I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 25 - Enlightenment Tea  

Chapter 25: Enlightenment Tea

Chu Xuan received the seven-colored divine light, and it immediately covered his body, making him look like an immortal god.

The seven-colored divine light unparalleled defensive capabilities. It would defend against physical, as well as soul-based, attacks.

Moreover, once the seven-colored divine light was activated, his entire body would be bathed in the divine light. He would appear mysterious, powerful, and divine, just like a legendary divine being.

Chu Xuan was very satisfied. With the seven-colored divine light on his body, he was unparalleled in terms of acting cool!

Although he did not want to go out right now, there would always be a chance to act cool later.

Moreover, once he became invincible, he naturally had to go out and have fun. Would he then not have the chance to act cool?

How comfortable!

Chu Xuan stretched his limbs and continued to read.

This miscellaneous book recorded many strange things in the Southern Region, including the miserable life of a particular evil king of the evil imperial court.

This evil king had once castrated himself in order to master a powerful cultivation technique when he was young. After he had successfully cultivated it, he had wanted to seek revenge on his enemy.

In the end, he sadly discovered that the cultivation technique mastered by his enemy was even more powerful than his. Not to mention that his enemy had not even needed to castrate himself!

His enemy was even happily married to the woman he loved.

The evil king’s mind was thrown into chaos. He became mad and twisted. In the end, he actually sacrificed a million people in order to recover his male organs.

It was said that the blood devil technique that was passed down in the evil imperial court was created by this evil king!

He used this powerful devil technique to restore his male organs, kill his enemies, and take back the woman he once loved.

In the end, after the woman was taken back by him, she said coldly and disdainfully, “Compared to him, you are just too soft and boring!”

After hearing these words, the evil king went mad on the spot and died just like that!

Chu Xuan clicked his tongue in wonder. The life of that evil king was truly tragic.

In the evening, a steward arrived from the ancestral residence.

“Thirteenth young master, the Patriarch wishes for you to return to the ancestral residence!”

Chu Xuan was stunned. What was going on with this cheap grandfather of his, Chu Tianming?

Why did he suddenly want him to return to the ancestral residence?

Did Chu Yun plead for mercy on his behalf?

No, she was still breaking through to the third level of the profound realm and had not left closed-door cultivation yet, right?

It was impossible for her to have returned to the ancestral residence.

“I’m not going back. I’m living very comfortably here!”

Chu Xuan refused him flatly.

What kind of joke was this? He had been staying in the courtyard for almost a year. If he returned now, would not the record of staying in the courtyard for so long be wasted?

The living area of this house was bound to this courtyard.

If he wanted to bind it to another place after he left, and the system said that it had a cooldown period, how would he then become stronger quickly?

The steward was stunned. He had not expected Chu Xuan to refuse.

Was the thirteenth young master acting up in a fit of rage?

That had to be it. After being chased out of the ancestral residence by the patriarch, he was consumed by anger and would not return easily.

“Thirteenth young master, the patriarch said that he will overlook your past mistakes. You can return to the ancestral residence and live there.”

“Go away. I said that I’m not going back. It’s more comfortable here!”

Chu Xuan waved his hand and said impatiently.

The steward had no choice but to go back and report this to Chu Tianming.

Without Chu Tianming’s order, he did not dare to forcefully bring him back.

“You refused to return to the ancestral residence and chose to continue staying here. You’ve been rewarded with a box of enlightenment tea.”

A random reward from the system had made its appearance again.

Chu Xuan was overjoyed and examined the details of the enlightenment tea.

Enlightenment tea could help cultivators comprehend the true meaning of Heaven and Earth and break through the bottleneck of the truth realm!

The truth realm was about comprehending the true meaning of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, it was not easy to break through the truth realm.

It was easy to reach the unity realm, but difficult to break through to the truth realm!

The reason behind this was because, in order to break through to the truth realm, one had to comprehend the true meaning of Heaven and Earth.

Only by grasping this strand of ‘true meaning’ could one break through the truth realm.

The spirit realm was about spiritual power taking form and displaying a certain degree of control. The void realm was about merging one’s spiritual power and spiritual will with the void, allowing them to fuse and become formless and concealed.

