I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 13 - Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture, Extreme Dao Technique  

Chapter 13: Heaven’s Fate Saber Scripture, Extreme Dao Technique

The He family had already recalled their experts to their family’s territory, and were doing their best to eliminate the poisonous smoke and fire. However, even if they successfully did so, that portion of the territory would still be affected to a certain extent.

Once news of this matter was out, the Zhao clan also gathered their experts to defend their territory.

Even the royal family of the Qin Kingdom also recalled many experts to guard their important defensive locations.

The Chu family also recalled a portion of their experts, and the defenses around the family’s territory were once again strengthened.

As the person who initiated this purge of the heretic cult, and the one who had also destroyed the cult’s long-held plans, Chu Tianming knew very well that the Chu family must have already become a thorn in the flesh of the heretic cult.

What he was puzzled about was why the heretic cult had chosen to act upon the He family first?

After the He family suffered that blow, it would be several times more difficult for the cult to launch a surprise attack on the Chu family.

Were the cultists out of their minds?

Chu Xuan could not help but mourn for the He family. The cult had attacked the Chu family again and again, but were foiled by him time and time again, resulting in them switching their target to the He family.

However, the purge of the heretic cult would continue. The He family would not give up after suffering such a big loss.

Although the family had recalled some of the stronger experts to defend the territory, they sent out a seventh-level void realm expert to pursue and kill the experts of the heretic cult.

A seventh-level void realm expert was already considered to be a peak expert in the Qin Kingdom.

For a period of time in the future, there would be no more cultists trying to sneak into the territory.

Every day, Chu Xuan would hear news about the cult from the servants.

The forces of the cult in Chu County had lost at least 60% of their overall strength.

They had suffered an unprecedented major blow.

Chu Tianming was becoming more and more satisfied with Chu Qing, and it was almost certain that he would become the next patriarch of the Chu family.

Half a year!

Chu Xuan had been residing in the courtyard for half a year.

For half a year, he had not left the courtyard. Every day, he would either read a book, play with the cat, or sleep soundly. His days passed very comfortably.


Such a word did not exist in his dictionary.

Whenever he thought about the dangers outside, and the fact that he could become stronger by staying indoors, he felt that there was no way he could think of such a wonderful thing as boring.

His cultivation had broken through to the void realm.

Chu Xuan transformed his spiritual will and spiritual power and spread them over a hundred-meter radius around the courtyard.

Within this area, not even the slightest movement could escape his notice.

Moreover, he could silently launch an attack on anyone who stepped into this area.

The hallmark of a void realm expert was the ability to merge one’s spiritual will and spiritual power with the void, almost as if merging one’s entire person into the void.

On the other hand, the hallmark of the unity realm was the merging of spiritual will and spiritual power into both the void and reality. After merging them into one, one would be considered to have reached the unity realm.

In half a year’s time, he had cultivated from the mortal realm to the void realm at an unprecedented speed.

Now that he was at the void realm, Chu Xuan finally felt that he had some ability to protect himself in the Qin Kingdom.

With the various rewards he had obtained, he was not afraid of facing even a peak void realm expert.

What he cultivated was an emperor-level scripture!

“You have been in seclusion for half a year. Your reward is the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture. Keep up the good work and continue to explore the pleasures of seclusion.”

The reward for his half a year period of seclusion had arrived.

The Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture was an Extreme Dao technique.

In terms of grade, it surpassed the emperor-level scripture.

However, as it was an Extreme Dao technique, its grade was a little hard to define.

Extreme Dao techniques focused on cultivating one’s Dao to the limits, or to the extreme so to speak.

The Extreme Dao was best represented by the word ‘extreme’!

To cultivate an Extreme Dao technique was actually very demanding. It was not something that could be successfully cultivated simply because one was talented.

Chu Xuan was not a person who could cultivate an Extreme Dao technique. However, after he received the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture, he naturally comprehended it thanks to the help of the system.

However, he could not be considered a cultivator of the Extreme Dao technique.

The Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture was the Extreme Dao that focused on cultivating the saber!

The Extreme Dao had no end, and was only limited by the person cultivating it!

