I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1123 - 1123 Infinite Demon Mountain’s Three Great Kings Are Nothing!

1123 Infinite Demon Mountain’s Three Great Kings Are Nothing!

Silver Moon King was killed by Chu Yunfan’s arrow!

The experts from the Howling Silver Moon Wolves and its subsidiary clans were dumbfounded.

Silver Moon King, who was almost invincible in Infinite Demon Mountain, was killed by Chu Yunfan’s arrow just like that.

In Infinite Demon Mountain, Silver Moon King’s strength and status were both outstanding. The Howling Silver Moon Wolves was also one of the three royal tribes of Infinite Demon Mountain, and was even more terrifying than ordinary peak Divines.

However, it was destroyed by an arrow. For many people, this was simply a world-shaking situation. It made them realize that Infinite Demon Mountain might really fall.

Without Silver Moon King obstructing him, Chu Yunfan’s slaughter truly began. Those was behemoths that were as large as battleships were completely unable to fight back against Chu Yunfan.

Although Chu Yunfan wasn’t even as tall as their toes, killing them was as easy as cutting grass.

The longbow in Chu Yunfan’s hands, which was formed from the power of thunder, continuously shot out arrow after arrow that pierced through the sky and bombarded the bodies of these war behemoths. One arrow for one and never missing their mark.

In a short time, hundreds of war behemoths had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands. Their huge bodies fell to the ground and piled up like a mountain.

However, Chu Yunfan’s expression did not change and his eyes were extremely cold.

Suddenly, another two figures flew over from the distance, bringing with them a shocking aura. They were like a dragon and a lion.

The morale of the demon experts who were being massacred by Chu Yunfan was greatly boosted.

The two of them were none other than Flood Dragon King and Lion King. Both of them weren’t at Infinite Demon Mountain earlier. They had been discussing with the marine folks on how to launch the next wave of fatal attacks on the Federation.

Who knew that before they could complete their fatal blow to the Federation, the Federation’s fatal blow would come?

Their eyes turned red when they saw the Federation’s Army massacring their kin. Almost all the elites of the three races were in Infinite Demon Mountain. Such a large-scale massacre made their hearts bleed.

The two of them roared at Chu Yunfan in anger.

“I want you dead!”

Lion King let out a loud roar and charged toward Chu Yunfan like a mountain.

Chu Yunfan was at the center of the attack, but the attacks at other places were not smooth. Even Tang Siyu and the others were entangled with the peak Divines of Infinite Demon Mountain. Without the Divine as the arrowhead, the Federation’s offensive was delayed.

However, Chu Yunfan was different. He swept his way through everything. Even the Silver Moon King couldn’t stop him and was easily shot to death by him.

In an instant, Lion King punched out with both fists. There was a thick layer of boxing gloves wrapped around his arms. This boxing glove was gilded with extremely profound runes. It was also a rare magic weapon. When combined with Lion King’s invincible sweeping fist technique, almost no one could block it.

The two fists shattered the sky and earth, and hundreds of mechas were blown into pieces. Then, the fists suddenly charged toward Chu Yunfan.

But at this time, Chu Yunfan’s aura was released. It was a supreme aura, and a terrifying power spread out like the sea.


Chu Yunfan threw out a punch. It was a simple punch, but it blocked Lion King’s fists that were filled with anger.

A terrifying blast wave swept out like a stormy sea.

Lion King immediately felt a terrifying force coming back at him. It was as if his fist had landed on a piece of steel, unable to shake Chu Yunfan’s body in the slightest.

“How is this possible?!”

Lion King couldn’t believe it. He had always been known for his strong physical body. Coupled with his punch technique, he had reached the peak of his fierce path. Even the other two king-level experts who were on his side didn’t dare to fight him head-on, but used other methods to resist him.

However, Chu Yunfan was completely different. He was fighting head on, and the most terrifying thing was that he wasn’t at a disadvantage. No, to be precise, he was probably even above him.

And on the other side, Flood Dragon King had already pounced toward Chu Yunfan with a roar. A silver-white halberd appeared in his hand, and with a mighty display, he pounced in Chu Yunfan’s direction.


The halberd seemed to be able to cut a huge hole in the heavens and earth, and it instantly came down on Chu Yunfan’s forehead.

Chu Yunfan sent out a slap. Without even looking, this slap seemed to have some magical power as it hit the halberd that was slashing down.


With a deafening sound that sounded like the clanging of metal, Flood Dragon King’s fury seemed to have been doused by a basin of cold water.

His furious attack was slapped back by Chu Yunfan’s palm. What was even more terrifying was that he almost felt the halberd fly out of his hand. It was simply too terrifying.

A terrifying force was surging through his arm, and he could feel the muscles on his arm splitting open. He was instantly shocked.

Although he did not specialize in physical cultivation like Lion King, the Horned Dragon tribe had strong physical bodies. Even if he did not specialize in physical cultivation, his physical cultivation was not bad.

But now, he had been blasted away so easily. It was simply shocking.

He and Lion King looked at each other and immediately had an idea. The two of them began to surround Chu Yunfan from the left and right.

The two of them had realized that Chu Yunfan was a very difficult opponent to deal with and decided to join forces to deal with him.

However, Chu Yunfan didn’t care. He immediately attacked both sides. Facing the two experts ‘attacks, he didn’t panic. He used one hand to fight against Lion King with unparalleled fist techniques, while the other hand shot out sword lights to display astonishing sword techniques to fight against Flood Dragon King. He wasn’t at a disadvantage at all.

The battle between the three experts in the sky attracted the attention of countless people. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to them. They understood that the outcome of the battle between these three experts would directly affect the outcome of the war.

“Chu Yunfan, I will make sure you die without a burial place today!” Flood Dragon King roared in anger. His eyes were bloodshot, and he wanted nothing more than to tear Chu Yunfan into a thousand pieces.

On the other side, Lion King was also doing the same. His fists were like missiles, constantly blasting out extremely terrifying fist forces, each time aiming at Chu Yunfan’s vital points. His intention to kill Chu Yunfan was clear.

“You want to kill me? Do you think you can do it? The three great kings of Infinite Demon Mountain are just so-so. The warm-up is over. If this is all you have, then you’re doomed!”

Chu Yunfan burst into laughter.

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