The unity realm was about the transformation of spiritual power and spiritual will, and fusing and sublimating void and reality. This was the unity realm.

And the truth realm was the comprehension of the true meaning of Heaven and Earth!

The transformation of spiritual power and spiritual will into reality!

A streak of spiritual power could be turned into a rabbit. It looked entirely real and not fake, and did not appear to have been constructed from spiritual power.

This was the comprehension of true meaning!

To reach this step, one needed both extremely high innate talent as well as comprehension ability.

Many people were considered elites until they reached the unity realm. Their journey was smooth and without hindrance, and they cultivated to the unity realm very quickly.

However, they became stuck at the threshold of the truth realm, and were unable to advance an inch.

Countless people had been stuck at the unity realm for their entire lives and were unable to comprehend true meaning and break through to the truth realm.

The enlightenment tea could help people comprehend the true meaning of Heaven and Earth.

It was obvious how precious it was!

Any treasure that could help people comprehend true meaning was very rare and precious.

Once one entered the truth realm, their strength would undergo a tremendous transformation.

A single strand of spiritual power could easily be turned into an object and be used to kill a unity realm expert.

It was no exaggeration to say that even ten peak unity realm experts would not be able to defeat a truth realm expert.

Chu Xuan was already at the eighth level of the unity realm, and he was about to enter the ninth level.

No matter how confident he was, it would have taken him more time to break through to the truth realm.

However, with the enlightenment tea, he could greatly shorten the time needed to break through.

In fact, with the help of a cup of tea, he could even break through to the ninth level of the unity realm.

Chu Xuan was elated and immediately brewed a pot of tea for himself.

No one could force him to leave this small courtyard!

It was impossible for him to return to the ancestral residence.

Chu Tianming flew into a rage. After he returned from the Black Moon Tower, he found that he dearly missed his third son, Chu Qiuluo. He thought that no matter what, Chu Xuan was still his third son’s only son, so he softened his heart and asked someone to bring him back.

In the end, Chu Xuan did not appreciate his kindness and was actually unwilling to come back in a fit of rage!

“Don’t bother about him. He likes to stay there, right? Then just let him be!”

Chu Tianming was so angry that he smashed his teacup to the ground!

Chu Xuan did not care about whether Chu Tianming had flown into a rage or whether he smashed the teacup to the ground. After all, it was best if he did not allow Chu Xuan to return to the ancestral residence. After drinking a cup of tea, many profound concepts suddenly became clear in his mind.

He closed his eyes and savored the comprehension effect of the enlightenment tea.

His strength, which was originally at the eighth level of the unity realm, slowly rose and he broke through to the ninth level of the unity realm.

After putting down the teacup, Chu Xuan even managed to gain some comprehension regarding the true meaning of Heaven and Earth.

He believed that, by drinking a pot of true enlightenment tea every day and comprehending the true meaning of Heaven and Earth, it would not be a difficult thing for him to break through to the truth realm before the one-year period arrived.

A few days later, Chu Yun successfully broke through to the third level of the profound realm and left her closed-door cultivation.

The moment she came out of seclusion, the first thing she did was to come over to the small courtyard.

She flipped through the insights that Chu Xuan had prepared for her and said with a sigh, “Third uncle is indeed worthy of being the person who suppressed the cultivators of Qin Kingdom with his strength.”

“Thirteenth brother, you have to work hard in your cultivation. You can’t be so lazy. You shouldn’t besmirch third uncle’s reputation.”

Turning back to look at Chu Xuan, who was lying lazily on the reclining chair, Chu Yun said with a frown.

“You wouldn’t understand. It’s really comfortable to live like this. It’s so boring to work hard and cultivate every day.”

Chu Xuan poured himself another cup of tea and replied while tasting it.

“Come over and try this tea.”

The enlightenment tea could be drunk at any realm. It could lay the foundation for comprehending the true meaning of Heaven and Earth in advance.

Chu Yun took a sip of the tea, and she found it fragrant and delicious. It was much more delicious than any tea she had ever drunk.

Moreover, her mind became clear, and it seemed as if she could vaguely comprehend some things in her mind.

“This tea?”

Chu Yun drank the whole cup of tea, and her eyes lit up. “This tea is so delicious. It also seems to have some other special effects. I feel that my whole body is much more energetic now.”

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