I Hate Systems

Chapter 603: Assimilating Data (part 6)

Chapter 603: Assimilating Data (part 6)

“I’m what you’ve been seeking all along.”

“What?” Upon hearing the lady’s words, Yecha was shocked, taking a second glance at her.

Long hair that seemed to reach her hips, a mix between brown and black, hanging from a tiny head that resembled an earthen pot, an appearance and complexion that seemed as common as the girl next door.

Her clothes consisted of casuals that one wore at home, their colour dull. All in all, her appearance, physique, and demeanour all made her as common as possible. If she were to be in a crowd, people wouldn’t even notice her.

Yecha noticed how she felt difficulty focusing on the woman even though she was standing right before her, as if a moment’s distraction would cause her to forget her existence.

And indeed, that was the truth. If the woman wasn’t willing to show herself in the first place, Yecha wouldn’t have even noticed her, even though she was standing right behind her all along.

Moreover, this wasn’t an effect limited to living beings alone. Even if a camera were to capture the scene in a picture, she wouldn’t be present in that.

After all, just like the abilities of Systems, her powers too were absolute, something that took effect using cause and effect.

“W-Who are you?” Yecha asked, gripping the mirror tighter as she shouted in her mind, ‘Dota! Who’s this woman?’

“I’m the other side of Dota.” The woman smiled casually, taking a seat on the bed nearby as she crossed her legs, slumping on the mattress before pointing at Yecha, “You can ask for confirmation with Dota.”

‘Is that the truth?’ Yecha asked in her mind.

‘Yeah, she’s part of my power. Or more like, the both of us share this power.’ Dota replied, ‘I can’t manifest myself in reality, unlike her. So, she came in my stead to grant what you wished for.’

“You can make me a member?” Yecha looked at the woman, “Are you the same as Dota?”

“You can call me Domino.” The lady introduced herself, saying as she extended her hand, suddenly causing Yecha to grunt as she kneeled on the ground. The mirror in her hands lost its power as it fell on the floor, cracking in response.

“W-What is happening?” Yecha stared in alarm, sensing that she had lost all her power, now turned into a mortal, feeling insanely weak all over.

“Don’t be alarmed.” Domino Plottopia said calmly as she gazed at the swirling entity hovering above her palm.

A sphere of chains, coiled around a staff that emitted a gentle healing energy, and dust that swirled around it nonstop, like planets revolving around the sun.

This was the Hunter System fragment in Yecha’s body as Dota explained to her, ‘This is the power that’s in your body. Basically, there’s an almighty entity whose body breaks down into billions of fragments. And the moment a fragment settles within a human, they become a Hunter.’

It then explained the basics regarding the Hunter System and Dungeon Monster System. Domino Plottopia’s actions meant that she had grasped enough data. Therefore, Dota began to inform Yecha of the details immediately.

‘So, these System fragments…are they good or bad?’ She asked after taking a couple of minutes to process everything.

‘Neither.’ Dota replied, ‘Grade 1 Systems are dangerous since they would manipulate you into furthering their agenda. But, Grade 2 Systems could care less about something insignificant as that. Whether you live or die is of no consequence to it. Only if you were an SS-Rank Hunter would your death affect it.’

‘So, it hasn’t planned anything dangerous for my world?’ Yecha was confused.

‘The arrival of the dungeons and the corresponding Hunters to face them were all the Hunter System had ever planned for this world. Everything else has happened because of the decisions of the people here.’ Dota said.

“Then…” Yecha looked at the calm figure of Domino Plottopia, “Why should I ally myself with you? There’s no real need, right? Nothing will change even if I become a member?”

Honestly, Yecha had been willing to become a member of Secret Society if there was a conspiracy to solve or something grand happening in the background. But by the sound of things, nothing would change…

“You’re wrong about that.” Domino Plottopia interjected, as if she could read Yecha’s thoughts, “There are obvious differences.”

She raised her index finger, “First of all, you’ll shift from a borrowed power to something that you can call your own. Secondly, after probing through this fragment, I can tweak it accordingly to the type of Skill you need. Moreover, I can add a Sub-Class for you.”

“These are just in terms of the Hunter Power that you can wield openly. And,” Domino Plottopia’s eyes curled up into a smile as she continued, “While hidden, as a Beyonder, you can manipulate these fragments into whatever you desire. You can practically change the classes of people, create new classes, wield all classes, etc.”

“How many people would be able to do this?” Yecha asked next, controlling the thumping of her heart by taking in deep breaths as she looked at the lady before her.

‘Only you, Yecha.’ Dota’s voice resounded in her mind, ‘As I said before, only you’re suitable to wield this power in this world.’

“Besides,” Domino Plottopia continued, “It’s not as simple as you think. To create a Beyonder, I have to shave off my strength. So, I won’t make more than one per world.”

“What do you say?” She pointed at the swirling mass on her palm, “Interested in taking a step beyond?”

“Do you need to ask?” Yecha laughed, “I’ll be an idiot to let go of this opportunity.”

“I’ll have to remind you that the moment your loyalty towards us wavers, you’ll forget everything that ever happened while all your powers would be sealed.” Domino Plottopia said.

“Sealed? Not removed?” Yecha asked in surprise.

“No, it’ll only be sealed.” Domino Plottopia said, “And if in the future, your loyalty returns to a reasonable level, you’ll remember everything and regain full function of your powers.”

“Awesome!” Yecha grinned, “Let’s begin then.”

“Watch this carefully.” Domino Plottopia said in all seriousness as starlight swirled on her hands, messing with the Hunter System fragment to pick it apart, “You’ll have to do this on your own in the future.”

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