I Can Enter The Game

Chapter 1707 - 1707 Don't be surprised at the speed of Qin-style research

1707 Don’t be surprised at the speed of Qin-style research

However, if the sacrificial ritual was like this, then after the numerical system of the data, every piece of data would be in the hundreds of millions. How terrifying would the number be when a group of numbers was combined?

For example, if a number was a hundred million, what about a set of nine numbers?

That was quite terrifying, so no one could give an accurate and complete set of parameters.

Moreover, whether the current parameters were correct in the end and whether they could capture particles with certainty were also uncertain.

Basically, the research of every country was stuck in this area, and it was difficult to make any breakthroughs.

With that number, even with computer assistance, it would be useless if they couldn’t capture the particle trajectory.

Therefore, whoever could find a set of perfect parameters could leave their name in history.

“Okay, I’ll give you a few sets of parameters to try later.” Qin Lin nodded and said lightly.

In the data in his mind, there were more than 20 sets of such particle capture parameters.

In other words, professor Gao in the game world had more than 20 plans for particle capture instruments, and they were all successful with perfect parameters.

If these parameters were made public, the whole world would be in an uproar, and the technology for particle capture could basically be perfected.

Also, these parameters could even be used as quantifies and directly written into particle technology scientific books, just like those mathematical formulas.

Upon hearing Qin Lin’s words, Liu Tong’s face was filled with surprise as he said, academician Qin, do you have perfect particle capture parameters? ”

Qin Lin didn’t say much. He wrote down a set of parameters and handed it to Liu Tong. not yet. You can adjust the device according to these parameters and see if it works.

He didn’t show that he was sure it would work, but let Liu Tong and the others try.

After all, the particles in reality might be different from those in the game, so he couldn’t be too sure.

Naturally, rang ye would immediately take out the complete parameters first, as that would be too freakish.

Otherwise, if the particle instrument arrived on the first day and the parameters were completed on the second day, the intuitive comparison would be that you started studying the atomic bomb from scratch today, and the next day you made the atomic bomb and released it, and it exploded.

This was too shocking.

Liu Tong had already started to operate with the set of parameters given by Qin Lin.

This set of parameters was obviously different from the parameters they had studied in the past. It could be said to be a fork in the road.

After he filled in the parameters on the particle capture instrument, he asked someone to start the particle capture.

A moment later, the particle capture device was activated and it began to search for the particles that existed on earth in the surrounding air.

When the particle was captured, the particle energy tank on the instrument would be activated.

Unfortunately, the number of times the energy bar lit up in this kind of particle research was countable, and it was only when he was extremely lucky.

If he could keep the energy tank lit up, he should be able to conduct research on particle beam weapons.

Liu Tong looked at the status of the particle capture device carefully, for fear of missing any detail. He also looked at the traces of the device.

eh, I’ve discovered particle energy. Liu Tong suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

This also made his face reveal a look of disbelief.

The discovery of particles was also an important process.

Their research stage also stopped at the particle parameters stage.

Moreover, he couldn’t accurately find the particles every time.

Liu Tong looked at the particle capture device expectantly. Unfortunately, the parameters given by Qin Lin were not perfect on purpose, so the particle capture device failed.

Liu Tong immediately started the device again and continued the experiment. Soon, he found the particle energy again, but unfortunately, he failed to capture it again.

The third time, he activated the device again, and it was the same number.

In the end, he still failed.

Fourth time

The fifth attempt.

Liu Tong’s repeated attempts had all ended in failure, but his face was still full of smiles, somewhat incredulous, and his excitement was difficult to hide.

Although academician Qin little failed to capture the parameters, the parameters could actually discover particles with 100% accuracy.

This was a huge improvement.

To be able to discover the particle energy with a 100% success rate also indirectly explained that the direction of academician Qin’s parameters was absolutely correct.

Liu Tong couldn’t help but say, ” academician Qin, your parameters are too amazing. I’m afraid it’s even better than the parameters discovered by other countries.

Minister Lu came in and saw the excited Liu Tong. He asked in confusion,”What’s going on? why are you so happy? Are you guys going to start your research?”

Liu Tong immediately said, ” Minister Lu, I’ll tell you something. You won’t believe it. Academician Qin has a set of particle capture parameters. These parameters can detect particle energy with 100% certainty. In other words, our particle research has taken another big step forward.

“What?” But Minister Lu was shocked and dumbfounded?

What did that mean?

It meant that the particle-capturing device had just arrived yesterday, and boss Qin had made progress today.

What kind of speed was this?

If it was someone else, he would definitely think that the other party was bragging, or that the experiment was not rigorous, and there must be a mistake.

But this was boss Qin.

That would definitely be different.

Moreover, because he paid attention to particle research, he had also read about particle research at home, so he knew how much progress it was to be able to discover the particle energy parameters with 100% certainty.

Just this alone was enough to leave the Western countries in the dust.

Minister Lu suddenly couldn’t help but want to laugh. Fortunately, he agreed to give boss Qin the information and applied to the leader. Otherwise, how could he have done it so quickly?

Therefore, he also had a part to play in this distance.

This was definitely to his credit. This was his ability to judge people.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but take out his phone and call the leader. Naturally, he wanted to tell him the good news and let him know that this decision was right.

Soon, the leader received a call from Minister Lu. After hearing the news from Minister Lu, he smiled and said, ” little Lu, take a look. I immediately approved your application back then. I’m quite good at judging people …

“..”Minister Lu was stunned.

These words were familiar.

After hanging up the phone, Minister Lu urged Liu Tong to take him to see the data.

Liu Tong, ” Qin Lin said, ” you should do more experiments according to these parameters and show me more data. I’ll analyze it and make my own deductions. More than 100 times. Naturally, the more the better.

He was naturally looking for work for Liu Tong and the others. After all, they had to act more realistically so that these people would do more things and be more tired. This way, they wouldn’t think too much about strange things. Perhaps they might even gain something.

After that, Qin Lin went back to Linlin Manor. When he returned to his office, he looked at the screen in his mind.

In the farm, the huge Ford Rafal Dragon had already grown to a very large size. From the images, it could be seen that if the dinosaur were to turn into meat, it would probably weigh tens of tons!

It was a little shocking.

And to Qin Lin’s surprise, it had laid several eggs in the middle of the farm.

Since it could lay eggs, it meant that the giant Ford Rafal Dragon had already matured.

Qin Lin also entered the game with a thought. Then, he went to the eggs and picked up one. He saw the remark:

[ giant ferrafal dragon egg:[ special! ]

[ this is the egg of a giant Ford Rafal Dragon. It is extremely nutritious and delicious after cooking. Special effect:[ nutrition +2, deliciousness +2, taste +2! ]

When Qin Lin saw the remarks, he knew that the giant Ford Rafal Dragon deserved to be a meat product.

If this egg had three of these +2 attributes, wouldn’t it make people drool?

One had to know that this dinosaur was brought in from the outside world, not native to the game.

In other words, if this giant Ford Rafal Dragon was raised in the real world, the eggs it laid would have the same attributes to a large extent.

What about the dinosaur itself?

Qin Lin subconsciously looked at the huge Ford Rafal Dragon, his eyes filled with the curiosity of a foodie.

The giant Ford Rafal Dragon clearly didn’t notice anything. It didn’t even care about anything else, only focusing on eating the grass on the ground.

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