This was a sentence from the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture. As such, this saber scripture did not have a specific rank.

Only those that possessed emperor-level talent could cultivate to the emperor realm, and that was using the emperor-level scripture!

Likewise, those who wanted to cultivate to the heaven realm required heaven-level scriptures!

The rank of the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture depended on the person who cultivated it!

If one wanted to cultivate the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture, one could not depend on one’s talent.

There was only one sentence that described the requirement to cultivate this scripture, which was “Extreme affection would lead one to the Extreme Dao”!

The word “affection” here did not describe the affection between a man and a woman, nor the affection between family members, but rather one’s affection for the saber.

Only those who were extremely fond of the saber could cultivate the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture and comprehend its profound meaning.

Chu Xuan was not extremely fond of the saber, so he was not actually suitable to cultivate the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture.

However, thanks to the system, he did not need extreme affection for the saber in order to be able to comprehend and cultivate the scripture.

After cultivating the Heaven’s Fate Saber scripture, Chu Xuan was shocked by the might of this Extreme Dao technique.

He felt that, with his current strength of the first-level of the void realm, if he were to exert his full strength with a saber strike, he might even be able to kill a martial artist at the first-level of the unity realm.

This was a technique that would allow him to kill an enemy that was an entire major realm higher than his. It was truly terrifying!

Of course, that was only if he could successfully pull off the saber strike!

However, with this saber strike, it was not an exaggeration to say that he might be the number one expert of the Chu family now.

The cult had suffered a heavy setback in the Qin Kingdom and had not made any big moves recently.

Unless the evil imperial court made a move, the cult would not be able to stir up any waves for the time being.

Chu Xuan continued to stay in the courtyard. He had already broken through from the mortal realm to the void realm in half a year. He was waiting for the reward he would receive for a year’s worth of seclusion.

Chu Xuan did not think it would be a big problem for him to break through from the mortal realm to the truth realm in a year’s time.

On this day, Chu Xuan was lying on a chair. The cat was sitting on his lap. One of his hands was rubbing the cat’s head, while the other hand was holding a book aloft.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice was heard.

“Brother Seventh, you’re really a bad guy. Get your hands off me!”

“We’re not married yet, so stay away from me.”

Chu Xuan had a strange expression on his face. Who was it?

Did they not know that he lived in this courtyard?

His spiritual will spread out. In a small forest not far from the courtyard, a man was pressing a woman against a tree trunk.

His hands were acting very disobediently.

Was that Old Seventh?

It was said that the Old Seventh of the current generation of the Chu family was going to be married to He Weiwei of the He family.

So, that delicate and pretty woman was He Weiwei of the He family?

“Weiwei, getting married is something that will happen sooner or later. Some things don’t have to wait till marriage.”

Old Seventh’s voice was gentle, as if he was deceiving an ignorant girl.

“Don’t you understand how I feel? I won’t disappoint you. Even if I wanted to, the Chu and He families wouldn’t let me. I don’t want my legs to be broken.”

“But, but, it’s not good to be doing such a thing in a small forest, right?”

“Don’t you think it’s more exciting to do this in a small forest?”

Chu Xuan’s face darkened when he heard that. Old Seventh had the potential to be a scumbag.

Could it be that he did not know that he lived inside the small courtyard?

He actually came here to fool around!

Among the younger generation, Old Seventh’s temper was quite bad. His relationship with Chu Xuan could not be said to be very good, but it was not bad either. It was considered a normal cousinly relationship.

“But what if someone sees us?”

He Weiwei’s face was flushed red as she said shyly.

That look of wanting to reject him but still welcoming him made Chu Xuan speechless.

Miss, you are full of expectations!

“Don’t worry, no one will see us. I’ve already made the necessary preparations.”

Old Seventh took out a roll of red silk. “Look, we’ll use this red silk to wrap ourselves like a cocoon so that no one will see us. I’ve also given instructions so that no one is allowed to come near this place.”

“It’s still not good enough. I… I don’t have any experience. I’m afraid.”

Chu Xuan could not bear to watch any longer. Miss, how was there any fear in your eyes that were full of anticipation?

He was almost sure that these two people had done this more than once!

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