I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 42 - The Third Auction

Chapter 42 The Third Auction

Over the past few days, Lin Mo had been engrossed in his research on the Xuanming Cauldron. Seven or eight days had passed since the last auction. This meant a third auction was about to begin.

“When you collect items for auction, make sure you pay attention. See if you can discover anything special.”

Lin Mo was worried that Wu Jin might be careless and miss out on some treasures. Hence, he gave a reminder.

Wu Jin scratched his head and suddenly remembered something.

“Young master, now that you mention it, there is an item.”

He looked a little conflicted, not knowing whether his action was right or wrong.

Nonetheless, he took out a martial arts book and handed it to Lin Mo.

“Golden Shield Art.”

Lin Mo took a look and thought that it was incomparably exquisite. If an individual could cultivate this technique, they would gain a great amount of power. Just as Lin Mo was getting excited, the book suddenly disappeared. It was as if a basin of cold water had been poured on his head. Wu Jin laughed bitterly.

“That’s right. This martial art book is incomplete.”

Lin Mo was amazed by Wu Jin’s intellect. He had no interest in cultivation, yet, he knew the power of this cultivation technique. Even if it was incomplete, this book still possessed the power of a low-grade tier five cultivation technique.

The book lacked the first half of its cultivation technique. There was only the second half. Thus, it was difficult for Lin Mo to even start.

Cultivation methods all started from the shallow to the deep. If the second half was missing, one could still learn the basics of a particular technique. Furthermore, if they were capable, they could even extrapolate the second half. There might be some differences, but it would not matter. However, nobody was able to do the opposite.

The first half would also contain a mental cultivation method which was the most important. Without mental cultivation, it would be easy for an individual to go berserk. Basically, the two most important things were missing, which meant this martial art could not be cultivated and could only be used for research. For that reason, the owner decided to auction it off.

Lin Mo shook his head.

“What a pity.”

His reaction made Wu Jin feel a little apprehensive. “Young master, did I make a mistake?”

He was worried that the martial arts book might not be sold.

“There’s no need to be so anxious. Someone with high attainments in martial arts might be interested in this.”

Lin Mo decided to put up this incomplete book for auction. If it was sold, he could obtain something good from the return system.

Besides, the worst-case scenario was that he would lose some mere spirit stones.

“We receive auction items every day. Many of them are of high quality. Young master, why don’t you take a look?” Lin Mo looked at the items that Wu Jin had presented. He was clearly very satisfied. In total, four items would be auctioned tonight.

“Young master, don’t worry. The number of attendants won’t matter. I will definitely make the place lively.”

Of course, Lin Mo believed in Wu Jin’s ability. He smiled and said, “Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Soon, it was nighttime. Qingyang City was just as lively. After all, there were some transactions that could only be done at night. In fact, one could even argue that it was even more lively than during the day. The sun had just set when the auction house opened its doors. People were pouring in. Many guests were gathered and the place was bustling “As far as I could remember, this auction house was about to close down but now, it’s the opposite. What happened?”

“Yeah, the owner was rude and had offended many people. That’s why there were not many patrons.”

When the locals heard this, they immediately knew these people were from out of town.

“I can tell that you have just entered the city.”

The visitor nodded.

“You’re right. This auction house was about to be closed. However, a foreigner took over. He has an extraordinary background and possesses many good things. It resulted in the current situation.”

Qingyang City was strategically located geographically. Many people would have to pass through this place to go to other large cities or engage in trades. Naturally, the population of this city was very high.

Travelers would not spend much time in each city, but they would look for whatever opportunities available. Usually, they would only patronize the imperial family’s auction house.

In Qingyang City, Lin Mo’s auction house was one of those that would provide high-quality items at a low price.

Obviously, people would choose to visit his auction house over the others.

Moreover, Lin Mo’s escapade caught many people’s interest.

“I’ll have to take a good look.”

“I might have missed the first two auctions but I managed to attend this one. Who knows, I could get something good.”

There was still some time before the auction and the venue was almost full.

As usual, the Huang Sisters, Du Wan, and Wang Qing were present.

Lin Mo scanned the entire area.

“Strange.” Wu Jin could not help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t see anyone from the Miao family.”

Lin Mo recalled the past events with Miao Yan. The latter bought a tier four demonic beast with fifty thousand low-grade spirit stones. With his narrow-minded personality, he should have come looking for trouble.

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