they could continue their secret cultivation and become even stronger.

When they were called upon in the future, they would give their enemies a huge surprise.

Chu Xuan was somewhat surprised. Those elders had broken through?

They must have been affected by the power of his divine soul.

The elders had been on the verge of breaking through this entire time. The power of his divine soul and domain had covered the Chu family’s territory, and it seemed that just that little bit of power was enough to make the elders break through uncontrollably.

The moment the elders broke through, Chu Xuan discovered a precious artifact in the core area of the Chu family’s ancestral residence. This artifact had been mysteriously activated, and seemed to be absorbing the auras of those elders.

His curiosity was piqued, so he concentrated his divine soul power to take a closer look.

It actually turned out to be a transmission-type precious artifact.

It appeared to be absorbing the auras of these new unity realm experts and then transmitting them to a certain place.


The Chu family did not have a unity realm expert. It was likely that this expert had deliberately suppressed their breakthrough and had left once it was no longer possible to do so.

Chu Xuan was merely a direct descendant who did not possess any influence in the family. He would naturally never come into contact with such secrets.

However, this did not bother him at all. Nothing mattered so long as it did not affect his seclusion in his courtyard.

He condensed the power of his divine soul slightly and sealed the treasure’s ability to collect aura.

His strength continued to rise, advancing toward the second level of the Emperor realm.

“You have broken through to the Emperor realm. You have been rewarded with the Great Luo Heavenly Scripture, the Great Luo Divine Technique, and the Great Luo Immortal Scripture.”

After he broke through to the Emperor realm, the system’s reward soon followed.

It was actually the enhanced version of the Great Luo Emperor Scripture.

Once he received the rewards, the related information and knowledge flooded his mind.

After mastering the cultivation methods recorded in the two immortal scriptures, Chu Xuan sensed his foundation and strength solidifying even further.

The two cultivation methods did not conflict with each other, but rather complemented each other very well.


Second-level of the Emperor realm!

After breaking through to the second level of the Emperor realm, his hundred years’ worth of cultivation reward was exhausted.

Chu Xuan opened his eyes and examined his own strength. At this moment, he was full of confidence.

There was no Emperor in the Southern Region, which meant that he was currently the only Emperor in this vast region!

Unless an Emperor realm or above powerhouse came from outside the Southern Region, there was nothing and no one he had to fear in this land.

Moreover, even if there was such a powerhouse, they had no reason to come to the Chu family’s territory to cause trouble for him.

Therefore, he no longer had to worry about the evil imperial court.

He would kill every heretic that came!

Moreover, given his Emperor realm strength, he would be able to kill those intruders silently. He no longer had to worry about exposing his strength.


The Heavenly Spirit Cat jumped onto his shoulder and rubbed its head against his.

“Little cat, hurry up and break through.”

The cat was already at the ninth level of the unity realm, and was on the verge of breaking through to the truth realm.

With its talent, it would not be long before it too broke through to the Emperor realm.

Moreover, as Chu Xuan’s cultivation increased, the growth of his pets would also accelerate.

The Sky-shaking Golden Roc flew over, and the Spirit-devouring Flower stretched out a branch that held a blooming flower. It was exceptionally beautiful.

It would not take long for the Sky-shaking Golden Roc and the Heavenly Spirit Cat to break through to the Emperor realm. Once they did, it would be more convenient for him to do certain things.

The Spirit Devouring Flower was a little bit more special. It would take a longer time for it to reach the Emperor realm.

That being said, Chu Xuan was in possession of many treasures that could accelerate this process.

“I cannot lose sight of my goal of reaching the Heaven realm.”

Chu Xuan warned himself not to let all this get to his head. The Emperor realm was not his final destination.

Above the emperor realm were the Supreme and Heaven realms.

He would only gain a stable foothold in the vast world once he reached the Heaven realm, as Heaven realm cultivators were considered top existences in this vast world.

“I’ll strive to break through to the Supreme realm within ten years!”

Chu Xuan set himself a small goal for the near future.

After breaking through to the Emperor realm, his cultivation speed would slow down. However, breaking through to the Supreme realm within ten years should not pose too much of a problem.

After all, the system would occasionally reward him with a few hundred years’ worth of cultivation, and other items, spiritual medicines and tools that would increase his speed of cultivation.

Moreover, he would soon make use of the lucky mystic realm.

The laws of Heaven and Earth in the Southern Region were slowly being restored. Once this was discovered, it was unknown when the experts from other regions would come over and try to occupy this territory.

Qin Keyun, who was the reincarnation of a demon, had appeared. It could be predicted that the current balance in the Southern Region would see some drastic shifts in the future.

However, there would probably not be too much chaos within the upcoming ten years.

He still had enough confidence that he would be able to break through to the Supreme realm within ten years.

The Supreme realm involved the transformation of the power of one’s domain.

As the saying went, “I am supreme within this domain, and even the emperor has to kneel before me.”

Beyond that, the Heaven Realm represented another huge improvement, similar to the huge gap between the truth realm and the Emperor realm.

With that being said, Supreme realm cultivators were also considered powerhouses in this vast world.


Chu Xuan lay down on the deck chair, feeling particularly happy. With every breakthrough he achieved, his confidence grew, and he became infinitely closer to his goal of living a comfortable and stress-free life.

Looking around the small courtyard, Chu Xuan suddenly felt that he lacked servants to carry out chores around his residence.

Or perhaps maids?

Beautiful maids were pleasing to the eye. In that sense, they were much better than servants.

Chu Xuan glanced at the lucky mystic realm in the system space and suddenly thought of something.

Should he take it out and put it inside the courtyard for the time being?

Those who could stumble upon the lucky mystic realm were people with great luck.

If he put it in the courtyard, perhaps it would help him to attract some people with great luck?

The men would be accepted as disciples, while the women would be accepted as maids.

Chu Xuan’s heart was stirred.

He had to stay at home and could not leave the small courtyard.

He wanted someone by his side to listen to his instructions and work for him.

Unfortunately, Zhang Kui and Dong Qian were heretic cultivators, and were wanted throughout the Southern Region. If they appeared openly, they would be easily killed.

Moreover, these two people were not very talented, so there was little value in nurturing them; they could be used as errand boys at best.

Moreover, Chu Xuan also had some thoughts regarding the Black Moon Tower.

It was a large force that had its roots spread throughout the Southern Region and beyond. It sold all kinds of intel, cultivation methods and treasures, and also accepted all kinds of commissions.

Black Moon Tower operated in a wide scope of different businesses and areas.

If he could control the Black Moon Tower, he would be completely aware of the going-ons and happenings around the Southern Region despite being confined to his small courtyard.

Presently, he was already at the second level of the Emperor realm.

He had to keep a low profile and infiltrate the organization slowly. With the soul seed seal at his disposal, he would be able to conceal his actions from the top experts of the Black Moon Tower.

In addition, once he broke through to the Heaven realm, he would then deal with the mastermind behind the Black Moon Tower and become the biggest boss of the Black Moon Tower.

All this required manpower; he needed people to handle various tasks and missions so that his plans would be able to reach fruition. Thinking this, Chu Xuan took out the lucky mystic realm.

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