I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 399 - 399 Rescue

399 Rescue

The Island Master of Floating Jade Island, who had been in the earth realm for many years, did not take the five mortal realm demon cultivators seriously at all. Now, he had to pay attention to them.

Of course, Floating Jade Island Master was well aware that the formation set up by the five demon cultivators must have been Xu Fengyu’s work.

Only the World God who had escaped had the ability to create a formation to restrain the earth realm cultivators!

According to Floating Jade Island Master’s personality, he had never been interested in killing. He was more focused on cultivating a calm heart.

This was also the reason why he chose not to interfere with the affairs of the world after he took control of the Floating Jade Island.

However, when he found out Xu Fengyu had reappeared in the world, he knew that he could not live a life of seclusion.

Thinking back to the great battle a thousand years ago, Floating Jade Island Master could guess what Xu Fengyu would do after he escaped.

Therefore, he had no choice but to stop Xu Fengyu.

Even if he wasn’t confident.

Five demon cultivators at the peak of the mortal realm kept walking around the Island Master of Floating Jade Island. They saw the Floating Jade Island Master stop attacking, but they did not dare to let their guard down.

If not for the array that his master had bestowed upon them, they would not have been able to withstand even a single blow from Floating Jade Island Master.

The Island Master of Floating Jade Island could not use all of his power now, but it was easy for him to deal with an mortal realm cultivator.

The mortal realm and the earth realm seemed to be only one realm apart, but the gap between the two was a qualitative leap. It could be said to be a world of difference.

Just as Zhao Qiankun had said, the beginning of cultivation in the heavenly realm was classified as the earth realm. Only by entering the earth realm could one be considered to have truly stepped onto the road of cultivation.

In other words, all the realms before the earth realm were not considered to have touched the threshold of cultivation. The mortal realm was considered half a cultivator.

This was the difference between the earth realm and the mortal realm!

Floating Jade Island Master stood proudly in the air with his hands behind his back.

He coldly observed the five beast cultivators wandering around, trying to find a flaw.

The restrictions and suppression of the formation had temporarily restricted the Island Master of Floating Jade Island. He could not even reveal his true body and could only stay here for the time being, causing him to become more and more anxious.

While observing the five demonic cultivators, Floating Jade Island Master extended his spiritual sense north along the mountain range.

He was checking for reinforcements!

Logically speaking, Floating Jade Island Master was here to reinforce the coastal areas of the Zhou Dynasty. Now that he had been ambushed, the cultivators of the Zhou Dynasty could not possibly ignore it.

However, even after such a long time, the Zhou Dynasty’s reinforcements still had not appeared.

The overflowing spiritual consciousness returned to the mind of the Floating Jade Island Master, and his last hope for the Zhou Dynasty disappeared.

No matter what the reason was, it was an iron-clad fact they had not come to support the Floating Jade rogue cultivator!

The Island Master of Floating Jade Island began to regret his wrong decision in coming to help. Flames shot out from the vast freezing cold sea.

The spear was burning with flames as it broke through the waves. It whistled through the air and arrived in front of the mountain range in an instant. Then, it suddenly stabbed toward the position of the Floating Jade Island Master.

“You’re finally here!” Floating Jade Island Master looked at the rapidly approaching flaming spear. His originally tired and troubled face immediately revealed a smile that carried an inexplicable bitterness!

Because he sensed the monstrous killing intent!

The spear radiance was sharp and the flames danced.

The blazing sun in the sky lost its radiance, and the world dimmed.

It was as if there was only the rapidly approaching spear in the heavens and earth.

Wherever it passed, a strong wind blew and the void cracked!

The five mortal realm demonic cultivators’ calm expressions all changed, and their steps couldn’t help but become a little messy.

As the long spear approached, the five demon cultivators couldn’t bear the terrifying pressure of the spear light. They gave up on setting up the formation, activated the spiritual energy in their bodies, and fled in all directions.

The five demonic cultivators knew that Floating Jade Island Master had a powerful cultivation and could sense the terrifying strength of the owner of the flaming spear. Therefore, they instantly chose to flee in all directions.

This was because they would only lose two of their companions at most, while the other three would have a chance to escape back to the freezing cold sea.

However, the five demonic cultivators had underestimated the strength of Floating Jade Island Master and Gu Mingzhou’s anger!

A sharp and clear bird cry rang out!

As the demonic cultivators fled in all directions, Floating Jade Island Master, who had lost the suppression of the formation, did not hesitate and instantly returned to his Kun Peng form.

It suddenly spread its wings and covered a hundred miles!

The Kun Peng, which was so large that it covered the sky, only flapped its wings slightly and instantly caught up with the fleeing mortal realm demonic cultivator. Its sharp claws, which were shining with cold light, reached out.


Fresh blood sprayed into the air.

The back of the escaping beast cultivator was pierced by the sharp claws and he died on the spot!

Floating Jade Island Master, who had transformed into a Kun Peng, did not stop. He threw the corpse away with his sharp claws and immediately swept towards another demonic cultivator.

The fiery spear seemed to have predicted the escape of Floating Jade Island Master. It quickly changed its direction and stabbed toward the beast cultivators near the coast of the Zhou Dynasty.

Blood spurted out as the spear pierced his body!

The beast cultivator’s body, which was flying through the air at high speed, fell into the freezing cold sea with a parabolic trajectory.

The waves swallowed the corpses.

The Kun Peng that Floating Jade Island Master had transformed into caught up with another demonic cultivator and extended its sharp claws!

The corpse fell to the ground.

Within two breaths, three of the five powerful demon cultivators at the peak of the mortal realm had been killed, and more than half of them had died.

The sharp flaming spear and the Golden-winged Kun Peng changed their direction almost at the same time and attacked the remaining two demonic cultivators.

His speed was as fast as lightning.

The spear and the claw pierced through two bodies!

Blood spattered like water.

The two lifeless bodies fell from the sky like a zither with a broken string.

The Kun Peng changed its direction again and flew toward the mountain.

The light of the mountains was covered, and the sky was blocked.

The intense battle stopped.

The tired Floating Jade rogue cultivator’s spirit was greatly roused as he shouted.

As for the England cultivators and the underwater beast cultivator army, they had already lost their combat power when the Floating Jade Island Master escaped. They were defeated and began to retreat.

Floating Jade Island Master, who was shrouding the mountain range, did not dive down, nor did he begin to massacre the demonic cultivators who had been defeated.

Instead, he transformed back into his human form and stared at the flaming spear as if he was waiting for something.

Floating Jade Island Master was indeed waiting because he had too many questions to ask.

The flaming long spear did not stop, but instead went towards the demonic cultivator army that was retreating like a tide.

Before the spear arrived, the pressure had already arrived!

The long spear that whistled out burst forth with countless spear lights, instantly entering the defeated army.

Fresh blood sprayed out, creating a beautiful scene!

None of the demonic cultivators were spared, and they died instantly!

The white figure descended from the sky and grabbed the flaming spear that was shooting back!

A violent gust of wind whistled past, sweeping toward the retreating England army!

The floating Jade loose cultivators didn’t press on with their victory. Instead, they looked at the young man in white who was standing with a spear in his hand.

He looked very ordinary, but in the eyes of the Floating Jade secret practitioners and the England army, no cultivator would think that he was ordinary.

Even though he was dressed very ordinarily, he was definitely not ordinary in everyone’s hearts. Especially in the eyes of the retreating England army, Gu Mingzhou was like a demon.

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