I Only Wanted A Class In The Apocalypse

926 Twin Discs

It was a fierce weapon, one that I decided to use in what yet to come.

But it got its drawbacks as well. First it was attacking me as it was attacking everyone else.

It didn’t differentiate between anyone. And I couldn’t control the scope of its explosion.

So when used, I had to make sure there was no one around for tens, or even hundreds of miles.

Or I had to limit using it when the situation became dire, and I was going to lose my forces in any way.

Another drawback was its need for someone like me to bring such results. In my entire kingdom, I doubted anyone could do the same devastational explosion, or even close to one tenth of it!

They all depended on the system and skills. So they’d end up causing the same limited explosion like what Angelica and her men produced.

Should I use it as grenades? I looked at this grand devastation around, and then towards the thick threads of my technique… No, this would be a total waste without doubt!

These ores… They were weapons of mass destruction in my hands. In others, they would grow cute and be like little puppies.

But thinking about taking them all into my possession and not letting others use them wasn’t right.

“I have to see what they can do then,” my thoughts shifted towards that long term project I started at MIT campus. Hopefully those folks out there could have an answer for this.

If they could find a way to store my power inside something and use it when needed, then it would be great!

Should I test another ore again? I hesitated. From the current devastation, It was possible the next explosion would be mightier and cause more damage.

It was better not to test it here. I should go towards another place, where no one was there, and test these ores as much as I’d loved to.

Thinking about this highlighted an issue.

I planned to bring all the development teams here to work on their projects. If they were going to test such fierce ores and things here, then it wasn’t suitable to let them do it in this continent, or the one next to it.

These two were already going to be occupied with my troops and people.

I had to select another continent, far from here, and let them live there and do whatever they wanted.

Lily also asked for possession of two more continents. And that was something that turned the vast world into such a tight place.

One continent had the alien universe races, another got a grand mine treasure trove, four were going to be occupied by my people and troops, and the one was for my research and development team.

Sigh! That was seven continents! The world got over fifteen, but I just occupied almost half in a short time.

Not to mention I got to travel towards three new continents and lead people there.

At this moment, I regretted not having a treasure that’d allow me to jump to wherever I wanted. If I got one, I could have saved tons of time!

I opened the market and checked the added gears there. After each quest, more gears would be added.

But I didn’t find what I wanted. All the best gears did the same like my staff. They all required me to visit the places as the main condition for it.

“Oh… This might be useful…” yet before I was going to close the interface, I found something interesting there.

I bought one and started to examine it.

[Twin discs: Rare item. It’s formed of two identical discs. Place each at two places you desire, and a permanent portal will be opened there linking the two places together. Consumables. Price: ten million coins]

Well… It was a bit pricey for such a small portal opening. Yet it was useful.

Like this, my people didn’t need me to be present all the time to move in between places here.

I got the grand ore mine, the training zones of the four continents, and then the research department continent.

As Angelica had to spend more time here, I decided to start working on linking this place with the big mine continent for now.

I bought a hundred pieces of these twin discs, then jumped over to the continent and started placing twenty discs there.

I scattered them around then returned back to the place void of any mountains. From the words of Angelica, this devastation reached one of the paths close to here.

So I placed the other twenty discs here. The moment the first disc was placed on the ground, a stir of a grand tornado of energy was formed.

“Wow! It’s so damn huge!” I thought the portals formed would be small. That was why I used twenty at one go.

But as the first portal appeared, I realised it could accommodate tens of thousands of people at one time.

That meant I didn’t need all of these discs here. I just placed five and then returned back and collected the remaining fifteen discs.

I still have many places to use these discs at.

I then went to the nearby continent and started linking the two continents together. Like this, my people could go in between the two continents without much trouble.

I used five portals and let Lily know about these. She got excited by this.

As for Angelica, she said she would transfer people through my portals. So my presence here wasn’t needed.

[Make sure to store up these explosive ores separately and with extreme care] I knew I didn’t need to warn her but I had to do so to feel more reassured.

[Are you going away?] she sent and I got that she wanted to stay with me for a longer time.

[I have to roam this world for a long time] I sent but this wasn’t the first thing I placed in the top of my to do list.

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