I Hate Systems

Chapter 691: Hitlawn Executive

Chapter 691: Hitlawn Executive

“Why are you here?” Pilkan exclaimed in shock, startling the middle-aged man, “Sister!”

‘T-The Sapphire Executive is his sister?’ The middle-aged man almost fainted in response, for even though he behaved subserviently now, he had mocked Pilkan at the start.

“Close the door and get out.” The lady seated in the room stared at the middle-aged man with a commanding tone, causing the other party to run out in a hurry.

Pilkan stared in shock before scowling in response, “Are you really my sister?”

“How long has it been…” The lady didn’t seem to mind his expression as she pondered casually, eyes lighting up as she smiled gently, “It has been eight years. I almost couldn’t recognise you.”

Pilkan had two siblings in total, an older and a younger sister. Among them, the older sister was proclaimed dead by the Lan Clan officials as too many Invokers died during that time, a disastrous battle with various competing powers.

Peika, his older sister was just one of the hundreds of Invokers that lost their lives back then. At least, that was what was supposed to be. But, not only was she alive, but also assumed a position of power in Hitlawn, a criminal organisation.

“H-How?” Pilkan failed to iterate his confusion.

“Take a seat first.” Peika sighed as she pointed at the seat before her. She then snapped her finger as a servant entered the room and poured them tea before exiting in a hurry. Judging by the nervousness the servant displayed, Peika wasn’t a mere boss, but someone above that.

Upon seeing that Pilkan refrained from touching the teacup, Peika sighed subtly as she took a sip of her tea, beginning to speak, “Do you remember the war from eight years ago?”

“The Clan labelled it a disaster.” Pilkan nodded, “Father said it many times that the losses suffered from that disaster were so much that the Clan would need at least three decades to recover from.”

“He said that?” Peika seemed rather interested in that fact before she continued, “But, it seems you don’t know what truly happened back then.”

Upon seeing him nod, she continued, “The disaster stemmed from a Conjurer’s Grave going out of control.”

“Conjurer’s Grave?” Pilkan tilted his head, “What’s that?”

“It’s the stage above an Ascender, the peak of what an Invoker could attain.” Peika said, “Invokers are sub-divided into Inferior, Common, and Superior based on their Mental Strength and the development of their Dreamland. Superior Invokers are those that had basically completed the construction of their Dreamland.”

“Above that is an Ascender, one whose Invoked Spirit attains sentience.” She smiled in response, “This is an unsurmountable step for the majority of Invokers. Every Ascender is the head of the force he/she resides in. This is the known peak of the world. But in truth, there lies a stage above this.”

Her voice turned solemn as Peika said, “Conjurer.”

“Conjurer…” Pilkan muttered the word, noticing his Invoked Spirit twitch in response. He felt mildly confused before deciding to hear his sister’s explanation first.

“When you can manifest your Dreamland into reality is when you become a Conjurer.” She said, her voice turning mildly high pitched, “And, the Dreamlands of Conjurers exist even after their death. This is where disasters stem forth.”

“Manifesting a Dreamland into reality…” Pilkan muttered, shuddering in response as he said, “Does that mean all the rules existing in that Dreamland take effect?”

“Yes,” Peika nodded, “Anyone trapped in that Dreamland would be gradually turned into Mental Fragments to further grow it. Dreamlands are disasters that would continue to grow and consume every living being in their path. But, it also means that if you manage to control its Invoked Spirit, you can harvest resources from the Dreamland itself.”

She said, “Dreamlands produce Invoker Crystals naturally in large numbers. So, the one that controls it can create a large enough Clan and rule over the entire region.”

“And…” She stared at Pilkan, making eye contact to say, “Eight years ago, we discovered a Dreamland left behind by a Conjurer three centuries ago. Shockingly, he was a Human Invoker.”

“Clans from all over the place participated to gain control over it, resulting in terrifying casualties.” Peika smiled wryly, “And, it seemed all of us had underestimated the ridiculousness of a Human Conjurer’s Dreamland. The majority of us were decimated. And while I was tethering on the border of death there, with my Invoked Spirit destroyed, I chance upon a Human Invoker Crystal.”

“That’s how I became a Human Invoker and survived the ordeal, gaining a lot of benefits from that place.” She sighed, “But, it also meant that I could no longer return to the Clan.”

“But, the Lan Clan is also attempting to create Human Invoker Crystals.” Pilkan said, “So, why don’t you return and at least make mom and dad know that you’re alive? They haven’t smiled after your death.”

“A Hitlawn Executive entering the Lan Clan?” Peika laughed mockingly, “That’s enough for everyone to be beheaded.”

“Our situation isn’t all that different now.” Pilkan gritted his teeth, saying, “Pula is being forced to become a concubine of a bastard from the main family. Mom has been sick for the past few weeks while dad has been pushing himself to save money for her treatment. Too many bastards are plotting against him.”

“I know,” Peika let out a breath of air, staring at Pilkan, “That’s why I made arrangements for that Superior Human Invoker Crystal to fall into your hands.”

“You…made what?” Pilkan was shocked, staring at his older sister with an incredulous gaze.

“How else do you think you managed to infiltrate their treasury and make it out alive?” Peika smirked in response, “Though, I hadn’t accounted for the Clan to react as fast as they did. I’m sorry, that was my oversight. Thankfully,”

She flashed a pleasant smile, “You managed to survive and even made your way to me. I’m surprised to say you’ve exceeded my expectations.”

“Sister, what exactly are you…I mean, in Hitlawn.” Pilkan said, able to feel that his sister hardly resembled the gentle girl from his memories.

“I’m the head of this branch,” Peika smiled, “One of Hitlawn’s three founding executives.”

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