I Inherit An Auction House At The Start, Trillion Times Rebate!

Chapter 37 - The Dragon Swimming Steps and the Wind-Cleaving Scythe

Chapter 37: The Dragon Swimming Steps and the Wind-Cleaving Scythe

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After Lin Mo returned from the Du family’s estate, he began his closed-door cultivation. Before that, he instructed Wu Jin, “Don’t let anyone disturb me.”

Wu Jin was a little surprised.

“Young master, why are you in such a hurry to cultivate?”

“Miao Yan had suffered a huge loss in our last auction. He won’t let things go so easily. Although it was the Du family’s trap, he’ll definitely think that I was involved and put the blame on me.”

Lin Mo added, “Do you think it’s easier to deal with a family or just one person?”

Wu Jin answered without hesitation, “Of course, it’s easier to deal with one person.”

When he said that, his heart skipped a beat. The Miao family had always been hostile towards them and now, the situation had escalated.

Clearly, teaming up with the Du family was the best decision.

Lin Mo nodded his head. He looked into the air with a solemn expression.

There had been no news from the Lin family. No doubt, they would not let him off the hook. The next assassination attempt should be coming soon. Hence, he needed to increase his strength urgently.

“Also, pay more attention to what’s happening in the city these few days. Shut the auction house’s door tightly. Keep a low profile for the time being. We’ll discuss our next steps after I come out of seclusion.”

Wu Jin nodded.

“Don’t worry. I will handle everything.”

Hence, Lin Mo began his cultivation.

In the secret chamber, Lin Mo sat cross-legged and quickly entered a meditative state. He was very composed. Countless amounts of pure energy flowed through his body’s eight extraordinary meridians and various major acupoints.

They were like small agile fishes. These meridians were the rivers they relied on to survive. The human body’s meridians were extremely complicated. It was like a tree with countless branches.

Intersecting and interweaving, they were scattered all over the place. However, in the end, they all ended up in the same place. Then, they would converge into a boundless ocean.

If someone was able to look inside, they would discover a small vortex within Lin Mo’s meridians. The cold air within that vortex was overflowing. It was due to the influence of the Frost Sword technique.

Some spots were ridiculously cold as if it was the land of the extreme north. Countless amounts of spiritual energy were absorbed and the vortex gradually became larger.

The qi around Lin Mo’s body was also affected. There were traces of coldness. He breathed in and out with it a peerless rhythm. That caused the qi to enter and surround his body. Not long after, light blue crystals appeared all over the ground. Even the walls were covered with a faint layer of frost.

Soon, the vortex absorbed everything. Nothing could stop Lin Mo from breaking through the shackles within his body.

Suddenly, Lin Mo opened his eyes. A pale blue light flashed past. In an instant, the ice and snow disappeared. However, his limbs were filled with power. It was as if he could easily condense boundless energy.

Lin Mo had reached the fourth level of the spirit gathering realm! His speed was simply shocking.

With such strength, nobody in Qingyang City could compete with him. The only ones who were stronger than Lin Mo were the elders and leaders of the four great clans!

At the same time, he realized that in the spirit gathering realm, the first four realms corresponded to the four limbs. Thus, allowing the four limbs to achieve a temporary increase in strength.

However, to an ordinary person, this would more or less cause a certain amount of damage.

Since Lin Mo possessed the god-slaying body, it allowed him to survive in such a desperate situation.

With his special constitution and the high-grade cultivation technique, he would be able to fight even against a peak level nine expert!

“The clan’s right-hand man is probably a peak level 9 expert. Perhaps the Miao, Wang, and Huang family’s patriarchs are all at this stage.”

Based on Lin Mo’s memories, the Lin clan’s patriarch had already reached this level a few decades ago. It was highly likely that he had already completed his breakthrough. Nobody knew what terrifying power he had achieved.

Still, Lin Mo was not afraid. His cultivation speed was truly monstrous. In the entire continent, no one could surpass him. He believed that with time, he would be able to catch up.

Anyway, he started to cultivate the “Dragon Swimming Steps”.

Since he had a foundation from the “Dust Rising Steps”, cultivating the “Dragon Swimming Steps” was not difficult. On the contrary, it went incredibly smoothly.

A golden dragon phantom appeared on Lin Mo’s body, giving off an aura that could reach the heavens. As the phantom gradually solidified, the dragon’s eyes were filled with an indescribable majesty. It felt like the dragon was about to come back to life.

This meant that Lin Mo’s cultivation was a huge success. He was only one step away from perfecting it.

Naturally, he did not forget about the wind-cleaving scythe.

A huge scythe appeared in the air. It looked extremely heavy but was actually exceptionally light. The blade was sharp. It could probably split the air in half.

The sound of sharp blades cutting through the wind could be heard. Most importantly, the wind-cleaving scythe could be adjusted according to the user’s wishes. It was really handy.

Furthermore, the wind-cleaving scythe had AOE (TN: Area of effect) attacks. Lin Mo planned to use the Frost Sword if he was facing a single enemy. On the other hand, if he was surrounded by enemies, he would use the wind-cleaving scythe.

Most of the newly obtained items had been cultivated by Lin Mo.

“It’s a pity that the auction return system isn’t omnipotent. I can only use whatever the system gives. If only I could get what I want…”

Even so, Lin Mo was still satisfied. After all, the items given by the system were all good. Along with the god-slaying body, no matter what he cultivated, his speed would be much faster than an ordinary person.

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