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Chapter 50 - Draw! Do You Want an Incomplete Martial Arts Technique?

Chapter 50 Draw! Do You Want an Incomplete Martial Arts Technique?

“Brother Lin, you have to be careful!”

The sisters’ voices seemed to come from the distant horizon, carrying an ethereal feeling. However, in the next second, a slender figure appeared before their eyes. Fortunately, Lin Mo’s reaction was quick enough to dodge it.

However, just as he dodged Huang Zhiyun’s attack, Huang Zhirou appeared and disappeared without a trace. The two of them could be said to have worked seamlessly together.

In the midst of the battle, the Huang sisters had solemn expressions on their faces. Even their lively younger sister had become composed. Their movement was like a mirror, and it was impossible to distinguish the two of them.

Their actions were in sync, and even their landing steps were the same. This kind of tacit understanding was an extremely troublesome existence for the enemy in battle. This also meant that Lin Mo was facing a double blow. This was because he could not find any loopholes in the sisters’ attacks.

The older sister was meticulous and responsible for defense, while the younger sister was a person who abhorred evil and was suitable for offense. Huang Zhiyun leaped and there were only afterimages in the air.

“Time’s up!”

The three of them stopped. They were too engrossed in the match that they did not notice that the incense stick had already burned out. There was only a small portion left in the incense burner, and then the flame was completely extinguished.

It was a draw, and neither side had decided the victor. “Clap clap clap.”

Applause rang out, and Huang Qing’s face revealed a look of admiration. “Today, I’ve really broadened my horizons. There are very few people who can withstand the encirclement and suppression of the two sisters for such a long time.”

In the match earlier, unless it was someone with Huang Qing’s cultivation level, if it was an ordinary person, forget about seeing their movements clearly. They would not even know how they had attacked.

The two sisters were also extremely astonished. Although their strength was not the strongest, in terms of movement techniques and speed, no one could compare to them. Lin Mo was able to fight against them, which was enough to showcase his strength.

Huang Zhiyun said, “Brother Lin, your strength isn’t bad, but we didn’t use our full strength.”

However, what they did not know was that Lin Mo was the same, holding back some of his strength. Therefore, even if the two sisters used their full strength, he still had the confidence to suppress them.

After all, he had a favor to ask. Therefore, he did not want to be in the limelight to avoid causing more trouble. However, if he were to lose, it would be unavoidable for the Huang clan to look down on him. This was why he had intentionally created a draw.

Even so, Lin Mo was deeply moved. In the previous match, the two sisters had a good understanding of each other. Furthermore, they were telepathically connected.

He boldly asked, “I see that your moves are quite unique. I’ve never seen it before. You two shouldn’t be training in martial arts like movement techniques or qinggong, right?”

The two sisters looked at each other. They did not expect Lin Mo’s eyes to be so sharp, to be able to tell from the short exchange earlier.

Huang Zhirou readily admitted, “That’s right, Brother Lin has good eyesight. What we’re practicing is a kind of formation that can be formed by two people.” This formation was extremely special, and it was something that the Huang clan had researched for a long time. It could be said to be a unique secret manual. Only high-level formation masters could complete the formation. The sisters could fight if they were to encounter a sixth level spirit gathering realm powerhouse.

Clearly, Huang Qing was a formation master. His footwork was similar to Lin Mo’s “Swimming Dragon Steps”, which could only be used to increase speed and agility in battle. On the other hand, the formation that the two sisters had grasped was able to attack and defend in battle, just like in the previous battle.

Lin Mo had only made a guess. Even he was unable to see through him. Thus, Elder Huang was extremely powerful.

After listening to the sisters’ explanation, Lin Mo praised, “It’s indeed exquisite beyond compare. I’m truly impressed.”

“You’re flattering me. Brother Lin’s strength cannot be underestimated either.”

Huang Qing had also seen through Lin Mo’s strength and could not help but praise him in his heart. However, he did not know that Lin Mo had not used all of his strength and that he was the mastermind behind the mysterious auction house. Instantly, he wanted to befriend him.

“Actually, there’s another matter that I came to visit today. I heard that the Huang clan has a lot of martial arts manuals. I’d like to ask for some of the more powerful incomplete martial arts manuals.”

What? Huang Qing and the sisters were a little confused.

It was not like there were no people who came to the Huang clan to ask for martial arts manuals in the past. However, they had rejected most requests. After all, the Huang clan was not doing charity.

However, this was the first time someone like Lin Mo had asked for an incomplete cultivation manual.

As everyone knew, it was extremely difficult to learn an incomplete cultivation manual. So what if one was powerful? After all, it was not a complete version, and its lethality could not even be compared to those of a lower rank. There were even some that could not be learned at all and could only be used for research or collection purposes.

“Of course, I won’t let the Elder Huang give it for free. I’m willing to use a high-level movement technique to exchange for it.”

Lin Mo passed the “Swimming Dragon Steps” to Huang Qing. However, after a few rough glances, Huang Qing knew that this cultivation technique was extremely powerful.

His eyes immediately lit up. He could not wait to study it. In the end, he still had to take Lin Mo into consideration, so he endured it.

This was also Lin Mo’s strongest martial art technique. He was already familiar with this cultivation technique and had cultivated it to perfection, so he did not need it at all.

On the other hand, the “Swimming Dragon Steps” was a top-grade seventh rank martial art technique. It would be extremely attractive to Huang Qing, who was a martial arts fanatic.

“Are you really willing to exchange this seventh grade martial art for the incomplete manual? Have you thought about it? Once you exchange it, there’s no room for you to go back on your words,” Huang Qing could not help but ask.

After all, the “Swimming Dragon Steps” was extremely valuable, and it was a seventh grade cultivation technique. No matter how powerful the incomplete manual was, it could not be compared to it. He did not know what Lin Mo was thinking to making this exchange. Could it be that he did not know its value?

“I’m willing. There are some things that Elder Huang doesn’t know. I like to collect incomplete manuals for research or collection. I hope that Elder Huang is willing to part with it.”

These words were a little strange, but there were some people who had unique fetishes. Hearing Lin Mo’s affirmative words, Huang Qing started to hesitate. He was naturally very moved by the Swimming Dragon Steps. However, this transaction was too unfair to Lin Mo, and as the elder of the Huang clan, he could not take advantage of him.

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